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 posted in Burger Bustle: Ellie's Organics on Jun 28, 12 11:26 PM
I give up on this level,also!!Thought there would be less stress than the first burger bustle.Good Luck!
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 31, 11 5:40 AM
sekoent wrote:I'm sorry you feel that way, but I guess not everyone is going to like every game. Yes, I found it difficult sometimes, too, and I didn't even get a silver cup on a lot of the levels, but I still enjoyed playing. I did see on someone's post that they got gold cups on every level, but they were wondering why they weren't no. 1. Can't answer that myself. I am going back to each level and trying to get at least silver cups, if not gold cups. It is definitely trying sometimes!
I have been an off and on member of BF forever it seems.This is not the only game that is messed up.I've found more than just a few games that do this..And,yes BF should be giving credits for games that aren't working.I like BF,but the customer service has gone to hell in a hand bag.I wonder about the quality of the games as they release a new one everyday which is cool,but who really test these games.Like hard core gamers who can win anything??I'm just an average person and some of these hidden objects games..the newer ones they are making..are all the same..haunted islands and castles,etc..They give me a headache.I always try out every game before buying it..and I have to say that a whole lot of them are just messed up..and make no sense..Going to try and find another game place to go. And,then I read the first comment and straight up were kind of mean to the person.??Glad that you have such great luck with all the games on here..yay..we don't..Just saying..a little understanding goes a long ways..
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 31, 11 2:15 AM
Sunshyne298 wrote:
ShiningBright wrote:I have finished the game, although not in gold stars and that is okay, I can go back and work on them as I play.

My question is: WHY when you go to play any level you want to try and bring your rank up, each time you end that level, they take you back to the main menu and not just leave you on the map where the levels are???? That is very frustrating to me, to have to go to main menu, click play, play any level I want, when done, given the option to quit or go to main menu every time to play another level. What is up with that?

It would have been nice for them to have the no time limit or adventure to begin with to get used to the levels and things you had to do. I did find it hard on some levels and at times frustrating, but still enjoy the game.

That's really odd. My game doesn't do that. I'm working on getting higher up in my levels right now and when I finish a level, it takes me back to the snow globes screen so I can pick my next level. I don't ever go back to the main menu unless I want to.
My game was doing that when I first bought it,when it came out.Not sure how long ago that was..but I had to uninstall the game like 3 times,losing all progress and had to start over with a clean slate.Are all of your game drivers up to date.Had that problem on my old laptop.I have no clue how to do this..I just take to my daughter and she fixes these kinds of problems for in the driver up dates..Wish I could be of more help..but I did find that when I kept having to start brand new again..I got better at playing for sure..
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 30, 11 11:31 PM
AngelMonkey719 wrote:It took me about 11 times to beat this level, I found that the way I got gold was to keep hiring employees. At the end I had 9 employees. One employee for each of the condiments(3). One for the drinks. Two for the sandwiches, two to serve, and one outside. This way the customers left faster and the one outside seemed to bring them in wanting what was needed. The biggest thing was to have one on each condiment. Those few seconds that it takes for the employee to go from condiment to condiment really added up. I got gold with 7 seconds to spare. Hope this helps
I can't even get a silver on this one..So,I tried it and something happen when I was almost to the Gold..I must have hit something and it shut the game down.Thanks for the really big tip about putting someone outside.I didn't know you could do that.Ha,so I'm going to go back and try to win this level.If I do,I will for sure come back and let you know.again,thank you for the help.Fingers crossed..LOL..
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 30, 11 8:46 PM
LovelyClorissa wrote:This is wat your really supposed 2 do... as soon as you've earnd $1000 quickly buy 2 employees & you'll get yer gold with mins 2 spare Happy gaming!!!!
Thank you so much..I didn't buy the 2 employees until after I hit a $1000 and I got a Gold..YAY..and then hitting the coffee button everytime I could..I tried it another way,that worked for another fellow gamer..but that so didn't work..
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 30, 11 8:19 PM
JumpingGen wrote:The only way I managed to get it to work (and even got gold) was to buy the grills in the order of: hamburger, then chicken, then fish.

Also, I went back and played the level after I had won a few other levels and had gotten some of the upgrade awards, so that may have helped too.

Thank you so much,JumpingGen.It worked and I got the gold..I have had this game since it came out..and with just doing what you was so easy and I won Gold..
Thank you so very much..
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 30, 11 8:18 PM
steffon1981 wrote:Yey,yey,yey!! Ifinally passed it!! followed the sequence of burger,chicken, then fish,,,thanks a million you guys! I've been trying for a whole year!! maybe longer, ha,ha,ha,,
Me too,since the game came out..I finally got the Gold..Woo hoo..
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 30, 11 8:16 PM
I got a gold..YAY..Thanks,the burger,chicken than fish worked.and,I didn't buy any other sides..just the fry stand.Woo Hoo..It was that easy..I have had this game forever now..and thought I would never get the Gold..I,also,tried it by buying the other sides,the sodas and deserts..that didn't work..So,i believe if you stick to this and not open any other stands you will get the gold too..Good luck..I have about 10 levels that I can't get anything..

Again,thank you guys..
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 30, 11 8:06 PM
rodneybear2 wrote:Stupid question which one is the fish and which one is the chicken?
The fish is the one on the left,burger in the middle and chicken on the right.I did get the silver,but now I'm going to go back to see if this works out.Buying the burger,chicken then fish..Good luck..I've played this game over and over again.They have too many problems and feel they should give us all a game credit if you own burger bustle..I really like it,but geez..Good Luck..
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on Apr 11, 11 12:07 PM
Good luck..i too cannot pass this level..grrrrrrrrrr..and all the advice on here has been nice..but still can't pass it..
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