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I'm having the same issue as others with the inventory/hint/map suddenly disappearing in the scene with the butcher. I can't leave the room either, so totally stuck. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I never usually have issues with games.
So I bought this right away after talking to the first character, because he looks like Mads Mikkelsen, anyone else notice that? Haha, thats literally why I bought it, ok the sale helped too. But its good so far, love this series.
 posted in Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation on Oct 22, 13 5:31 AM
Just adding in case it helps for a fix, I'm having same issues as others with my entire system freezing when opening the game. I did email a Felix report and did get a nice response with very lengthy instructions on how to make the game work. I followed the instructions and I was able to pull the game up, but when I closed the game and reopened later the same thing happened, frozen screen, and I just didnt feel like following the page of instructions again to make it work, my patience was exhausted. Too bad because I would definitely use a coupon on it, and I always waste coupons due to lack of standard edition games. Bummer.
Agree. Very annoying in the beta, hope the actual game is better but from these comments I'm worried. I'll try!
Same problem.
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