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 posted in Mountain Crime: Requital on Dec 12, 11 12:36 PM
Same problem here: Demo version ran smoothly, then I installed the full version and got the access-violation-error. Uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted computer - nothing helped. Sent a message to customer support. Since so many people have the same problem its highly unlikely that it has anything to do with my computer - which is kind of relief for me :-) Hope they'll fix it soon!
Thanks, Valdy! feels good that I am not the only one having difficulties :-) - And when I look at the amount of help-threads and questions of players being stuck I really ask myself if this was the intention. What fun is a game that so many people can't finish without massive help? Even with the strategy guide some are desperately asking for a walkthrough! I assume that BF wanted to provide the ultimate challenge but I am afraid that for many it might just be the ultimate frustration. Challenge is fine, no doubt, but after all it's a GAME and at least for me games should be relaxing and at least offer some help that one can choose to accept or not.

Don't get me wrong: I see that a big amount of effort was put into the development of the game, graphics are stunning, I also like the story, so this could have been a real winner. But would it hurt to e. g. include an "instructions"-button for the mini-games? Those who want to figure it out by themselves still could, but in my opinion it would do no harm just to offer the possibility of being helped.

Well, I am going to try again some day, but still I think that a game that causes that many problems to that many players is doing something wrong. Just my humble opinion...
Actually I don't consider myself to be an incredibly stupid person - but this game gives me exactly that feeling.

I can live with the morphing scenes though I think a nice mix of MO's and normal Hidden object scenes would have been much, much better. What is worse for me is that I seem unable to do anything without the strategy guide. I skip most of the puzzles cause there is no explanation what to do and I am too impatient to spend half an hour just figuring out how it works. I feel overwhelmed by clues and more clues without any idea how or where to use them. I stumble my way forward, consulting the guida again and again and frankly: sometimes I even dont understand what the guide is telling me. So the whole thing makes me feel as if I were trapped in a giant maze without any help from anywhere.

There are many players who appreciate that and that's fine - but was it really impossible to additionally provide a less difficult version? A hand-holding version so to say? I absolutely hate the feeling to be lost somewhere with no hints and a strategy guide which is a riddle in itself... I am even not sure if I will finish that game cause it's not much fun just to stumble around without knowing what to do. I even started to wait for the MO-scenes cause at least they give me a break and for a couple of minutes I am able to do something on my own.

Maybe I am too dumb for this game but for me it is a big disappointment. I loved Dire Grove, I loved 13th skull, I liked RTR (apart from the hint button which loaded ways too slow) - but this one goes too far. And I am not talking about the storyline, this doesn't bother me.

Anyway - maybe another day I will do better, for now I quit and just say: what a pity!
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 4:33 AM
emilialucinda wrote:I want to see a review please! Casual Gran LovetoMissLisa?

...they are probably all stuck in the download, so there won't be many reviews anytime soon...
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 4:11 AM
29 % after half an hour? Lucky you! - I'm at 22 % after about three hours...
 posted in The Chronicles of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet on Oct 5, 11 11:40 AM
Since the reviews are so extremely mixed I feel that I have to add my two cents: I am not an adventure-game-fan, normally I prefer simple HOGs, so I was very sceptical when I started the demo - but then it grabbed me. The graphics are beautiful and if you take your time to find out how this game wants to be played it works smoothly (fortunately I had no technical problems). The hint system is fine for me, it shows where to go and where to find the necessary item, and also the puzzles are doable, I had at least no problems with the marble-puzzle and solved the second one by luck. Yes, it is a pity that there is no Skip-button and it might happen that I find myself stuck somewhere with a puzzle, but I am willing to take the risk, I think the game is worth it.

The cutscenes that some fishies found too long are in my eyes absolutely justified. This is a game with a literary background, so it needs words, many words, after all this is what Shakespeare worked with. It is therefore a pity (and a fatal sloppiness!) that some names and words are misspelled, (and why has it to be "usefull" of all words, since it comes up so often?!!!) but even this does in my eyes not harm the magic of the game.

In summary: a charming game that wants to be wooed...
 posted in Them: The Summoning on Sep 26, 11 10:26 AM
Hi Ingo, great to hear from the developers! I must say that the game impresses me in a way, cause it manages to come as close to an iHOG as a straight HOG probably can. The graphics are in my opinion really great and the storyline works surprisingly good for a pure HOG. I like the idea of the secret objects (and they start glimmering after a while, so they can be found). Overall the game is something like the modern version of an actually nearly outdated form of game and in this regard the developers have done a great job.

But - well, there's always a "but", isn't it? ;-) - it is not really my kind of game. I prefer to run around and look at things and be able to move from scene to scene, so this will be no buy for me, but I am really curious what will come next. A little (or better: a lot :-)) more interactivity (which adds some suspense to the story), maybe objects which are a little bigger and more (and maybe more inventive) minigames - voilà, this could be an outstanding game.

But even as someone who normally dislikes straight HOGs I must say: Well done!
Usually I like CE's, usually I buy them, usually I like being in an old house/park, running around and searching for things, ususally I also like occult themes though we've seen a lot of them... so this should be a perfect game for me... BUT: after playing the demo I really doubt that this will be a buy for me. First I had the "violation-error"-problem, closed the game manager, opened it again and then it worked. Graphics are just bad, grainy and dark (I wonder why some people here wrote about "clear" graphics - are we playing the same game?), cursor is very unreliable, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't which gives me the constant feeling that the game could crush any second, the story is ok, mediocre but ok, but it could have been done A LOT better! Somehow the game gives the impression of being rather old, it certainly needs some technical fixing and it's a pity that a game that could be a winner turned out to be very close to a looser...

I think it over, I hope there will be an update and then, maybe, maybe I could consider buying it just because of my soft spot for old houses and dark themes. At the moment it would just be a waste of money (and I am not even sure if I would buy the SE...)
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Aug 4, 11 1:55 AM
Download of the full version is INCREDIBLY slow - if it goes on like this it will take several hours (which means I'll have to stop it cause I don't have that much time). Probably a matter of this stupid new game manager that was forced on me. I used to be such a happy customer - and now I turn more and more into a very UNHAPPY customer.

PLEASE give the good old game manager back to me, it worked fine, downloads were fast and I was satisfied!!!!!
BIG troubles with the trial download: I am downloading for one and a half hours now and just 35 % are done... I don't know if it has to do with this monster of a new game manager but it's more than annoying. Tried all the tricks mentioned before, nothing works. Anyone who can help?
I have the feeling that lately CEs get more and more disappointing. This one is really short (and I don't care much for the lenght of a game but in this case I felt somehow betrayed when all of a sudden it was over...), the story is nice but not outstanding, the whole thing makes me regret having payed for the CE. I had the same feeling about Ancient Astronauts. Where are those real GREAT games like Raincliff, Puppet Show or Phantasmat? Those games were absolutely worth the CE-price but lately there seem to be only terribly mediocre games which are sold as CE. What a shame!
 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 5, 11 5:05 AM
Hi Danny, hi Vladimir, I rarely post here but I have to tell you that this is an outstanding game, not only because of the great graphics and the really superb mix between hog-scenes and adventure parts but also because the story works fine. There are so many games where the story is somewhat poor and one has the impression that it's only there because there has to be some kind of storyline, but this one gives the impression of having been carefully developed and it's really interesting and thrilling, with or without voiceovers - and I don't think that there are too many cutscenes, they are necessary for a really good plot. I also loved the story of the bonus-game!

I am looking forward to your next game!
 posted in Dreamland on Jun 19, 11 1:57 PM
I hardly ever post something - mostly I enjoy just reading the posts of others - but in this case I feel obliged to make an exception: What a wonderful, marvellous, outstanding game!!!! Beautiful graphics, interesting storyline, great atmosphere, very good music, lots of things to do, lots of places to look around, hidden-object-scenes and mini-games not too easy and not too difficult, interesting ideas (e. g. the match-three-game at the entrance) - and I could go on like this for another half an hour! It's probably the best game I ever played, even better than gems like Raincliff or the puppet-show-games!

I played it the second time now and it's still absolutely sensational, which is rarely the case! What a pity that this is no CE, I would have LOVED to play a bonus level! - and what a pity that there is no Strategy Guide available; this would have been the first (and probably last) time for me to buy it so that I do not have to leave the game in case I am stuck.

PLEASE, PLEASE more games like this! - I and probably many other fishies would buy them even if we spend our last penny on it and have to eat potatoes with potatoes for the rest of the week!
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