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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Dec 8, 17 1:25 AM
Level 21 cache locations
- left fire pit near ruins
- just before the top bridge
- chest in trees by 2 small vents on RH side
- opposite villager
 posted in Cursed House 4 on Sep 18, 17 9:44 AM
Sorted it - it's just a case of timing when to take out the problem coin with a rocket - i.e. before the bug coins are turned into ordinary coins.
 posted in Cursed House 4 on Sep 18, 17 9:27 AM
I'm stuck on Bonus level 17 can anyone help please? I use a bonus to get rid of the rings which allows me to match the "horizontal only" buttons and drop the oil - but I can't complete the puzzle because I haven't got rid of the stone blocks and I have no way of releasing the coin blocking the light without using multiple rockets - and I've never managed to create enough... they first seem to go for the coins under the blackness! Clearly I'm missing something!!! Thanks
 posted in Antique Shop: Lost Gems Egypt on Jan 17, 16 1:57 AM
Sorted! Found more info on the forum regarding "missing tools" - I thought this level was hard! Used the workaround described to sell-back tools and repurchase - back up and running again now, moving key not a problem!!
 posted in Antique Shop: Lost Gems Egypt on Jan 17, 16 12:40 AM
I've enjoyed this game so far; interesting M3 gameplay. However I'm now stuck in Andalusia level 15. The aim is to move a key to a padlock. No powerups are available and I can move the key horizontally but not upwards! Any match made underneath it obviously drops it down again. I must be missing something, so if anyone can post the strategy on how to move the key I'd appreciate it!
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