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 posted in Chateau Garden on Jun 7, 16 12:38 AM
vannojo wrote:Is it me or is this game relatively slow to load from it's icon?

Yes! It loads very slowly. Glad you mentioned this here. Wasn't sure if this was an isolated problem caused by my hard drive, etc. At first I thought there might be a glitch with the game.... so restarted it a couple of times and even uninstalled it then reinstalled the game (before and after I bought it), but it's always the same: SLOW to load. Then I thought there might be a big problem with my computer or the AMD / ATI graphic card, drivers and chip sets not working properly or needing updates---so I uninstalled all these then reinstalled them yesterday. It made no difference. I'm sure the developer is aware of this 'glitch', as I call it, and hopefully there will be a 'fix'. I get frustrated watching the slow rolling around of the trees, grass and flowers!

I'm still stuck on Level 42 since the past week or more, and way too many hours have been wasted. I came to 'Chateau Garden's' forum to see what tips I could find to resolve being forever stuck (and frustrated) and did find a couple tips from players and Rokapublish that just might help me get through that level. Hope you're enjoying the game. I like it. It's a bit different and challenging.

Happy gaming, vannojo!
~ Cher
 posted in Clutter V: Welcome to Clutterville on Sep 19, 15 10:03 PM
JoeKazz wrote:There is a cave that opens up...and the Pop-Up Dialog should tell you what you're looking for. Once you find that one cave...the rest of the caves will open up.

Hi Joe, :-)

I have the same problems as oomycasa01. How do I get past the main page and Pop-up dialogue window which says you have to ''find the gold mine'' first? The same window stays there whenever the cave shows the word 'outside' ...and I click on outside. And whenever I click on a cave all I hear 'anywhere' on the screen is a metal 'clink' sound. It's annoying! (so is the music, so I turned it off. It won't change to anything other tune other than the twangy country tune). I can't start the game or know where to use the cursor to "find that one cave". I've wasted nearly 15 minutes. Would you please tell me where the 'gold mine' is, Joe, so I won't waste any more time and I can at least start the demo and play!!

I have all the Clutter games but one.... and might not get this one if I can't play the demo first. ~ **If you'd rather, would you send me the answer in a PM for where to find the ''gold mine''? I'd really appreciate it, Joe. ** Otherwise, if I only have 45 minutes left to play the demo, I wouldn't know if it's worth buying, and I'll give up.

Please tell me what I'm looking for in a PM. Looking forward for your answer.
~ Thank you!

PS: I have Windows 7 Home Premium.
 posted in ZenGems on Apr 18, 15 8:47 PM
Hi there "Freaky"

Thanks for posting all this technical info you did here. I can't wait to get this procedure done so I can play ZenGems all the way through without starting all over again. I just bought this game a week or so ago and thought these problems I now see everyone else having wasn't only 'me' and my PC.

I have to ask you more about your 'fix': I've been trying to do what is stated here but cannot find a file anywhere in the game files, Program Data files, Local roaming files, etc., during my searches called Launchgame.BAT
Do I have to create this file myself? Or is it already somewhere else in my system that I'm not seeing? I even checked out 'App' and

I haven't found the SAVGAMEPATH, either nor the part 'Anwendungsdaten'), either. Do I have to make any game changes in the Registry?

Please advise! I appreciate your help so much in advance!

~ Cherie
 posted in ZenGems on Apr 18, 15 8:19 PM
TheRealFreak wrote:
cll1950 wrote:Latest e-mail from Fresh Games support -

Hi C. -

Yes, that is exactly what I needed. The version that you should be running is version 1.0.2. I will alert Big Fish of this.

where to get version 1.0.2 of zengems these days?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi fellow fishy!

I see I'm in *good company* ... meaning that I'm not the only one who's frustrated and mad about the awesome game ZenGems not working properly. At first, I thought it was my computer ... and I find that's not true since reading all these many, many posts from a lot of unhappy people, like me, who LOVE this game and want to actually *play* it all the way through. It's the fault of Big Fish NOT updating ZenGems to version 1.0.2 , and I hope Fresh Games did get in touch with BG so we can get the new version.

Did you get version 1.02 or a "fix" to making ZenGems work correctly and be able to *save* your game levels??!!

Please let me know ~ Thanks in advance!
I'll be swimming in the pond 'til I hear back from you!

~ Cherie
 posted in Dream Vacation Solitaire on Dec 6, 13 5:11 AM
My game stopped playing all music and all sounds. Has anyone else mentioned having this problem?

I uninstalled Dream Vacation Solitaire, then reinstalled it, but still no sound nor music.
None of my other games have done this ~ thank God!

When you find the answer ~ thanks for any help you can offer!
 posted in Cindy's Travels: Flooded Kingdom on Nov 14, 13 2:16 AM
Hi! - I sure hope someone can help me since I'm totally STUCK on Level 61 'Trap The Genie' (since June 28th) and haven't been able to continue playing my game since Summer!

Has anyone else *not* been able to TRAP the darn little GENIE??!
I feel there aren't enough lamps in order to trap the genie and he/she's too fast for me.

** Is there a *trick* to solving Level 61-- or a very simple answer??
** Is there a way to SKIP this level altogether? If so, how??

Please help - since my fins got too tired clicking on those magic lamps without any success.

Thanks in advance to any fishy who can answer my questions!
 posted in Cindy's Travels: Flooded Kingdom on Jul 21, 13 1:50 PM
bfgFlounder wrote:Welcome to Cindy's Travels: Flooded Kingdom forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Cindy's Travels: Flooded Kingdom players.

If you have questions about how to use the forums, please click the FAQ link on the right.

Hi! ~ I sure hope you can help me since I do have a question about Level 61 'Trap The Genie'. I'm TOTALLY stuck on this level and cannot continue to play my game. Unless you or someone can tell me how this darn little genie can be trapped!
(There aren't enough lamps to trap him/her, and he/she's too fast for me).

Is there a 'trick' to this level -- or a very simple answer?
Or, is there a way to SKIP this level altogether!? If so, how??!

It's been a month and a half since I got stuck here, and I can't play my game any more until I find a way to get past/or skip the genie's level.

Please help me - since my fins got too tired clicking on those magic lamps.

Thanks in advance!
 posted in Cindy's Travels: Flooded Kingdom on Jul 13, 13 1:47 AM
How do we solve (or even skip all together) level 61 to 'Trap the Genie'???

Is there a 'trick' to SOLVE trapping this little bugger? Or, can this level be totally skipped somehow ??!

Still very frustrated right now since I can't play my game at all since June 28th while being stuck on this level. I haven't a clue or any clever ideas to resolve this issue. Any easy way to get past it?

Please let me know! THANKS!

Cherie_Dion wrote:Hi, thanks for showing the Minigame levels in order. I am really STUCK on level "61 Trap the Genie"!! I don't understand how to TRAP the genie. I'm so frustated and I love this game! can you tell me how to get the genie to be surrounded and trapped within the highlighted area???

Sad little fishy, I am.
Wading in the pond for an answer!!
-- THANKS in advance!!

 posted in Cindy's Travels: Flooded Kingdom on Jun 28, 13 12:11 AM
Hi, thanks for showing the Minigame levels in order. I am really STUCK on level "61 Trap the Genie"!! I don't understand how to TRAP the genie. I'm so frustated and I love this game! can you tell me how to get the genie to be surrounded and trapped within the highlighted area???

Sad little fishy, I am.
Wading in the pond for an answer!!
-- THANKS in advance!!
 posted in Fishdom 2 on Oct 18, 12 6:18 PM
Hi Raine ~

I'm wondering the same as you! ---->> When will Big Fish be offering the *latest*, greatest edition ever to the 'Fishdom' series ~ FISHDOM 3 (3D) Collectors Edition!!

I played the 1-hour trial of it the other day and am totally blown away by how GREAT this new game is! I own all the Fishdom games and this one by far is thee BEST with how magnificently and cleverly it's designed! It's darling and ADDICTING! What a JOY to play! The colours are vivid and the graphics devine! Definitely going to be a BIG hit, big seller!

OK, Big Fish --- I'm thrilled we have a new edition to the 'Fishdom series' and anxiously waiting for you to give us the thumbs up ....or fins up... to tell us little fishies that Fishdom 3 (3D) Collectors Edition is available to buy!

Until then, I'll be swimming around in circles!

Cheers to you Raine ~ and to all our fellow fishies!
~ Cherie
 posted in Venice Mystery on Aug 4, 11 2:52 AM
Oh, FISH-sticks!!

I wish I had known "Venice Mystery" was only $2.99 on the Daily Deal recently. I always jump to look for Special Offers, Daily Deals, and Game Coupons. Not sure how I missed this one.

Would you please let me know if.... or when "Venice Mystery" goes on sale again for $2.99 ??!! I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your comments about this game! I give you a *high fin*!

PS: I'm a Mahjongg freak! Very addicted -- I own 9 of them.... and counting....

_Angel_angel wrote:I tried this game several months ago and enjoyed it.

I am very glad to see that it is a DD today.

I am really not into the Majohng(sp) games,

but this one is a bit different, and I really like it.

If you haven't tried it, Give it a try.

It is a quick D/L and should be tech issue free

 posted in Venice Mystery on Aug 4, 11 2:37 AM
Wow! THANK YOU for your "quick-trick-tool modification" to change "the time-ticker" within "Venice Mystery"! Playing this at a SLOWER pace will benefit many of us.

You're Awesome! I hope others will COME BACK & READ your "remedy". Maybe you could re-post with a NEW subject line for this game that says (something like) "Venice Mystery" - game timer can be SLOWED DOWN". *Just a thought*

I give a "high fin" to you!

Perhaps I can help with the timer issue. It is possible to change the timers in Venice Mystery with a bit of editing, as the coders stored the time limits for each level in an ASCII-format XML file that can be modified with a standard text editor. Here are some instructions for modifying the Mac and Windows versions of the game.

Locate the folder "Venice Mystery" that contains the executable file VeniceMystery.exe. (It will be in your Game Manager directory C:\Program Files\Big Fish Games\Venice Mystery\) Within "Venice Mystery" go to "data" then "config". The XML file to edit is lvdat.xml. Open it with WordPad. Nearly any bare-bones text editor will do, but don't use NotePad as it misinterprets the linebreak characters. (You can tell: the file comes up with non-standard ASCII characters; it should look like a normal multiline file in the editor.)

Locate the game executable "". (The ".app" extension will not be visible if you have Finder set to hide extensions.) Ctrl-click on this executable file and select Show Package Contents. In the new window that opens, go to "Contents" then "Resources". There you will again find an executable file called "" (again, possibly without the .app extension visible). Show Package Contents on that one too. In the new window that opens go to Contents > Resources > data > config. There you will find the XML file to edit: lvdat.xml. Open it with TextEdit.

Both systems: editing lvdat.xml
Find all the lines that look like this
<time minutes="10"/>

Those are the time limits for each level. Just change the 10 (or whatever value is there) to something relaxing like 60. Warning: don't set it too high or the game will take forever to count up your bonus points when you finish a level with so many minutes left! It takes 10-15 seconds to count up a 55 minute bonus (which is kind of relaxing to watch, actually ) [/q
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