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 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 14, 12 5:19 PM
I have to write and say that this game is the best game I have played in a
long time...your skills in making this game really shine. has so much more
than any card game I have played and trust me..I have many.Thank you so much
for putting together a game that is full of life and joy..this is so well done..
thank you again..all of you for being a true shining star in your fields..I know it took many hours and many people.. thank you again
 posted in 4 Elements on Oct 19, 11 4:26 PM
I am stuck on the same level...63... the fairy says to restart I did 19 times you think she would be sick of telling me ..but the she doesn't I am hoping some reads this and helps us to get out of leval fires off all the arrows..and leaves one metal block..and fairy says no way to let energy threw please..
 posted in Fairway ™ Collector's Edition on Oct 2, 11 7:52 PM
TeamSD wrote:So HAPPY and EXCITED to see this, the first CE which is not TM or HOG and the very first non-HOG CE this year!

Wondering why a card game is a CE, the quality is so high and the game is so cute. Graphics are colorful and very clear, with cool animations and hilarious beaver Not much story but there're actually few cutscenes! Voice overs are very well done, music are great! I loved the first one and i like this one much more, there're more new bonuses, items in shops and options to change your cards' pack and custom cursor! Mini games are fun and easy.... The CE version included more courses (more levels) to play but i'm not quite sure whether the extra mode is a bonus or not? Definite BUY for me

PS. The game is really entertaining and insanely addictive!


Graphics: A*
Music: A
Bonuses: A*
Mini Games: A
Fun: A*
Gameplay: A*
Overall: A*

My grades can be as high as A* or as low as F!
 posted in Gunslinger Solitaire on Jun 20, 11 5:41 PM
I feel the same...not as great as some ..but this one will keep you going..looks easy..but it does make you work at it..i enjoy it..grandkids loved it..I think it was just the noise..of the gun..but still worth the money..smiles to all...
 posted in Tic-A-Tac Royale on Jun 17, 11 8:41 PM
I am very new to big fish..but a true game lover at heart...I always read the forum..before getting a game..but..most of the forum..say nothing..or are just so neg. on the does play a part on do I buy or I decide to just try and see if the games are ok..and I have gotten almost 25 in a month..and only one..that I was not crazy about.and really gave a thumbs down on it..but my grandkids liked it..( what do they know) .
But with all's the player..who has the fun...and sometimes it's the player who forgets to have fun playing the games..instead they look for what they think it doesn't have.. it goes... Tic A Tac a card game that really makes you order to play the first...well I was really poor at it...then I began to get the hang of it.....the music was nice...has river boat the old time rag..not real fancy...bells and whistles..but a nice game..a true change from just solitaire..and if you are a card lover like me..I think you will like this for a change..the lay outs are different..and just big quest.....and your no going to save anyone in a life or death moment..but I think you will enjoy the change..but that's how I feel about the game..have a great day...I am in the slow lane tonight..
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