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 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Apr 22, 17 11:39 AM
I thought it was going to be one of my kinds of games....spooky,creepy types. I was very disappointed,the only reason I finished this game,is because I had already paid for it. Sorry,but this was not even fun or exciting to play,after getting through almost half of the game,nothing was making any sense anymore,it all seemed so pointless. I played the bonus chapter looking for some kind of logical explanation to it all...and found NONE !!
I am having the same problem as many other players are freezing in the chapel,can't go any further,and I have no intention of starting over. Very unhappy about this, not what I paid for. I have PC with windows 10. Everything is updated and functioning properly except this game.
I like this game and purchased it, however I seem to be having a cursor issue. The cursor either gets stuck or simply does not work !! The game just freezes at one point and I have to CTRL ALT DELETE to even come out of it. I have windows 8 and everything is updated. What can I do to resolve this issue ?
This was a nice game, but it was sooooo slow going from one scene to another, even using the map it just seemed to take forever which was very frustrating. I finally reached the end of the game as jane was about to bring her brother back, and it completely froze. Not what you would expect from any CE game. I also have windows 8.1
 posted in Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness on Mar 15, 15 11:39 AM
I was enjoying this game, but as I neared the ending it started to freeze or drag. It would take almost a minute to get from one place to another,both with the map & the down arrow. I just finally gave up. Guess I won't know the ending.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall on May 28, 14 3:56 PM
This is absolutely unbelievable ! Everyone of us {myself included} who has purchased this game is having the EXACT same issue, I am lost for words,and, not very happy with this situation. What do we do now with this large file of a game, that we can't play
 posted in Hope Lake on May 24, 14 3:53 PM
I am having the exact same problem....and I definitely am not starting this game over
 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition on Apr 6, 14 7:25 AM
While this is not intended at all to offend anyone....I want to make this point. It would be nice to finish the games that I purchase without being forced to do things that I would not do realistically. For instance feeding a rat! Are you kidding me...I hate rats. It seems that almost every game I purchase now, there is some animal or creature of some kind that I have to either FEED, RESCUE or CARRY with me. Please Devs, give me a break with the cats and rats already !!
 posted in Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion Collector's Edition on Mar 9, 14 12:11 PM
I played a few minutes of this game, and found it to be very slow. I had to disable the cursor because it just seemed to slowly float to whatever you were aiming for. This game just seems to move in slow motion for some reason....don't think I'll be buying this one.
 posted in Jane Austen's: Estate of Affairs on Sep 10, 13 3:37 PM
I just purchased this game using a game code, however, I cannot get the game to play. I did not play the trial version first. Maybe I should now I have a game that will not play at all....and there is nothing wrong with my computer...I have all of my updates !! What do I do now !!!!???
 posted in Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition on Jul 20, 13 11:28 AM
Excellant game I really enjoyed every hidden object scene. They were so beautifully done,not your average "pile of junk" you could actually see things, and the interactive ones were also very nice. Graphics were stellar !! Voices were nice, did not see the mahjonng alternates, no matter, it was all good. Gives me a good reason to play it again !!
 posted in Escape Whisper Valley on Jul 17, 13 2:58 PM
It was ok in the beginning, but after finding all of the locks and keys, I'm now just plain bored and tired of searching through all of the HOG scenes for items. I mean I too enjoy hidden object games, but right now this is overkill for me!
 posted in Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil on Jul 15, 13 3:35 PM
This game was both fabulous and was FANTABULOUS !!!! I sooo enjoyed playing it, hat's off to the dev's and to BFG for having it. The sweetest thing of was a SE !! Whodathought !! It had a little bit of everything I love in games, and a few the morphing cool was that ! I used a game code to purchase this and man was I pleasantly surprised. This game was far better than a lot of CE's that I have paid full price for. I bought it on the suggestion of a fellow pond-ite (ha-ha). I hated to see it end. Thanks again BFG and to the makers of this wonderful and fun game.
This is the second time that I have tried to download the demo for this game and both attempts have led to me getting an installation error 769 on my PC. Which means that I cannot play the demo, at least I'm happy that I didn't purchase it and then find out that there are problems. Still it seemed to be interesting and my kind of game but now I'll never know. I have a Windows7 laptop and am current with my updates. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on Jun 9, 13 2:23 PM
I am having the same problem as "iluvgames55". I downloaded and played the demo version for an hour, liked it and decided to buy it today since it was on sale. after the full version downloaded and I clicked "play" some kind of message box came up that I had never seen before, So I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it again,about half way through the reinstallation I got a blue screen with all kinds of info about problems. It's a shame for me because I just purchased a game that I now cannot play.I am a game club member and have plenty of games from BFG. This does not make me a happy pond resident right now.
 posted in The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes on May 31, 13 11:46 AM
I downloaded and played the demo with no problems. So I used a free game code and purchased the full version. Everything was going good until I got to a HOS, I finished the scene received an item and the screen went black. I could hear the music still playing and all the other noises in the background,but no picture. Finally after clicking on the black screen I had to CTRL ALT & DEL my way out. I restarted my computer and started again, it took me back to the same scene with the same HOS that I had just finished, so I played it again and a black screen again !! I could use the journal, and use the menu button, but rest of the screen was black. It's a shame because I was kinda enjoying the what to do now !!
 posted in Reincarnations: Back to Reality on May 30, 13 5:16 PM
The first mini game was the best one for me.....the other two were actually quite boring, I was glad to finally get it over with. I would rate this game 2 's outta 5.
 posted in Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector's Edition on May 19, 13 12:23 PM
For a game it was pretty decent ! The graphics were nice but some areas were just too dark. Storyline was ok and the mini games were also fairly easy, some were a job for the skip button. Overall it was a good weekend game...didn't like the ending though....all that effort for what ? Hope I didn't give away anything. oh, and the map..absolutely awesome, great feature !!
 posted in Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Collector's Edition on May 11, 13 8:48 AM
I just finished the demo version of this game, and so far I like it. One of the main reasons that I will most likely buy it is because of the ability to brighten up the area if needed...awesome devs, thank you !
 posted in Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace on May 10, 13 6:11 PM
This was actually a very nice game ! Although, in the beginning I was stumped terribly, and wanted to just give up, but decided to come to the forum for help. I read just about all of the issues different ones were having and found that I was in good company !! I took the advice from those of you who had overcome areas that I was trying to get to, and that helped me a lot, so to all the helpers in the pond...a big warm thank you from the I finished the game....not a bad one either !! Thanks BFG and devs for this one...nice job
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