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 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 25, 18 10:54 AM
For this level, you have to have all 10 red noses before you go past the first cannon. To explain about the cannons, I will refer to them as the cannon in the top left, bottom right, etc. even though they are not exactly in the corners .

1. break down barrels and make 10 wood
2. build sawmill
3. make 10 more wood and build house.
4. Make 10 more wood and build toolshed with all workers.
5. Make 10 tools and 10 extra wood, get one flower and the stone.
6. Build the red nose maker and send workers to it continuously.
7. Make 17 tools and break the first cage and get the second flower. Build the first cannon (bottom right).
8. Make sure you have at least 10 red noses at this point (and 20 wood) but I just keep making red noses till I have 20. (I watch my workers as I send them to the second house to make sure they have noses. If they don't the clown stops everybody nose or not. You can always hit the minus button and bring your worker back if you do not see a red nose )
9. Skip the top left cannon (the one you pass to get to the second house). and go to the bottom left cannon. That cannon will return you to the chieftain's hut.

From there it is pretty simple. Break down the bottom left cage, get the last two flowers, build the cannon you passed earlier, break down the top right cage and build the cannon there. Make sure you have 12 tools and 10 wood and send all your workers to the last two tasks of breaking down the last case and building the last house.

Hope this helps!
This is like my hundredth time playing this level. I am on expert and I cannot get gold by like three seconds every time. Usually when this happens, I find that alternating the order of upgrades or how I use bonuses will get me that extra few seconds. However, I can't seem to get the magic order . Can someone please tell me what they did to get gold on this level?

Also, the strategy guide is ridiculously unhelpful. There is no mention of bonuses or upgrades at all. Just sayin'.
I beat the developer's record on this one just recently and I did it by following the guide mostly, which is the exact opposite of what I've done to beat other levels

1. Cleared the way to the three plants Megara can grow and got food from them every time it was available.
2. Cleared just to the work shop and upgraded it to a level 2.
3. Cleared the way to the treasure chest.
4. With the gold from the treasure chest I:
a. Upgraded the home for an extra guy
b. Upgraded the workshop
c. Cleared to the farm and upgraded it all the way
5. Cleared to the gold just to the right of the workshop
6. Cleared to Demeter's Obelisk and built it
7. Took the tooth and the gold, upgraded Demeter's obelisk to level 2 and built Hermes' obelisk.
8. Cleared to the gold mine in the top left and immediately upgraded it to level 2, used the presents along the way to get the resource regeneration bonus and get wood and gold.
9. Used the gold from the mine to upgrade the home, upgrade hermes obelisk twice and fill the two pits on the way to the second gold mine.
10. Collected the gold tooth and used it to break the first crystal on the way to the second mine, used gold from the first mine to break the second crystal, filled the pit and started collecting gold from the second mine.
11. Collected resources from everywhere using the work faster and run faster bonuses until I could collect the second gold tooth. Then I only collected gold, wood and food from the farm while filling pits and breaking crystals. Removed the first two boulders, took the tooth, removed the last boulder and that's it.

Mostly I used the run faster/ work faster bonuses. At the beginning and with the presents I used the resource regeneration bonuses.

Hope that helps.
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Does anybody have tips for gold on this one? You have to get 35,000 and 10,000 wood. I seem to be able to get one or the other in gold, but not both.
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I had to play this level over and over again also and it was because it matters what ships they send you and when. You have to randomly get the right ships at the right time. I sold the first two cargos and destroyed the other two and bought brigs as soon as I can. The better shape the brig is in, the less you have to do before you can start dispatching it. You need to get 4 brigs right away and add a fifth before the bird tells you your gold time is almost up. Then you buy every cargo that comes along and destroy it.
 posted in Set Sail - Caribbean on Jul 10, 17 8:43 PM
Cannot seem to dispatch enough ships in time on this one either
 posted in In Service of the Queen on Apr 10, 17 3:32 PM
guess I will be trying the tube walkthrough then
I also ignored the switch, the bush in the upper left and the second gold tooth. I only used the resource bonus.

1. Gift to the left of the tent
2. Level 2 workshop
3. Level 1 gold
4. Gift at the bottom right of the level
5. Demeter's obelisk
6. Three man tent
7. Level 3 workshop
8. Level 2 gold
9. Four man tent
10. Level 3 gold, purple crystal by medusa, purple crystal by Hercules
11. Hercules throws rock
12. Hermes' obelisk
13. Pit to the treasure chest
14. Pit to Cerberus
15. Kill the ghost and upgrade to level 2 food
16. Level 3 food
17. Gold tooth
18. Fill the toxic pit at the end collect food, gold and gold dice and the last gift till done
Finished with 17371

I guess the trick with some of the harder to get levels is to ignore as much of the screen as possible. Really goes against the grain for me.
Tyler2, I thank you also for the good strategy. Interesting that it is so not what the guide recommends
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I am having trouble with this level too. I have completed it with enough money and still didn't get the diamond. Arrrgh! Don't these developers know we can't move on without the diamond?
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This game must have been available for PC long before Mac. All the threads are locked and the newest post is 7 months old. I just finished the game. I pretty much played it every chance I got for the last four days or so and I really liked it. I think it was a bit easy, though and I had the flowers and XP points and all that long before the end of the game. Anyone else just recently playing the game? Thoughts?
I have found 7 out of 8 and I have been through all the regular game levels over and over again looking for the last one and can't find him. I am so frustrated ...please help.

SPOILER ALERT: I found seven cosplaying sheep on levels: 1, 12, 16, 21, 30, 36 and 44. i saw and attempted to click on the caped figure referred to above (I forget which level), but nothing happened. If someone knows which one I am missing, I give up
Thanks Tyler2. I'm glad i was not the only one confused about the cocoa tree. I have gotten three stars finally on this level pretty much doing the same thing. Now onto 8....
This is the one where you have to rebuild the gym and fix the mermaid's swimming pool. I am always short for food and cannot finish this level with 3 stars. The strategy guide says to collect food from the cocoa tree and I don't see one on the level. Am I missing something? Anybody have any tips?
So anyway, it was crazy how well that worked. Lots of time to spare. I was trying to upgrade everything too much
boogienites. I noticed that as well. So, level 2 sawmill, level 2 forge, one level 2 blood donald's and everything else level one, right?
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If you are just short of 3000, you can make money by buying grain, turning the grain into flour, turning the flour into bread and selling the bread to the lady in the square. it is just a dollar per loaf, but if you are close, that helps
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I have this too. So frustrating!!!!
I have tried that, but there are a lot of walkthroughs that are not expert mode. The one that I saw that was, and the only time I've been able to get gold on this infuriating level, I never built the bridge at the bottom center of the screen. An of the walkthroughs that do I'm pretty sure are not expert mode.
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