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 posted in Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin on May 6, 11 4:45 AM
Hi there!

If I remember correctly, there is a text you have to follow in order to get the cards in the right order. Each word corresponds to a card, and each word has a small symbol indicating which suit the card should be. For instance, when it says something like "his father", I assume it's a King, because "father" is older, and I choose the suit according to which symbol is above the word.

Hope I helped!
 posted in Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin on May 6, 11 4:42 AM
I have the exact same problem!!!! It's annoying!

I also saw on two different walkthroughs - the horn is in different places and when I play it's in neither.

I think I'm almost finishing this games and it's really annoying to get stuck on something so stupid.

Can anyone help? Thanks!
 posted in Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin on May 6, 11 4:37 AM
Hi there! I need some help... So I'm in Scotland, chapter 4. I rang the bells, and the seagull comes. The hidden object scene appears. I find all the objects, and am left with an owl. I tried everything, but can't seem to find what I'm supposed to do!

I checked the walkthrough, and apparently I'm supposed to use a horn to scare the owl away. But there is no horn to be seen!! Two different walkthroughs shows the horn in two different places, but I can't find it anywhere!!

I'm really stuck here and it's making me really really mad!! If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm running the game on a mac, btw.

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