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 posted in Magical Forest on Jun 26, 11 5:18 PM
The forum link on the game page does not work.
Trial worked fine but since buying the full version and downloading it there have been nothing but problems. First, it said there was an error in the download and I had to uninstall (and lose my progress) and reinstall, which took 3 tries to get done. Now, whenever I try to play it, it says :

Game manager was unable to write to drive C: while downloading this game. This error may be due to required folders having been deleted on this drive. If so, closing and restarting the Game Manager may fix the problem. (769)

However, all of my other games work perfectly, and I have downloaded other games since this one with no problems either. I really want to play this game, I loved the first one!! Anyone have suggestions?
 posted in Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story on May 4, 11 2:52 AM
I chose the little girl as well. I didn't really debate it at all, it was her doll given to her by her parents who died tragically, and it was the last gift she was given by them which ultimately resulted in her death, be it by a prank-gone-wrong or murder or whatever you have decided it was.

Personally, after seeing the girls ending and reading about the old mans (which is the reason I found this thread at all, I had to know both endings! lol), I think she threw it in herself to play a 'prank' and see if anyone would fall for it and save her, knowing she was a champion swimmer and all, but the plan backfired. If the dam was suddenly released, the force of all the water rushing out at once could certainly pull the little girl under and out further than she anticipated, and "champion swimmer" doesn't really tell us just how talented she was (or did I miss something that did?). Was she a child prodigy on her way to the olympics, or just the best swimmer on her little team at the local Y or school?

Great game, just too short. I really liked the choose your own ending though
 posted in Dark Ritual on Apr 26, 11 3:06 AM
Vampireville was the unexpected excellent game that captivated me like no other
 posted in Spring Bonus on Apr 15, 11 1:13 AM
The game won't download for me at all, I just get a message that pops up saying that the file is corrupt.
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