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hi, im trying to figure what is a department store? i know like clothes, shoes, but its nt letting me get 1 of them. create a mall.
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phoebe222 wrote:Oh ok, here is the last mall:

1 movie theater, 3 stars
1 arcade, 3 stars
1 bowling alley, 3 stars
1 restaurant, 3 stars
1 dept store, 3 stars
2 music shops, 1 star
2 computer shops, 1 star
3 clothing, 3 stars
1 shoe store, 3 stars
2 jewelry, 3 stars
2 perfume, 3 stars
1 info center
elevator and security lease.

I recommend starting with a department store, and next to it a movie then an arcade. Continue with bowling alley, restaurant, music and computer shops. Then build the smaller shops. Then the improvements, including the info center. You'll have enough money to get a lot of workers in the meantime. Once you finish building everything, start upgrading the movie and arcade. You should have enough workers to do these at the same time. (I finished with 28 workers.) Then upgrade the restaurant and bowling alley. Have more workers so you can start upgrading the smaller shops at the same time.

Happy gaming

edit: an alternative strategy: instead of info center, build the second shoe store and upgrade to 3 stars. have elevator and security. You won't need to upgrade music and computer shops, and you can finish earlier.
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