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I clicked on the stones, but after leaving the game and coming back I can't go past the sign that says Enter at your own risk--when I click it, the screen is black except for the things at the bottom (tools, map, etc.).
 posted in Myths of the World: Stolen Spring Collector's Edition on Nov 18, 13 8:28 PM
Thumbs Down for this game! I was very disappointed in this game--not Collector's Edition quality--more like it's made for 10 year old girls. This is the first game on BF in which I have been truly disappointed in the quality.
 posted in Shiver: Moonlit Grove Collector's Edition on May 16, 13 5:05 PM
Right before the little sand pit where the wine bottle came from there is an evergreen tree. You have to look at it and up at the top there are pinecones. Throw the piece of wood up there and one will fall. Then look at the bottom and pick it up; click on it and shake the seeds into your hand.
I'm also having a problem with the miners' rings. I've placed all five, but the game won't progress--it wants another ring and I'm stuck with only a box of matches.
I collected the rings and put them on--put on 3 to start and then got the last 2. After placing them, it still wants another ring. I have rechecked the places to get rings and got them all. How do I progress in the game?
 posted in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 13 5:20 PM
Ok, got it solved. Yes, I got the rewind, rewound the reel, removed it and placed it in the correct place. Found out that I hadn't first adjusted the speaker under the water tower.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 13 5:07 PM
I got the tape reel and placed it on the radio; but it still keeps telling me that it won't work and that it needs a tape reel, even though the reel is clicked in and cannot be removed.
I played the game, arranged the 13 skulls and the ship started rising. They guy started to shoot me and I accidentally clicked my mouse--my game was over and now it wants me to start over again. I didn't get to the end and can't retrieve it.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on May 21, 11 6:35 PM
I REALLY enjoyed this game. It had lots of adventure--snooping around, solving puzzles and some hidden object screens. It required you to think about, when you got an object, where it was that you could use it. It was challenging and had an interesting story line.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on May 21, 11 6:30 PM
I really enjoyed playing this one!
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on May 17, 11 2:38 PM
I really disliked playing this game. It was not enough "adventure" and too much "hidden objects". Most of the time as soon as you finished one of the hidden object sites, you would be at another one. For some, that would suit them, but I want more walking around and exploring. I had purchased Shiver, Vanishing Hitchhiker and Amber Maiden a few days before this one and these suited me much more. So, if you want adventure--skip it; if you love hidden object--buy it.
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