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 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 7, 11 12:29 PM
Another way:
You start with 25000 gold, no animals and have to finish 30 baskets, collect 10 each of ore, sheep wool and yak hair.
Predators occur : 3 at 16 sec, 6 at 1.10 , 3 at 1.40. 4 at 2.30, 4 at 3.31 .

1. Buy a unicorn, boar and sheep. Upgrade the boat x 2 (red sails) storage x 1 and cart x 1.

2. Send the boar to clear the ground to reveal wood maker and basket maker. While the boar is doing that send the cart to collect 1 shamrock and 5 rope and repeat this 7 times so you have at least 30+ rope. After that keep sending it to gather 2 shamrock and 2 stone til you have at least 10 stone. Then after that send it for 5 shamrocks .

3. Start the wood maker first with one sheep . Spread hay for the boar and collect ore and jewells. After the first lot of predators (16 sec), upgrade the boat to the max (blue sails) send what ever jewells you have collected and as many predators to market. Upgrade the sheep whenever you can.

4.When it returns with 3080 gold upgrade the wood maker to level 2. Then collect another jewell and any ore or wool collected (keep the storage clear of these) send to market for another 3000 + gold. Upgrade the storage again to level 3.

5. Upgrade the wood maker to level 5 and get your 30 + wood quickly and then convert to the basket maker and start making baskets. With armoured boars at 2 wool per time the 10 wool can be obtained in one cycle from the 5 boars running the woodmaker when it is finished.

6. Once you have the wool and ore sell off the boar and armoured sheep and any baskets made and upgrade the basket maker as soon as possible so you have more baskets to sell. I managed to get my unicorns up to 5 . Upgrade them first so that you can work the basket maker to the maximum. As the jewells build up upgrade the basket maker. When you get to level 3 each three basket you sell can generate another unicorn.

7. Once you are up to 5 unicorns and level 4 you can bring in at least 5 yaks and you should be so close to finishing the baskets with enough jewells in stock to make 30 then sell all the unicorns and bring in another 5 yaks and after a quick feed you should get your 10 yak hair to finish.
Will put up a video on youtube in next couple of days.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Sep 28, 11 8:06 AM
In this level you can get 3 bears or 4 at random. If you get 4 then you can get 4 battle boars and that makes it a bit easier as selling the 4 boars gives you 800 and selling 8 ingots another 400 for a total of 1200 to get you the sheep and the change to the sword maker . Once you have the wool sell sheep and wool and upgrade the sword to 2 at a time as soon as possible . Even with only 6 boars it is still possible - just scraped in on time.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Sep 28, 11 6:50 AM
eed the bulls using the cart at right of storage shed need the item looks like corn plants and costs 200 gold.
Level 8 get the wool by making 1000 gold and purchasing a sheep ,
 posted in Island Tribe on Sep 14, 11 12:18 AM
I managed to get gold on level 30 at 6 59 so 39 seconds to spare.

1. Build up timber along top left and right til you have 5 and upgrade the cottage. Two workers can do a lot more with less waiting for one to finish a job.

2. Work the workers down both sides and as they pick up the water at the well also try and pick up the appearing timber near the bear at the top right.

3 Upgrade well 1 star ASAP and then aim to get to the apiary .
You need to collect 4 honey to be able to chase the bear away and access the mill.
4. Upgrade mill (priority one, the well and the apiary )
You only need a total of 16 honey to clear the paths of teh three bears and the wasps and another 10 for the shaman then let the apiary crash.

5. Once mill upgraded to 3 stars and delivering 10 timber a go , repair dairy and upgrade as priority.
You need 4 milk for the Tiger and 15 for the shaman and then let it crash.

6. Repair the cotton farm and upgrade to 3 stars as soon as possible.
The shaman needs 25 cotton and the ship 15 after which you can ignore the farm

7 the Shaman also requires 35 water after which you can ignore the well and concentrate totally on building the ship and increasing the wood.

8 Building the ship requires 60 wood and 15 cotton.

A video of the process is at
 posted in Island Tribe on Sep 13, 11 5:44 AM
Have to agree with shagwendy. Royal Envoy is very polished, has great graphics and characters and a story line. It is top of TM in my estimation with a score of 9/10 (saving a 10 for one that is fun and really blows me away - perhaps Royal Envoy II if they do one)

Jack of All Tribes 8 1/2

Island Tribe
Westward Kingdoms
My Tribe
Most of the Farm Frenzys except 2
All the Choclatiers
All the Build a Lots
Two Airport Mania

All 8/10
 posted in Island Tribe on Sep 13, 11 5:30 AM
Part 2:

11 Upgrade the dairy (1 star) and collect the first two milk.

12. Continue collecting honey, water, wood, and grain in that order of priority. The milk is really only needed to get rid of the snakes (9 required) and pick up a couple of stones from short runs to the nearest shaman near the end.

13. As soon as you have three milk drive the snakes away from the top shaman and deal with him to collect your first two stones. As you have lots of 4 honey available keep collecting stone and as the milk builds up and there is nothing else to repair or collect use some milk to deal with the second shaman.

14. In mean time try to get rid of the other set of wasps, repair the wooden bridge chase the last lot of snakes and open up the totem lower left for repair.

15. When you get a chance repair the totems furtherest from the cottage.

16. I finished with an excess of 18 water 19 wood and 20 grain so it is possible to shave some more time off there.

I have uploaded a video of this at this link
 posted in Island Tribe on Sep 13, 11 5:28 AM
Part 1:
I really surprised myself by getting gold with a time close to 4 minutes and then recorded it and still got Gold at 3.42.
Follow steps 1 and 2 from ShazPG:

1. Chop the wood right next to the cottage and grab the pile of wood right next to it, then make your way up to the sawmill. Get the planks and immediately upgrade the mill.

2. Work your way to the left and along and up the paths it branches into. When there's more wood at the sawmill, get it and upgrade the building again to two stars (gives 6 wood) and then upgrade the cottage .

3. Do not repair the well til after the first storm. This saves you 10 wood initially. During the first storm only the well is struck so if it has not been repaired it does not get damaged and cost you an extra 5 wood.

4. With two guys working along the two paths and by the end of the first storm you should have the stone bridge built and cleared to the apiary.

5. As the storm ends you should have enough wood to build the apiary and repair the well and then do as much while the sun shines

6. Upgrade the well to 2 stars and the apiary to 1 star at the same time

7. Concentrate on collecting the honey more than any thing else as each trip to the shaman with 4 honey gives 2 stone and you need a total of 20 stone to rebuild the totems. You need 15 honey for three lots of wasps and say 32 honey for 8 trips to shamen to get 16 stone.

8. Keep collecting wood and water when apparent and build the grain farm.

9. Upgrade the well to 3 stars and by this time you should have at least 10 honey so chase the wasps from near the dairy and the middle totem.

10 Build the dairy and then upgrade the farm (1 star)
 posted in Island Tribe on Sep 12, 11 11:44 PM
ave completed Island Tribe Level 24 in Gold time 9 times now and recordded best.
as already mentioned
1. Don't build bridges.
2. Dont go down the centre path west.
3. Don't upgrade the quarry.

4. You need 10 wood for two of the totems and 10 stone for the other two.
You only need 14 dairy (3 shamans x 4 and 1 snakes x 2) so once you have reached that don't bother to repair or put it out if it is on fire.
5. The dairy is repaired using wood, but upgraded using stone. Upgrading once takes you to 4 milk , while the second upgrade does not seem to do anything. Besides you only need 3 cycles to get the required milk for the shamans after you have upgraded.
6. Once you have cleared the path and have 10 wood, 10 stone and the 14 milk you do not need to access the dairy, mill ,quarry or well again.

I have uploaded a video to youtube to show how I did it. Is a bit small but if you want to see a larger version I can upload that elswhere.

Link is

 posted in Around the World in 80 Days on Jul 21, 11 9:00 AM
nd don't forget the interesting screensaver that coms with it as well.
There are cheats that can be used if you really have trouble getting through to the end.
 posted in My Tribe on Jun 25, 11 6:33 AM
In addition when you save the My Tribe Data Folder and then try something new and it fails, all you have to do is replace the My Tribe Data folder with your Saved one from before you made the mistake. You may need to set your computer clock back again to the time when you made the save and then progress it slowly from there.

eg you have got one of your people up to 800 years of age. Save the folder and if by any chance you are away too long and that person dies you can recover them by setting your clock back to that time and changing the My Tribe Data folder to the older saved one.
 posted in My Tribe on Jun 24, 11 5:47 AM
Not sure if you can get it back, but here is a tip which will act as a save at a particular level in case you stuff up it will act as a Restore point

For XP
Go to Documents and Settings/ "your user name"/Local Settings/ Application Data/GrubbyGames/ and copy the folder My Tribe Data to your desktop or another folder where you can find it easily

The Local Settings is a hidden folder so you might have to make that visible by in an explorer window going to Tools/ Folder options/View/ and click the radio button .."Show Hidden files and folders"

That folder My Tribe Data holds the record of your efforts at that point. Do regular backups and number them so that you can go to any point. Note it may have a time recorded as well, so note the time you saved that file and reset your computer clock back to just ahead of that time to have very little change.

BTW if you save with the game settings as Fast then each hour you are away from the game a year goes by. So if you have someone getting near 65 and you don't want to lose them before applying a rejuvenation potion, don't leave the game set on fast and go away for 10 hours or they will be dead when you get back.
 posted in Abigail and the Kingdom of Fairs on Jun 24, 11 5:33 AM
For those that complain about games not being worth while, lets put in persepective. Here in Australia to go to the cinema costs about $8 for say 1 1/2 hours entertainment + costs of refreshments and travel to and from.

A bigfish game costs me about $7.00 and this game has taken me about 16 hours so far to get up to level 41.
Lets see $12 bucks for a couple of hours or $7 bucks for 16 + hours MMMmmmm .

I could only get the gold level (green gemstone) in a few of the earlier ones and am struggling to keep the clock on the board fo the later ones.
As you progress the monsters get more difficult , needing 2 or more hits and there are more of them. With all of the movement going on it is easy for one to slip through and do some damage.
I agree that Royal Envoy is the best so far and the one to compare all the others to. I give it a 9 out of 10 (reserving the 10 for RE 2), Abigail would be about a 7.
I can see at this stage that you can also play as a banker or a defender so after I have finished in normal mode will be able to replay and check those out so anticipate having to play it possibly 3 times. So points for replayability at this stage.
 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Mar 30, 11 6:16 AM
I love Royal Envoy (RE). Great game and looking forward to a version 2 if it comes out.
But how is this for an idea.

Wouldn't it be great if they could make a game design program for RE. One where you could design your own map with streams, bridges obstacles pirates / robbers and place Castles etc on the map and of course empty lots.

And you could play these maps yourself to test them out (perhaps design some very simple maps for young kids)

Then The makers of Royal Envoy have a competition for the best map plan and people with the designer submit their maps for the competition. The best 60 + entries have their map included in RE 2 or RE 3 and get a complimentary copy of the game.

It is such a great game and so well designed that it would be a shame for there to be only one version.
 posted in Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year on Mar 30, 11 5:51 AM
beepbouy wrote:I love this game!

Have to agree with you there.
I was a Royal Envoy (RE) fan, did a bit of that and while looking around saw a number of build a lots so decied that if a game was worth a sewuel or three then there must be something good about it. Bought Build a lot 2 onthe premise that the first may have bugs and these would be solved by the second one. Tried it a bit and then went back to RE. Then came back and bought the first Build a lot and have completed all levels there at expert and just tonight finisged Build a lot 2 and the Bonus levels all at expert level. Had to make 60+ attempts at some levels to get there though.
Now for # 3 and #4
 posted in Royal Envoy on Feb 22, 11 8:02 AM
1. Clear the debris in front of the castle and to the front right side market and aim to clear the front right space by the time you repair a market and make first trade. Only accept if first trade is 4000 gold. You need 300 woood to be able to repair the market and another 100 or 300 to trade for the 4000 gold.
2. Keep clearing debris and try to get a second market repaired so you can take the best deal and start producing wood. Dig up the treasures.
3. Go for another 4000 gold trade and build a second sawmill to the left of the castle.
4. Keep clearing and repairing markets and now doing best trades for gold. After 3 markets are bidding you can afford to be selective.
5. Build up wood and build the 6th market then the flowers and when you have 1000 wood stop trading and demolish whichever sawmill is not running and build the 7th market.
The expert level is about 1 minute shorter than the normal level.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Feb 19, 11 9:04 AM
Failing to get finished in Gold time can be frustrating, but look at your resources and see where they are unbalanced.

1. You ran out of time and had plenty of gold and wood - you could hire more workers or tax collectors or both - they help to finish things faster.

2. You run out of time and you have plenty of Gold - Again you can hire more workers , tax colllectors or both.

3. Sawmills are the fastest way of getting wood if you have gold.

4.Workshops are the steadiest way of getting wood if you are short on gold and wood. Gold is useless to workshops

5. Markets are the fastest way of getting gold if you don't have lots of high priced homes. You need ready and consistent supplies of wood to run markets.

6. Banks help to increase gold quickly if you have lots of homes with high rents.

7. If you have plenty of gold at the start you need sawmills as all of the other buildings and homes need wood not gold.

8. If you have plenty of wood at the start you need workshops or markets or banks depending on the number of homes and what you have to do / build.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Feb 19, 11 8:39 AM
As above, but you have plenty of wood and the gold comes quickly as well.

I found that increasing the workers to 12 and the tax collectors to 6 as needed speeded things up immensely.
With 6 tax collectors you can do a round of mansions and then a round of banks twice.
The mansions require 3 workers each for building and up to two stars and the third star requires 4 workers (by the time you get to the 3rd star the other 6 workers should have finished.
You do not need any gardens as the statues are enough.
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1. Send out the 5 workers to clear debris in front of the castle. Try and clear the two front positions nearest the castle as soon as possible.
2. Build a sawmill on one, run it for 1600 twice , and after enough wood made a marketplace on the other.
3. Continue clearing more debris to make the other two positions in row in front of castle and also the eastmost and westmost position. Clear the rest of the areas as you have workers available.
4. Try to trade well to get as much money to run the sawmill and get as much wood as quickly as possible.
5. Hire more workers up to 8. Build a workshop and keep it running throughout .
6. Build a mansion, then a villa and side them.
7. Build a bank as you start to collect rent.
8. Continue building and siding each of the other types of homes and side them.
9. Start upgrading from the mansion and villa downwards leaving the cottage and cabin for later. Don't bother collecting rent from the cottage and cabin as it takes attention away from other important tasks.
10. Run the sawmill to provide wood for upgrading, and when finished upgrading add gardens. Run the workshop to provide timber for trading and collecting gold from rents, the marketplace and the banks to keep the sawmill running , you should be able to quickly build up enough wood to build a statue and two lanterns.
11. If you have periods where you have small amounts of wood and are waiting for the sawmill / workshop to deliver, upgrade and add gardens to the cabin and cottage as they require little.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Feb 19, 11 7:13 AM
Another way:
Royal Envoy lev44
1. Build a sawmill in front of castle. Send 5 workers out to clear all the timber they can access.
2. Send tax collecters to each of the villas to collect rent and then side each of them.
3. Run the sawmill for 800 twice.
4. Build the third villa and side it.
5. Upgrade each of the villas after rent is collected.
6. Pay bandit on left and dig up treasure (8000 gold) . Pay bandit on right and dig up treasure.
7. Run sawmill as required and place gardens at each of the villas and a flowerbed between them for the 40 happiness.
8. Build and side mansions as wood becomes available.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Feb 19, 11 6:50 AM
1. Hire a new worker and build a sawmill, then hire another worker and build the second sawmill.
2. Run both mills til all gold used. (gives you 5000 wood)
3. Build bridge near treasures and dig up treasures (4000 wood and 1000 gold)
4. Hire tax collector and do a deal for best money.
5. Buy a second tax collector, demolish one sawmill.
6. Continue dealing with markets and build a third market. Demolish the other sawmill and build the fourth market.
7. Hire a third tax collector. You now have four markets to choose from and can be choosy for the best deals. (50 for 3000 and 100 for 4000 are some of the best.) Your wood may get down as low as 500 but don't worry.
8 Pay first bandit 35000 and dig up next treasure (3000 wood), more than enough to build the second bridge and what follows.
9 . Pay the next bandit and when smoke clears, build a fountain between the two cabins .
10. Side both cabins and then build a garden for each to finish with 120 hapiness.
I have finished with 6000 gold and 850 wood left over.
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