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 posted in Virtual Villagers: A New Home on Apr 19, 16 7:03 PM
I don't know if you will come back to look at this response, but just google "Virtual Villagers rigins. I do believe most sites are calling it that now. I can't give sites, but they are numerous.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Apr 17, 16 6:15 AM
You only need one Master Builder to get the plans for the statue. Any of your people can help push the statue at that point.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Apr 17, 16 6:12 AM
No berries in this game. Just mushrooms and honey and fruit. Much later in the game you will be able to fish and your food problems will be over. Keep your population low and use your Chief once a day.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Apr 17, 16 6:10 AM
Like you, I played all these games years ago. Decided to play them on my new IPhone. No problems with turtle shells here! I just started the game, and have found seven already. All of them have been close to the waterfall between the cabin and the ampitheater.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Apr 17, 16 5:41 AM
You really have to ration your building projects. As soon as someone becomes a Master Builder, pull them off all building projects. Save as many projects as possible until later in the game when you will need to create Master Builders to even attempt a project. Last game I played I had one poor old guy that was trying to make "Esteemed Elder" by fixing huts. I had an excess of everything, but just kept playing to see if he could do it before he died!
 posted in Youda Survivor 2 on Dec 15, 15 7:34 AM
It helps to have the instant hole digger. I was able to get 15 seconds once by killing one of the pirates, which drops one egg. I could never get both of them. Lightning didn't take effect fast enough, they leave too quickly. If you can manage to kill them both, then you will have your two eggs without waiting for the bird to drop an egg.
 posted in Youda Survivor 2 on Dec 15, 15 7:32 AM
You use it to freeze the pirates so that you can kill them without losing any hearts.It is especially good for those acrobatic ones that keep flipping! It takes a couple of seconds for it to zap them. Then kill them as quickly as possible because it doesn't last that long.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Oct 12, 14 6:02 AM
I would definitely not follow the walkthrough on this one!

I started out building 4 A-frames on the top and selling them. Thru the level, whenever they come up for sale, buy them and sell them again. Two of them I only sold twice. When I bought them again, I demolished them and built cinemas.

I continued by building an apartment, painting and then selling it. Then built the recycling center, workshop with efficiency and two nuclear plants. Then I built the tech center, to supercharge the plants.
Next build two cinemas, and a business center to make them fancy. Build two more cinemas as soon as you've sold 9 houses. Use the last two A-frames to sell your twelve. Then buy them back and demolish them, build two more apartments. I never got to finish the last one before I had my $10 million.

Then build apartments and hire workers. Build 4 fast, then go back and upgrade to 3 stars and 3 energy savers, paint and inspect. I kept the tech center and building center to the end. Money was coming in so fast I didn't need to worry about it.

As soon as you hit $10 mill, start demolishing. Do the power plants last. I finished with plenty of time. Remember, as long as you have the house built, the cinemas earn more money. So build several at a time, then upgrade.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Jul 28, 14 10:31 AM
I was so thrilled when I finally finally made it in time! Miracles are for real.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Jul 23, 14 12:01 PM
You probably figured this out or gave up long ago, but in case anybody wants help, I will try. I found the walkthrough too slow. It just didn't work for me.

The important thing is to start with one empty lot in the top right or top left corner. You have to have a place for the nuclear power plant. It is not always easy to put buildings where you want them, as you have so little money to begin with.

I build the Georgian and immediately sell it. I try to put it next to a lot where I can build something else - preferably the Tech Center. This drops the price right down. Then I build the recycling center in the middle if I can, most anywhere. The workshop you can build anywhere. Unless you were lucky and got both corner lots empty, or can now afford to buy the other corner lot, you will have to move it. Now, get 3 workers and 5000 materials and build the power plant. The first house lot I get I build an apartment. Then I build the Tech Center next to a Georgian if I can. It gets expensive to fix the power plant if you don't upgrade it with a worker.

When you buy the duplex, keep it and start adding power savers. The next housing lot I buy, I build another apartment. I end up with 2 apts, 3 star and painted. This brings the money in. Next 3 houses you are able to buy, build 2 more duplexes with power savers, paint and inspect. The 3rd lot put the Cinema.

If you have a spare lot, put the Business Center. If not, demolish the Tech Center and build it there. I did not landscape anything, yet finished in good time. Make sure you have a lot of material, Buy all the rest of the houses, except the apartment way to the left. Ignore it. Demolish and build condos - just paint and inspect. Demolish recycling plant, build a condo. When you've purchased all the houses, demolish the apts and build condo's. Demolish the lots you saved for the amphitheaters, and build them now.

Oops, I am not very good at this. You must have two lots between two houses - I used top left and top right, to build your amphitheaters there.

I had to do it three times before I got all the positioning down. Do not leave your duplexes until the last, as it takes longer to paint and add 3 energy savers than it does to build and paint a condo.

Hope this is of help. Not landscaping is what helped me make it in plenty of time.
Don't forget to move your workshop to the corner lot when it is open. The extra speed at the end helps a lot.It is worth the money to move it. You can also build 3 apts.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Jul 20, 14 6:47 PM
Did you check out the walkthrough? Although on this level, I built 3 amphitheaters (I usually do. I found no need to demolish the nuclear plant at the end, and the last house I built when I demolished the workshop did not need to be painted or anything. Just be careful to leave 3 spaces. Usually, once I start having a ton of money, I build at least 2 of them so I don't forget. Buy everything, keep the 2 Georgians, put 3 energy savers on every house till the very end. The two businesses must go next to the power plant.

Hope this helps. The walkthrough can help you with the rest.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Jul 19, 14 3:26 PM
Anybody else notice that the pictures don't always match the level!

Many you can find a much better way of doing things. Like in level 44, there is no need to sell any apartments. You will get plenty of money without. At the end, I did not have to destroy the workshop or the tech shop, and did get to keep two apartments. I finished in plenty of time.

Best bet may be to use the walkthrough to get started, and then just go for it yourself.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Jul 14, 14 8:21 AM
To speed up your workers, get efficiency on your workshop. It helps a lot! I always build a workshop if there is room at all. It gets to be a pain fixing things, takes too much time, and the workers move so much faster.
 posted in Rise of Dynasty on Jul 10, 14 7:58 AM
I am not very good at Match 3, and the latest I've tried all have vines. Even in relaxed mode, I end up with most of the screen in vines and I give up on the game. Does this one have the dreaded vines? Do most all of the new ones?
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jul 10, 14 7:55 AM
I am afraid I do not remember my exact steps, I'm not very skilled at this, but I hope this helps get gold.

The main thing to remember is that you want to eventually move all your "negative" buildings to the right spot.

First, hire one worker and build a farmhouse, anywhere. Paint it and light it and appraise it if there are a lot of buildings for sale, and then sell it. With luck, a construction lot will come up, and you can buy it and buy enough wood to build a sawmill. Build a mansion as soon as you can. Paint, light and appraise. Then sell it. This should give you enough money to get through the level. Do not buy the farmhouse back. Your goal is not to own houses, but to paint and light them.

Buy construction lots as you can. First, build the workshop and get efficiency. Delete the old one. Next, build the substation. Delete the cemeteries and the old substation as you can. I wait until I buy the houses next to them to get cheaper houses. Make sure you leave room for two lighthouses in the middle row next to houses. Any house you buy, immediately paint and light. If you build a house, make it a cabin. Build cemeteries in the construction lots. I ended up getting the blue with time left and 165 in positive mood.

If you concentrate more on moving the negative and placing lighthouses well, you don't need to worry so much about building houses. I only owned 5 houses at the end, all little ones. I think I had 3 or 4 lighthouses.

Let me know how this works. Beware - the beginning goes slowly. But once you sell the mansion, it goes very fast. Don't forget to buy extra workers!
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jul 9, 14 7:46 AM
The object is to build and sell mansions. You must have two cheap houses together either on the bottom left or bottom right, so restart till you get that.

Buy one of the cabins - double pay. Immediately build a manor, paint and upgrade and appraise if other houses are for sale. Then buy any cheap houses that go on sale. Hopefully at least one of your cheap lots will go on sale so you can immediately build your sawmill and workshop. Make sure you buy efficiency.

Then, just start building mansions. At first, try to wait to upgrade until the rent is paid. Keep buying materials and add workers. Build, upgrade, paint and appraise. When you have bought all or most of the houses, start selling. Make sure you have enough wood for your diner, and demolish your sawmill. Put the diner there. You should reach the goal after you have sold about six mansions. Just keep selling!

Don't wait too late to start selling!
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jul 8, 14 5:53 PM
I built a manor first thing in the second row, and sold it. No upgrades. Then I put the sawmill next to it, so it would be cheaper to buy. I put the workshop on one of the top lots.

Then I started on the bottom row. I built a Victorian and a Mansion. Build a substation at the top as well. Upgrade and paint and inspect and light as you go. Just keep moving fast, hire a few more workers if you can. Once you fill every lot with Victorians and the one Mansion, you just have to wait until you have enough to buy the manor back. (It might go faster if you built 2 mansions, but I finished with blue so I didn't need to try that)

As soon as you do, demolish the sawmill and the manor, and build 2 more Victorians. Make sure you have about 4-5000 wood. Then, demolish the mansion and build another Victorian. While you are lighting the last one, demolish the workshop and build a substation. I finished with extra time.

After the first little bit when you are short on money, don't worry about waiting for rent. Your mansion is done and will provide most of that. Just build. I do it 3 at a time, and finish all the way so I don't forget to inspect or light.

Remember, the last substation will take time to build without the workshop.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jul 8, 14 12:51 PM
I agree that it is very important to build the sawmill and workshop on either side of the mansion that you build to sell. Later in the game when you must buy it, it will be $300,000 cheaper - IF you don't appraise it. I'd rather save money later in the game when you are hurrying.

Do not worry about where you put the cemeteries or the diners. As you begin to demolish, stick them anywhere. Be sure you wait till last to demolish the workshop.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jul 7, 14 2:13 PM
I finished with plenty of time. My trick was to remember I didn't need to own the houses for them to count. I build a manor, painted it, lit it, and sold. Then I build two mansions, upgraded them, paint and light and appraisal - then sold one at a time once I had purchased extra lumber. Gives you plenty of money. Buy or pay double for two houses in the bottom left, and put a workshop and substation there - then delete the ones above and put in police stations. Don't forget to get speed again. With two police stations between houses and one next to any other house it works great. That's 100 right there.

Doesn't matter if your houses are next to a construction building, they will become police stations at the end at any rate. If you appraise, it won't lower your selling price.I didn't bother rebuilding the sawmill, just made sure I had plenty of wood.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jul 1, 14 11:42 AM
Top row of course is for the three upgraded, lit mansions.

I'm not sure of the order in which I did things exactly. I built a manor on the left middle, upgraded it once, and sold it. Then I build a sawmill and workshop on the bottom row. (Order does not matter on the bottom).

Do not build utility buildings on "bulldozer" lots when your goal is to bring down appeal. Of course, buy cheap houses as they become available and demolish.

Next, I got efficiency and extra workers and built the three mansions on the top lots, upgrading them fully - but NO painting! I was lucky, the three lots came up for sale at the same time early on.
I built a mansion on the left lot next to the manor, upgraded once, and sold it.

Bottom row I built two mausoleums and the substation. Then I lit the three mansions on top. I bought the cheaper of the two houses middle right, and built a mausoleum. Made the other house cheaper. I bought it, lit it and was done.

Had about half of the blue time left. This is my first attempt at a step-by-step, so I hope it helped! Of course, the layout may be different for you. I got it the first time so I'm not sure.
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