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 posted in Haiku Journey on May 4, 13 1:05 PM
It would be better if you learned to spell in English not slang
 posted in Steve The Sheriff ™ on Nov 19, 12 3:59 PM
shagwendy wrote:I just started playing Steve the Sheriff. I don't care for it. I must have bought it on sale without a demo.
There are timed and casual options. Limited hints, you start with 5 and can only gain one in each scene by finding a cigar. This is a straight HOG type game. List of items to find, but you can look at a silhouette in your magnifying glass. The ingame magnifier is not very good. I don't care for the artwork in this game, kind of washed out and blurry. There are a few interactive parts in the scene, but the inventory item you use there goes in a drawer, so you forget it's in there because you can't see it. There are a lot of "Spot the Differences" so far, but they're pretty big differences. Very easy mini-games so far. There's no walking around in this game,
 posted in Steve The Sheriff ™ on Nov 19, 12 1:49 PM
I can not find the photo in the bar. I thought it might be in the hanging bottle, but can not pick up mt corkscrew from the drawer the drawer closes too fast
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Apr 22, 12 2:00 PM
It is credits drained not reduced.
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Apr 22, 12 1:59 PM
What triggers the 100 "credits drained"?
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Apr 22, 12 1:04 AM
In The Shootout, whattriggers the reduced credits?
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Apr 19, 12 7:22 PM
Sorry I can not help we are both having the same issue. I wonder if there is really another slot. Perhaps it is yet to be developed so they stick us with this unending bonus level. Two months of trying.
 posted in Vesuvia on Jul 5, 11 8:09 AM
Wish I could at least get past Level 11. I have captured that devil or what ever 11 times now and still don't know how to move beyond. Help

 posted in Vesuvia on Jul 4, 11 7:04 PM
I too have been playing level 11 for three days, is there a secret? I release the devil every time
 posted in Robin's Island Adventure on Apr 15, 11 1:20 PM
I can not bileive Big Fish would sale this defective game.
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