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 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 13, 11 7:04 PM
I received an email a few days ago to beta test this game. After I finished playing, I went back to do the survey, only to find a message saying something about the survey being closed. Guess I waited too long. So I decided to post my comment here.

I liked the game very much. I don't usually leave the music on, but because I was beta testing the game, I thought I should, and it was enjoyable. Sometimes eerie, which goes well the the story. I did not find it annoying at all and did not experience any technical issues. It is a very interesting storyline about the supernatural. The graphics are somewhat eerie but very clear. The objects in the hidden object scenes were neither overly easy or extremely hard to find. Just the right level of searching IMO. It was just a short demo, but in that time, I came upon approximately 1/2 dozen mini-games. The mini-games are not too hard, however, they did require some brain power. What I really did enjoy, beside what the story is all about, was the hidden object scenes. Some of them require you to interact with the objects within the scene. This is something I like to do. If the game throughout is the same as the demo, I give it 5 and will definitely buy it.
 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on May 9, 11 8:38 PM
My Comment:

I passed this game up the first time around. However, after reading some of the other fishies recommendations in CCC, I decided to give it a try. I'm very glad I did! It's fairly easy at first, but as the game progresses the levels have more of a challange which is what I like. It has 40 levels and I felt that it was a pretty long game. After playing the demo, I bought it. Thank you to all the fishies who recommended it and thank you devs, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
 posted in Royal Envoy on May 5, 11 7:58 AM
Thanks for the heads up jlanger.....went right over there and bought it!!
 posted in Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin on Apr 19, 11 8:28 AM
This game goes on my top ten list.

It has eerie background sound and very good graphics. This is an unusual storyline which always gets my interest in playing games. I especially like the life-like people; makes it more realistic. I also found the puzzles intriging. As far as the alternate way of finding hidden objects; totally pleased! Most of the times, I play my games in hard mode because I like the challenge so I can't say what this game would be like in easier mode. btw, love the tattoo!!

I have already purchased my quota of games this month, but will definitely buy this one next month. Thank you devs
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince on Apr 19, 11 12:23 AM
I knew this game would be a buy for me, as I loved Briar Rose. The music is lovely and the graphics are great; nice and clear. It also has a good storyline. Sometimes the objects were easy to find, but other times a little harder. I enjoyed the minigames too. They are not too difficult but do get you thinking, and they are a little different than the usual HOG's. I found the game to be lengthy, which makes it more worthwhile. I actually bought the game without trying the demo first, that's how confident I was about it being a good game. Am looking forward to the next Dark Parables. Thank you devs....I give this game
 posted in Super Granny 6 on Apr 4, 11 6:50 PM
oooh Iggy thanks for creating this thread. I love the super granny games. Seems I
missed this one. I just finished downloading it, and I'm gonna buy it right now
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