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Thank You
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 29, 18 5:29 AM
when you registered with Dephi you were given a home page where you can upload your avatar of choice.. receive private messages, send emails accept friend requests, maybe even start a photo album, you can tell folks what you want them to know of you in your profile section...

do you know where I am speaking of...???

go to the Delphi Midnight Castle page that appears to be locked look at the very top right hand side.. see your avatar and site name.. bring down the window and go to your own delphi home page..

if it is giving you trouble SIGN IN and when signing in check the remember me box..

your Delphi home page is telling you can cruise the entire site add forums you discovered to YOUR OWN Following List...if you have already added Midnight Castle.. check that box then click on the forum you want to go to.. it should take you right to the Midnight Castle live welcome page... do this ritual of going to YOUR Delphi homepage every time you want on the site and should not have another problem..

I say it'll take you to the welcome page because that's where it takes me.. I am not yet lingering at Delphi or any of the other sites yet..or posting..

those who are could tell you whether or not once you do linger are posting daily etc .. if they are brought to where they left off..

don't panic .. if you find your dephi membership homepage personal forums following list is empty ...up at the top of your page near there is a search Delphi forums box.. type in Midnight castle it should take you right to the welcome page where you can then add it your dephi membership favorite list..when you go back to dephi homepage you should see it listed smack in the middle of your Delphi homepage.

I then refreshed my browsers favorite list address bar .. you know when you click on add to my favorite lists and the list tells you the address already exists.. you can click on yes replace it.. replace it ...

go else where .. then try your new saved favorite address lead to..alway's start with your Delphi membership home page ..

your's truly

gripy gripes

castle name dair


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does anyone remember experiencing the same sort of ticks and quirks when XP was shutting down from micro-softs support..

and.... when a social site I was member of migrated from one server to another .. when on the site during the migration.. we experienced the same sort of ticks and quirks..

another and is .. most of us share the same friends..we are going in & out of the same rooms especially during EVENTS ..isn't mc on 1 specific server.

only time I know it's the internet internets fault is because of the weather.. or our government is fighting with rouge cyber hackers.. and of course because our military satellites are on alerts.. for testing etc etc ..

so I personally think..
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darn it .... I am in : with ELVES ....

mist over blackhill might be the first mystery trackers game I have tried.. did so meaning tried it from hearing of ELVES ..

I didn't cut or dock my mini pins tails from my second litter onwards... wish I didn't with the first... I owned both of the parents...who were born in 1999 & 2000 ...they were from a champion female bloodline...

oh my gosh .... I am about to buy this game just so I have the animation of this character to help me with my grieving... 5 of my beloved mini pins have passed, I have 2 remaining ..

thank you to the elephant's animator who has one heck of knack for capturing the personality of animals..

may I join your fans and tell you outright and as clearly as I can.. that your ELVES animation brought into my grieving for my mini pins & always in love with them ....

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I changed my avatar to Anabell lost the first roll.. won the next two....went and gifted friends....changed avatar to Iron Knight paid 12 diamonds won all three tosses ..

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added my name
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what a lovely idea

if only ....

add my name to this PLEA

gripy gripes
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AHHHHH I just now changed from a parrotfish to a clownfish....

I am for ever after now going to be a clownfish ....I don't know if should

or either way .
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TY for the 411 Susanna502
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Hi Hello .. I am posting this to let you all know before the forums close... that I am changing my gifting ways so to speak....

I have grown my fiends list, there is no way I could ever be able to keep up with all of you gifting me everyday.. & I am sure most of you would gift me ,were so generous with one another that way ..

so .... I have decided to keep my wish down unless I am in dire need of something... or we are busy with a castle challenge..

as most of you on my list already know.. if your asking on your list for cc item... don't open your gift from me until that gift will count..during a active cc...

I am keeping a list of who is gifting me when I am asking for a cc item,or are in dire need for something.. and will be gifting from that list..and I will keeping up with long time everyday gifted with me..because I have the inventory too..

so please have a bit of patience .. with me gifting you back ...

10 days left .. I can't stand it... Take Care Everyone...

if you want collect more for pc castle friends and we aren't friends.. look up dair..that's me..

okay then.... Good-Bye ..

you can look me up at either Delphi or pond friends .. my forum name is dair....

Take Care Everyone...

and ahhh BIGFISH ...maybe when your redesigning the site as were all sure your up to...maybe just maybe you'll recode a open & airy forum...

I get the problem with the spammers and the ETC.. I am receiving phone calls that can't be redialed from phone numbers that don't ? is how then did that phone # just in that moment before I redialed call me...?????????

anyone have a clue.........

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 19, 18 12:41 PM
when I first visited the site I also thought it be about sharing ones personal life.. something i'd be way to uncomfortable with..

but now that they gotten off the ground it's amazing how lovely ,a site for us fish out water it is becoming....

join the site Sliver-Hawk and just sit back look around until your comfortable...

I probably will rarely post.. then again.. when I am comfortable.. that will change..

go join ..and ahhhh while at it join the group at pond friends I think this is the address

then take your time and explore....

I am so accustomed to coming into the MC forum several times a day..i'd be so lost without somewhere to go and listen to the chatter..

yours truly

gripy gripes

castle name dair
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