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 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 24, 18 8:18 PM
Trophies/achievements still not counting/working on game. There is a list someone else typed up on 1st page under trophies/achievements not counting.

 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 24, 18 8:15 PM
I haven't received them either. Must be some kind of bug/technical issue.

 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 23, 18 9:25 AM
Leafy-find the strange leaf in the forest:
Click on leaves falling on the 1st board, tutorial, or level 4 of The Forest.

Pincer-ouch, those are sharp!
1st board of The Forest; click on the crab.

Loose Panel-find the loose panel.
Level 1 of The Flying Forest. Click on the wood that is different coloring to the left.

On A Little Dishy-there's something in the water.
Click on bottle floating by in water on level 21 of Shorty's Pirate Ship.

Swampy Was 'Ere-I think you'll notice swampy...
Click on the frog on level 1 of The Swamp.

Cold War-find the spy in a cold place.
Click on the penguin poking its head out of the hole/window on left of screen of
Snowy Mountains.

Desert Tradition-there's always one in the crowd.
Click on tumbleweed, tumbling by, on bottom of screen of The Desert.

Singled Out-there's always on in the crowd.
Click on the bird on right side of crowd, bottom left of crowd, in Higgin's Circus.

Swinging Support-that looks unsafe.
Click on dangling/swinging beam on The Industrial Centre board.

Help?-let someone know you are there for them
Level 93 of The Castle. Click on the tribloo in the cell at bottom/middle of screen.

Any Second Now...-you what will happen next...
Level 101 of The Castle. Click on the chandelier dangling over the bird king.

Hope this helps.
 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 16, 18 4:18 PM
Okay, some of your trophies are not "working" and there seems to be a technical issue. For example: I have raised the flags, blew up the columns/whatever, melted the snow, and placed the parasols. But, can't get the trophies for them and they won't even track down like the red nose one. It is like I am not doing it at all.

 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 16, 18 5:05 AM
Anyone know how to get some of these trophies; especially, the ones at the bottom of the trophy screen? I figured out most.


 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 15, 18 10:05 PM
Hello Andy, I have played your other 2: Tribloos 1 and 2 and loved them and same for this one. Can you make a walkthrough or help with the trophies; especially, the weird ones on bottom of trophy wall? Also, I can't get 3 stars on level 30, so any help with that would be appreciated too. You can keep these games them!

 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 15, 18 12:19 AM
I can't seem to get 3 stars on this one. Does anyone have it figured out and can help me please?
does anyone know which level this is on? I only found one level that had thieves but there is no way to get over there before the thieves do.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Sep 2, 13 2:47 AM
Has anyone got this yet? If so, how?
 posted in Farm Frenzy 4 on Aug 17, 13 12:27 AM
i cannot seem to get the achievement for filling the storage to maximum. i need help with this one please.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 4 on Aug 15, 13 5:43 PM
This achievement says you get when you get all the collections. Does anyone know how to do get this achievement?
 posted in Farm Frenzy 4 on Aug 15, 13 5:39 PM
on the updating everything, find a level that the machines can be updated on everything. Some levels u cannot update to the max and only like once or twice...i think three or four is the max. Probably the very last episode would be the best level. That is how I got it. I am still working on the warehouse thingy. I did it with the warehouse at only the first level of storage of 300. I am thinking it might have to be done with the warehouse at its max.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Aug 8, 13 2:06 AM
If you are having a hard time finding the hidden things: like cats, mushrooms and such. Then, when you are buying the extra resources, go under power ups and buy the seeker power up. It will literally light and make a sound when these things are appearing.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Aug 2, 13 5:51 AM
okay game the heck do you get the long bonus achievement?
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Aug 1, 13 9:08 PM
I cannot get this achievement. Help.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition on Aug 17, 12 12:51 AM
I finally got all the tropies, including not running out of time on expert. You have to plan ahead. See what's coming the next day and stock up. I also got the stuff done for day except for one thing. Then I used extra time to stock machines and what not.
I had two monkeys, two ducks, two juice machines, two llamas, two fruit roll up machines, two goats, one gift machine and one cake machine. I had all four of the trays and of course water. but to save money I moved water things around til i later had enough to get them so i wouldn't have to move around water things. week 8 u get bug spray and it is so much easier once u get that.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition on Jun 1, 12 1:21 PM
Is there anyone that can give me pointers in getting this trophy?
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 24, 11 4:03 PM
Can anyone help get pass this level? I got past all the others, but this one is really hard! Also, for achievements, if you have any clues how to get 10 wood, 10 gold, and 10 happiness? I think there is one for 10,000 wood, 10,000 gold and 10,0000 happines also? I don't know how I did it but I did get the one for 100 of every thing, think it was a lucky thing.
 posted in The Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy on Jun 17, 11 9:07 AM
Anyone have any suggestions on how to get gold on this level?
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