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Spoiler ahead! Warning!

Might enjoy this game a little better if they didn't have an ad pop-up for the game on the website that shows the Owl Man is a guy in a bird suit, pretty easy to figure out just from that ad. Doh! And the other thing I don't like is the makers of this game making the Sheriff's uniform look like a brown version of a Confederate Army officer's uniform...that was just plain tacky...should do just a little research...
The most hilarious thing I find in a lot of the Russian-produced games are the cutscenes using real actors and actresses where they hide their mouths so that you can't see that they aren't speaking the english words you hear as they are "talking". Case in point in one of the Mystery Tracker games, a reporter is giving a t.v. report and the microphone is positioned right in front of her mouth so you can't see it at all.

A couple of other funny things are the fact that they jumble all sorts of things in the hidden object scenes that don't exist in the timeframe the story is supposed to be taking place in. That and for some reason, I don't care which Hidden Object game you are playing, you have to find horseshoes! Why horseshoes?
Is there any way to enter that code in without having to play the entire game again?
after you've played the game, you can view your collection of the flowers and it seems you can play a game with them to draw lines connecting them all. Has anyone done this? I would like to see a screenshot of how to do it so I can find out what happens when you do link them all up...
The Master Detective is a woman? Where is that ever mentioned?
Are there any other guys out there playing this game? I really didn't like how the game made the assumption that all the players were going to be female. I really didn't feel that the games up until now were specifically made for a woman to play, but this one did at the end. That was a little off-putting. So I was just wondering if there were other guys playing the Mystery Case File games and what they thought of this latest game.
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