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 posted in Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 13 7:31 AM
this was going to be my question: when I put my cursor on the bird nothing happens (surely there should be a comment?) and there's nothing on the table either (the cursor should rotate). Is this a problem with the game or as villaman says below, that I just need to be more accurate? Hope I don't have to reinstall or anything. it's a great game but I don't need to do the first bit again just yet!
I have posted my review already under the game. Briefly, this is a really interesting, if gross and disturbing in places, game. But I have two questions

1. The CE version: I think the extra bits must be the morphing bits in the diary? I am not sure what the numbers (x/15) etc are at the top of the dairy but one definintely went up when I got the morphing objects there.

2. Why at the end do the four women (ok 2 women and 2 children) somehow seem to be alive but all those Blackpool residents aren't saved? I thought I would end up saving them too. Couldn't they all be got down somehow?

Oh and by the way, it does NOT always rain in the real Blackpool (and actually there aren't many cliffs near there!).

 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 23, 11 7:59 AM
Just finished playing the game -- completely compelling and wonderful game. The Drawn games are so different from other games. The artwork is amazing -- aweinspiring really, especially the bit where the mountain reaches down its hand (whoops sorry to spoil it folks but you'll see when you get there).
Congratulations Big Fish on another great game in the series, can't tell you how much I enjoy them.
 posted in Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock on Jun 6, 11 8:20 AM
I really liked this game (the standard game not the CE). It has a good story line and the progression from one part to the other worked well. Also, I loved the way that the **** scenes really reflected what was in that particular place -- sometimes you look back at where a **** scene has been and it's nothing like what you were looking at. And I liked the fact that you had to do something different things to find objects like opening things or putting something together. The graphics were really good and it was challenging but not too challenging.

What let it down for me was the ending. Did I click too soon and miss something? All I got (after my 'sister' had woken up) was her husband, the baddie of the story being sucked into some purple swirling hole and 'at last the curse is broken'. The curse on my 'sister' I suppose but I would have liked a bit more to make it clear! I was waiting for a final scene where the sisters drove off back to wherever they'd come from (and of course some hint that even so, there might be a sequel). Still, I'd definintely give it 4/5
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