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Nevermind. I used the same telephone code again and it worked. Don't know why the same code worked for both phones, but it did. After that the rest was easy.
Never mind, I finally figured it out. Just had to use the same code that I used for the first telephone and it worked.

After going down the elevator, go back up and use the screwdriver to get the other plates. Hope that helps.
peeper1111 wrote:took elevator down and can't go any further. All i have is a test tube and screwdriver

Sorry I can't help you, but could you please tell me the code to use on the telephone to use the elevator? Thanks
There are two telephones. The 39742 is for the phone with the wires. I need the code for the telephone that will operate the elevator. I tied using the code from the card game, but can't get that to work. Any ideas?
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