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 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Sep 5, 13 6:18 AM
For some reason I can't change my manor's name I won't erase the original name, it just will start with the blinking cursor, then all I can add is maybe 3 letters then cuts off. Why can't I erase the original name, then type in a name I like please?
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 11, 11 6:27 AM
I also am not a happy camper
Was really enjoying this game, then POOF - it's over! Argh!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 9, 11 2:28 PM
Loved all these games, but this one.. Just don't like it's gameplay
 posted in My Tribe on Aug 3, 10 8:15 AM
I also got that error access violation and am ticked off! Lost both my Tribes! In one tribe my elder was 249yrs old!!

I know this game is close to or - over 2yrs old, but is Grubby Games EVER going to fix some of these problems. Or are they even in business anymore?

Dang it! I worked hard on those Tribes

Now they are Gone.. gone! I need a hug

Oh I run Win7x64bit and up to a couple of days ago, everything was fine.. other than chosing an Island after hunting for one, for a bit.. could get you booted to the desktop. (another bug not ever fixed).
 posted in My Tribe on Jul 20, 10 10:51 AM
Hi all.. Hope everyone is having a great Summer!

It's been what? 2yrs now for My Tribe? I so LOVE this game - any word, anywhere if they are making a sequel to this cute game?
I hope so - If not, will be so disappointed
Thanks all..
 posted in My Tribe on Nov 6, 09 5:00 AM
Good Morning

Since I got "hooked" on this cute game.. I am hoping that they also have a MyTribe2 in the works.

I love my VV tribes, but this game is just so fun to play!!

From what I have read on the Grubby Games forum, no one is answering this question either

A hint would be nice on a sequel.. One way or the Other.. please - please Dev's

Have a good day All!
 posted in Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie on Oct 26, 09 6:56 AM
Didn't like it
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Oct 3, 09 8:35 AM
terrablue444 wrote:I really enjoyed this game, and am trying to beat my highest scores now. I'd really like it if a new one came out, I realize this is a new one still but is there one in the works?

I am also hoping they do a sequel.. LOVE this game!!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Oct 3, 09 7:57 AM
memawclay2 wrote: The progress bar on VV 4: t.b.a. has been sitting on 60% since august 20.

I also have been watching that progress bar Although.. It does say: Will be available 4th quarter of 2009.

So-oo crossing fingers, that this is true. Am having withdrawal symptons here.. Lol!
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 29, 09 9:36 AM
Bluester wrote:I agree! I really am enjoying playing this game, simple jobs and not too hard.. and no timing! At first I thought it was going to be toooo easy, but when my hour was up.. I was having so much fun I bought it!

Was loving the new game and not paying attention to my hour timer.. RIGHT in the middle of a level.. it just shut down. You should of see the look on my face... NO-oo-oo haha
About knocked meself out getting to BFG to buy this!
Hubby gave me the "eye" on that one. LOL! Now I know what a game addict goes thru
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 29, 09 9:14 AM
Yes.. please another sequel

I would also like to be able to turn the bldgs around.. if the company thinks that would be too easy.. then on the sequel, make the levels harder then.
I would like a more expansive view of the cities also, with being able to use the up, down, left right arrows to look around.

Also be able to save the current game, if you have to step away for a bit.. having to start over really sucks

Please NO timers, unless it a bonus level. I enjoy relaxing with games like these and watching the lil people at work
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 29, 09 9:05 AM
Lordie.. I love, love this game
When I first started I turned off the custom cursor.. very rarely do I use a games custom cursor anyway. One way or the other at times, it seems to mess with any game.

Have not had any problems yet on this delightful lil cutie.

Please.. please make a sequel to this.. I love it!!

Laters All & Have a great day
 posted in Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift on Aug 10, 09 6:15 AM
Now.. I have seen it all Graveyard games are not for me..
 posted in Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond on Jul 13, 09 5:24 PM
Me Also Downloading
 posted in Kuros on Jul 13, 09 10:15 AM
Hello All
On the "UP" side of Kuros.. I am loving it! Not too hard, not to easy. Beautiful artwork!
A buy & keeper for me.

On the "DOWN" side... I was enjoying the game so much, I just killed my beautiful stuffed baked potato in the microwave from playing this game and NOT paying attention to my food!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 6, 09 6:59 AM
Gratz to yas!!!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 6, 09 6:57 AM
Thanks for the quick reply Brian!
Love my Windowblinds also
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 4, 09 4:59 PM
Thanks for this wonderful game!! Plus coming to the site to talk to us.. Is very kind of you folks!

It is so much fun to play and I just love the pets.

Yes please for a replay button. Also I would love to summon a pet to my desktop!

I use Windowblinds software.. this won't mess up the pets if they are implemented will it?

Happy 4th to you and yours Brian.. Be safe this holiday!!


 posted in My Tribe on Jun 4, 09 7:55 PM
My computer is pretty good, but haven't got it to smell yet, dang it! Lol!
I love the idea of some cute lil animals also.

Why VV devs haven't thought of this since they have now 3 VV games out and going strong is strange to me also.
Am crossing fingers that the 4th of the VV series will have animals, but it is hush hush on the forums over there at the moment on their 4th VV game, don't know what the devs might be thinking.

With the VV games, animals like, cute lil bears or penguins (love those waddling lil tikes) or something like that would be so cool!!

I still can't get into their VF game, try as I might. Just don't like Sims type games like that. So I don't know if the VF game has pets or not in it.. Do they??

Soo..Holding out for that 4th VV game!! With better pathing on the villagers, less laundry doing, or just them standing around with their thumbs up their bottoms alot of the time.. LOL! My BAD!!
And a sequel to My Tribe.. hopefully.

Have a good day/evening OrionsRose and thanks for replying to this thread. I was starting to feel lonely in this hear box, until you came along

 posted in My Tribe on Jun 3, 09 9:17 AM
Aw.. Come-On
No one wants smelly villagers.. hahahahaa
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