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 posted in Governor of Poker 2 on Apr 28, 11 2:17 PM
Thanks...I swear I clicked all over the map. But I guess I didn't click Fort Stocton when I was in El Paso.
 posted in Governor of Poker 2 on Apr 20, 11 10:05 AM
I'm stuck...I own all the houses in all the towns along the train line, and I won the coal mine...but I can't seem to do anything else. I can't find the green star, so I guess I can't play for the railroad (although people keep telling me I can). And I only have half the purple star and half the orange star so I can't play for the copper mine or whatever the purple star gets me either. A guy told me I could play for his wagon when I got all the yellow cities, but since some of them are not on the train route I can't get to them without other transportation. And I can't seem to play anyone on the notorious players list after the first man...I bump into them at tournaments but never get invited to play them one on one. I just keep riding the train back and forth and back and forth between the 4 cities playing the same tournaments and cash games over and over again. Please help.
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