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 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 10, 13 4:15 PM
The Model Builder works out in the workshop, if I remember correctly.

 posted in Magic Farm 2 on Aug 25, 12 7:48 PM
Well, it's a fun game, and i play it, but it's extremely short! just a heads up, because if you think it's going to be as long as ultimate flower, you will not be pleasantly surprised!

 posted in Virtual Families on May 18, 12 8:45 PM
well, since it is titled virtual families 2: our dream house, maybe we'll get to make improvments and such to the house, like designing it. just a guess though....

 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 3, 12 7:08 PM
i'm back again!

*ping!* went the E-Z date alarm. puma opened it to find a handsome young ma named boeing. he was a wine critic, and hated to brush his teeth. puma fell in love, and happily pressed the ACCEPT button. they had a beautiful wedding, and soon had twins. they were named akory and binno. they were so cute and bubbly, and puma was so happy that she was getting the family that she always dreamed about!


 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 3, 12 10:43 AM
i'm back!!!!

today, kaylie passed away, shortly after puma took off for college. bosh was very depressed that the love of his life passed away at 59. she was so young... bosh passed away shortly after, just after mastering his job as a chewing gum designer. puma gladly accepted the house. puma felt like it was her job to have a happy life in that house, because her childhood was anything but.

puma walked into her childhood prison, now her home. she desparetly wanted to make a happy and healthy family in that house, and see what it felt like to be in a healthy relationship with her family, but she was too shy to talk to anyone. she signed up for E-Z date like her mother before her, and anxiously awaited for love...


 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 3, 12 8:14 AM
i found out that the bubble gum designer maxes out at $690.

 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 2, 12 4:13 PM
hey skyboy! i haven't seen you in ages! i wonder where everybody else is...
 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 2, 12 12:20 PM
hello! anyone? *sigh...*

puma didn't like being ignored, but that's all that happened to her. just work, work, work! that's all that kaylie and bosh cared about, or so puma thought! kaylie thought about her constantly, but was too busy sharpening knives to really bond with her. puma didn't like that, and was full of woe...


 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 1, 12 6:04 PM
hello? is anybody here?

*looks around the pond for friends*

where did you guys go?
 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 1, 12 6:02 PM
i have a bosh!
 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 1, 12 10:11 AM
okay, so, my family died, so i had to start a new one....


bosh and kaylie were getting very far in there jobs, bosh a gum designer, kaylie a knife sharpener.they each got two promotions! kaylie and bosh celebrated all through the night, eating snacks and dancing. the next day, while kaylie was cleaning the house, she went into the empty kids room, and it struck her how empty the house seemed. she couldn't talk to bosh about it, though. she already said that she didn't want kids. she decided that she'd have to lure him into it. she went to the workshop to start planning.

a few days later, kaylie had perfected her plan, and put it into action at once. by the end of the day, kaylie had her child! a little girl named puma! she was so happy, but also very tired from the whole ordeal, and went to go take a nap. bosh was far from happy about puma.he was also furious with kaylie for tricking him like that. he hated getting tricked....



P.S. where is everybody?
 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 1, 12 7:57 AM
hello! i'm just wondering where the bubble gum designer maxes out at. does anybody know?

 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 31, 12 1:01 PM
okay, i got some news for you guys, but thats the whole purpose of the story, so i'll shut up and get on with it...

at 59, mary ann wasn't feeling well, she just finished her last shift at work, when she was with the family no longer. everyone cried, and cried, especially leo. it only felt like yesterday when they met at the grocery store, a few hours ago they got engaged, and now she was gone,forever. he tried to cheer up. he started working, but it didn't feel quite right. everyone was depressed.

leo couldn't take it. he couldn't live in the house without mary ann. he decided to pass the house on, and signed it off to kaylie, his favorite child. he then proceeded to pack up his belongings, and go live with frank in a condo, right off the beach.

kaylie was very happy that she was going to live in her childhood house, but she was also very sad about mary anns' passing, and became afraid of going outside of her lot. she joined an online website, called E-Z date, and waited for her knight in shining armor.

while she was waiting, she took a shower, and right as she was replacing her hair band, there was the sharp *ping!* of the E-Z date alarm. she ran over to the computer and opened the E-Z mail. it was a proposal from a man named bosh. he was a chewing gum designer, and very handsome, but hated reading, which kaylie loved to do in her spare time. all the same, she saw some potential, and pressed the big red ACCEPT button. the wedding was a very simple affair on the lot.

do you want kids? kaylie asked bosh over dinner the next night. why would i want a little booger running around, innturupting my private life?!?!?! bosh exclaimed. well! kaylie said. i was just wondering! you didn't have to yell! then she abruptly stood up and went to get a headstart on her work, sharpening knives.


 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 31, 12 8:46 AM
okay, i don't really have much of a story right now, but i will tell you exactly how old they are, and their likes and dislikes.

frank: at college, 19, likes tv, dislikes cookies (weird encyclopedia that he read!)

kaylie,16, likes shaving,dislikes snakes, butterflies

marquise: 8, likes sand, dislikes sunshine

allan: 7, adopted, likes birds, dislikes dirt

landon: 6, likes: jokes, dislikes laughing (weird, right!?!?!)

albert: 4, likes: glasses (he has them, too!) dislikes: sun

leo: 47, likes: dancing, dislikes flossing

mary ann: 50, likes: stars,dirt, dislikes, jokes (poor landon!)

well, there is my little family!

 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 30, 12 6:41 PM
i'm back, again!

well, mary ann must have lost her marbles, because she had ANOTHER child! leo got to pick the name out this time, and he named him landon, after his great,great,great,great,great,great grandfather, who was married to the dashing young movie star, megan! marquise was pleasently surprised to get a younger sibling that fast, even if it was a boy....

later on.......

well, mary ann and leo must've been feeling very intimate latley, because they got TWO new children! (this is how that happened) mary ann said that she was feeling kind of blue one day, and leo pulled her into the bedroom... and, little albert was born! then , the next day, at breakfast, there was a knock at the door, and there was allen, looking for a home. then, BAM! there was a full house! mary ann was so happy that she had six kids, but, was still a tad bit overwhelmed....


 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 30, 12 2:51 PM
i'm back! (and i have a story this time!)

when frank turned fourteen, he was really proud. he felt like an actual adult, or close to one, for the first time! he started making the families meals. all the family was gathered around the table, disscussing the days events, when there was a barely audible knock at the door. mary ann was the first one to hear it. she opened the door to a little homeless girl. well, slightly taken aback, that there really was a little child at the doorstep. where are your parents, little girl, it's probobly way past your curfew! i'm m-ma-a-rqu-i-s-s-e l-l-l do-don't ha-a-ave any-y pare-e-ents. the little girl said, shivering from the cold. well, you better come in here then, so you do! mary ann exclaimed. o-okay. marquise whispered, than shuffled into the house, past the kitchen, to the bedrooms, flopped on the bed, and was asleep. mary ann sighed. the family was getting big, maybe a little too big.....


 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 30, 12 12:28 PM
hello shpearl! my family isn't doing much right now.... just wanted to say hi!

 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 25, 12 7:09 PM
gonna turn in for the day, night guys!

 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 25, 12 10:22 AM
okay, i'm back! here is another story from my family!

a few days later, kaylie decided to pitch in with the household chores, and picked all of the weeds out of the grass, and the community aesthetics board noticed that their household was by far the neatest on the block, and gave the family 45 dollars, and kaylie was very happy.

she must've thought that cleaning was fun, because she started cleaning regularly. when she wasn't cleaning, she was with frank. she also has that same knack for music, like frank. she was often seen tailing him, singing along with him, even if she didn't know the words. she also liked to chase gophors. she thought it was very fun, and exiting.

frank wasn't very happy with his new job, doing the dishes. it always dried out his hands, and made him smell like flowers. frank hated flowers, he only liked trees, and flowerless shrubs. they were his friends. they didn't smell like scented dish soap. they didn't attract bees, as he did. he became rather annoyed with the trees and flowerless shrubs, and stormed away, quite forlorn that he lost his only friends....


 posted in Virtual Families on Mar 24, 12 12:11 PM
once, i was fixing the birdbath, and i dragged the mom onto the dad so they would fix the birdbath, and they ended up having a kid! LOL
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