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 posted in Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee on Jul 16, 17 2:38 PM
Why can't I get past Level 1? I have over 20,000 points and when I click on the star it says: 105/150 XP to next level. I have no idea what that means. Can someone help me?
 posted in Beach Party Craze on Nov 21, 12 10:45 AM
I'm stuck on Level 14 because i need more points to move on. How do I replay levels?
 posted in Supermarket Mania ® 2 on May 28, 11 4:41 PM
How many levels are there?
 posted in Jet Set Go on Apr 28, 11 4:32 PM
I am so glad I read the posts before buying this game. I really enjoyed it but it sounds like it would be a waste of money. So, I'm not going to bother buying it. Sorry Big Fish.
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