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I picked the red berries earlier and used them. Now Ineed more and cannot find any more. Where should I look?
This is the 2nd Big Fish game when the puzzle was so obscure with no skip that I've had to give up. What a waste! I did all the suggestions for the mint door and still couldn't get it.
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 15 7:13 AM
Me too. I hate to restart the game, but have gone back several steps, I wonder if I jinxed it when I found the wolf head earlier and took out the eye.
After two weeks I give up. Why should I buy a collector's edition when there is no help to navigate the 3 roads, not graphics, just frustrating return to the crossroads?
This is the first game of many that I've gotten from Big Fish. I have not found the forums helpful because there is seldom a response from staff or authorative people. Does no one at Big Fish ever look at the blogs?
I've tried all the suggestions and still don't get through. Does anyone get a hand at the top of the middle lane? Clicking on the hand and then going left cancels the next move. Any other suggestions?
The game on my PC is very, very slow. I have downloaded it and reinstalled it, changed names, and cursed. Is there anything else I can do? I love these games-- just right for me.
I'm having trouble too. The cabinet nob appears in Ole's hand but doesn't go into the inventory. This is the third time I've started over. Ideas for how to get the nob?
I'm in the bedroom. I can't figure out what else to do. Not all of the tiles, can't get whatever is in the ink pot. All I have is a magnet and a dust rag. How do I get it?
I'm really disappointed there isn't a walk through for this or a more explicit hint. Why buy a collector's edition if I can't finish the whole game?
What you're missing is that this is the end of the story as Poe wrote it-- don't blame BF!
I am stuck in the bonus too, but I managed the weight. There are two pieces- one in the toilet top, and one in the HO if I remember correctly.
I'm stuck in the bonus section, not knowing where to go from the bedroom. I've enjoyed this game-- more HO bits that are interesting and comprehensive for each. I'll look for more Dark Tales. In the meantime, what do I do next when the walk through doesn't cover the bonus?
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 14 2:13 PM
In order to get the ice and the fire crystals, I need to use the heavy gloves. I used then to get the fire star in Sophia's bedroom and did not get them back. How do I get the gloves again?
 posted in Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 13 1:16 PM
I can't get the pot holder to turn off the fire in the fireplace. Do I have to douse the fire before I can reach in back? How?
 posted in Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover on May 25, 13 7:18 AM
I'm finding I don't need a walkthrough because the game is set up with enough directions. If I use the hint and the map it points me in the right direction. I like this game because a walkthrough make3s me follow each step, and this way I can try to find clueswithout it having to be in order.
 posted in Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights ™ on Oct 27, 12 4:55 PM
I'veplayed this game twice until I reach a puzzle where Nothing happens after The puzzle is finished. Normally I especially like PopCap games-- good graphics, easy play, cute searches. I'll start over once more and then it's done.
 posted in Paris 1925 on Oct 20, 12 6:50 PM
Me either. I'm unable to pick up the letter on the ceiling either. It must mean we've missed some other task to do first, but I can't figure it out. This is a good gaame with different puzzles, but a walkthrough is really needed.
 posted in Cheatbusters on Aug 30, 12 6:22 PM
This is not a short game when I have to start over when something has not been found in order. That's when things like the tray disappear. I haven't found where I can go back to the pictures to follow the plot.
I have gone back through every location and don't find the powder. I found the bill in the golf bag but that isn't the computer code in the restaurant. Where is it? How do I pick it up?
 posted in Cheatbusters on Aug 26, 12 9:22 AM
I've found all the objects in the locker room. I saw the hole with the key, but now I can't find it and all I get is the hint to get the key for the locker. HGow do I get back to the hole to get the key?
 posted in Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen on Aug 22, 12 2:44 PM
I loved this game. I liked the graphics and the various settings. The walk through wasn't necessary because the hint clues led me through the game. I liked that instead of having to exit to the forum each time I was uncertain where to go. If any complaints, it was that the puzzle directions were hard to understand.
 posted in Borgia: Faith and Fear on Aug 3, 12 4:58 PM
How disappointing. The hidden objects in Lorenzo's room are so far on the edge of the computer screen that I can't get the mask? dice? Without access, how can I continue the game and what am I missing?
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