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 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Apr 27, 11 6:30 PM
Don't you think you guys should fix the win 7 installation of this game before getting side-tracked with mac or i-phone?? there r plenty of people out there STILL trying to get this to work properly. one **** at a tme gentlemen. there's a bloody good reason y im not happy. fix the game we paid for and you will have happy chappys.
 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Mar 27, 11 6:09 PM
something slightly off track... I've been keeping an eye on my cpu usage meter while running fiu2, and this is bizzare, cpu 1 is running above 100% (and i haven't overclocked it) and cpu 2 is at a cool and lazy 0% - 5%. being a dual core I would only assume this would certainly contribute to the stuttering in-game? tried tweaking the "affinity", but only made it worse. is it normal for one cpu to max right-out and the other to "drag along behind"? probably just dribble... but its something I noticed.
 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Mar 27, 11 1:28 AM
ok, Im runnin win7 64bit with a nvidia gpu, a no no for fiu2 apparently. after doing BF solution (update, adobe, basic theme, re-install, compatibility and the shortcut delete) it is still unstable to say the least.
However i found by opening nvidia control panel and manage the 3D setting of the fiu2 exe. by changing only three things; anisotropic filtering off, maximum pre-rendered frames from 3 to 6 and finally changing texture filtering quality to performance... this seems to alleviate the "stuttering". also after these setting I'm also finding that if i does "glitch-out", alt-tab to the desktop (without pausing) and it will automatically switch back to fiu2 = game running fine and on pause! i can actually get past brazil's notorious black screen issue doing this. I don't know exactly which setting helps the most, but i've been at this since i bought the bloody thing! I won't let it beat me
 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Mar 26, 11 11:49 PM
First the screen froze, hell the whole puter froze so I restarted and tried again, and since trying again it seems to have killed my graphics card. Not even being in the game now, everything is all pixelly and, well, odd.

(win7 64bit sp1) I have exactly the same issue, exept i bought the game! tried all of BF solutions even tried some of my own through NVIDIA control panel, with little to no difference.
Its pretty scary to see that pixilated stuff littering ur screen, having that never happen 2 me before i thought the worst. i hope they fix this issue soon.
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