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 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 21, 13 5:10 PM
I thought this was a great game. There are a lot of 'hogs' in this game but that is what the game is. Some items in the 'hogs' are quite small but hint button helps there. If it says "Try somewhere else" and "There is nothing to do here" when you use the hint button, then try going somewhere else or doing something else. There are some items that need to be combined to use them. Some of the mini games were easy but they were fun too. There are some challenges in this game that take some brain work but none of it is impossible or too hard to figure out. I finished it without a walk-through and I don't consider myself a game wizard. It's definitely not a one hour game, it takes longer then that, and I am grateful because I got my money's worth out of it. All in all it's a pretty fun game. I am very glad that I bought it. No disappointment here at all.
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 20, 13 11:17 PM unstuck...u have to click on the vial of blood to drink it then u can continue. I knew I would figure it out lol. I think this is a great game. I like it a lot and I love a challenge. What happened to all those players who like tough games and figuring the games out on their own? Now everyone wants a walk-through which I feel takes the challenge out of it. Using my imagination to figure it out is part of the fun. A two minute easy game is not for me.
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 20, 13 11:02 PM
I've had no trouble with screen or problems with the game. When you use hint and it shows you two items circled, you pick up one of those items and place it on the other. Example: Use file on the saw to sharpen it, or use batteries on the flashlight to get flashlight to work. I got the first of 5 vials of blood, but am stuck now. There appears to be nowhere else to go now...but I am still working on it. Never say die lol.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 10:03 PM
u have to use the template on the desk on the paper till it glows with correct answer. Books have to be right order according to the floating news paper in the girls room.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 10:01 PM
gardenerNanny wrote:Got the code for the wall safe in the hallway,but can't get out of that room.Game eeps taking me ack to the template on the paper with all the numbers.Please help me.
This is a great game. Its story is on the dark side but the graphics are mostly beautiful. i enjoyed every minute of this game. I just finished it and am sad that it's done, but that said, "wow" finally a game without hog's that is awesome! i bought this game on sale and it was worth every cent and more. Really a fun game that I can figure out all by my self without using help!!! it's challenging but not so much that you have to be psychic to play it. Very fun and enjoyable.throughout the entire game. the mini games are really fun too. Great job ERS and thank you BFG. .
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Sep 6, 12 10:22 PM
There is an entire walk through with pictures and all for anyone interested. it is at [Removed by Moderator]
Good luck all!
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Sep 6, 12 10:18 PM
I just finished this game. Wow talk about long! You get your money's worth here. Its a pretty cute game with cute graphics. Well put together and extremely involved, almost too long and involved for me. I played this game for several nights trying to get through it. I did find a site that has a great walk-through with pictures and all. It's for anyone that is interested in it. It is the entire game from start to finish and it helped me a lot in places where I got stuck and could not figure out what to do next, once I found this site. Good luck with this game little fishies.
 posted in Cases Of Stolen Beauty on Sep 4, 12 9:18 AM
I just finished this game and I loved it! Maybe it's a little too hard for some, but I found it refreshingly different from all of the numerous gloom and doom games. The story line has a cute plot and the graphics are cute too. Some of the items are hard too find but not much harder then other hogs . There are lots of mini puzzles to solve. The story line does read in comic form, but that's not much different then others like this. This game is fun with a few tough challenges but I like that. It seems like a lot of work went into developing this game and if people would try it for more then 3 or 4 minutes, they might find they actually like it. I am sure glad that I tried it out prior to reading all the negative feed back here otherwise I may have just past it by. I wonder if people just follow the lead of others and join in on the bashing because they feel they don't want to appear different or out of place so they think they must agree. I play my own way and I follow my own feelings, even if I don't "fit in" with the crowd. I rate this game a 10 because it is cute, challenging in places and fun. I got into the plot and interested in trying to figure out the "who done it" outcome and I was amazed and surprised by the outcome. It's certainly not what I expected at all. I loved this game and I am glad that I bought it. I feel lucky to have purchased it on the discount Labor day sale, but I would have gladly paid full price for it. It's "TOTALLY" worth the money!!!
 posted in City of Fools on Jul 17, 12 3:42 PM
What a fun game. I played it through the first time without finishing all the challenges and then I played it again and tried finishing all of the challenges. I ended up with the rockets left over so I guess I will be playing it again lol. No matter, it's such a fun game and a nice change of pace from all the gloomy games out there. I am looking forward to playing it again and again. This game is a keeper. I love it.
 posted in City of Fools on Jul 16, 12 4:07 PM
Thanks phlicker...your answer for the musicians is dead on....Thanks so much. Iwas stuck there too til now
 posted in Tulula: Legend of a Volcano on Jun 26, 12 2:08 AM
One of the best games I have ever played. Beautiful graphics and wonderful game play. Challenging and fun. Kudos BFG for finding this game. Finally a game that is not shrouded in dark undertones and blood and gore. I was sad to reach the end yet I could not stop playing it. Thanks for this great game. Am looking sooooo forward to the sequel.
 posted in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen on Feb 20, 12 3:05 PM
By the way I purchased this game for a dicount using the "Presidents Day" code. I find it refreshing to paly a game once in a while that is not sooooo difficult and is light hearted and playable with no hints and clues, and that I can figure out on my own without straining my brain constantly.
 posted in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen on Feb 20, 12 2:59 PM
Played the demo and LOVED it!!! Just purchased it and am downloading the game now. Seems like a hoot of a game. I can't wait for it to download and start playing it. It seems so refreshing from all the doom and gloom games.
 posted in Film Fatale: Lights, Camera, Madness! on Feb 15, 12 2:21 PM
I think this game is a hoot. The hint button, skip button and jump map are way cool. I am really enjoying this game and would recommend it to anyone. Its fun and I just purchased it. Im lovin it.
 posted in The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa on Nov 4, 11 6:44 PM
Well I just finished this game and it was fun. It was tough in a few spots to figure out, but it was worth playing. I do wish it was in English though, but its a very cute game. Am glad I bought it!!
 posted in The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa on Nov 4, 11 5:15 PM
i had the first vial empty and the other 3 even and it worked
 posted in The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa on Nov 4, 11 5:13 PM
How do u get out of the mine after you open the safe?
 posted in The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa on Nov 4, 11 5:10 PM
code to safe in mine is 621581
 posted in The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa on Nov 3, 11 12:53 AM
Its a fun game and the voices don't bother me too much, although English would be cool and better. I did like the attitudes in the first game so it would be nice to have it again in English. I wish there was a walkthrough or help somewhere. It's depressing to get stuck in a game and not be able to get any help. It makes the game a waste of time and money if u can't play it through. A little help on this one BFG's would be nice and is needed!
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