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 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 30, 17 6:07 PM
It's way too hard to get three stars on every level. I'm just not sure it's possible. But I still like the game and have decided to just play the untimed. It's disappointing though.
 posted in Evil Orbs on Mar 29, 17 5:08 PM
Too hard to aim.
 posted in In Service of the Queen on Mar 22, 17 12:14 AM
time4tea said when she said you have to sit there and watch your players take their sweet time doing the tasks you set up while the timer runs out. I liked it at first and bought it, I should have waited until the demo was over, cause I never would have. Oh, and the graphics look like a child drew them.
 posted in Insane Jewels on Mar 2, 17 2:18 PM
This game is a waste of time.
 posted in Weather Lord: Royal Holidays Collector's Edition on Oct 12, 16 11:21 PM
I want a GOOD TM game!! This one isn't one in my opinion. It's tedious. I really would like to see a new Royal Envoy, Roads to Rome or Rescue Team. When , oh when? The good building type games are ones that contain provocative strategy, not click as fast as you can. Why don't they get that? And I really don't like those ugly cat faced people, they're creepy.
 posted in Car Mechanic Manager on Oct 11, 16 11:05 AM
I sure wish there were more tm games, but this one was a disappointment. It didn't make much sense and you had to click open a menu and then click on another thing. Why all the clicking. to open menus. One click would be better.
 posted in Next Stop 2 on Aug 1, 16 11:52 AM
Playing the game a second and now no longer getting scores. I should get scores!!!
 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Jul 25, 16 4:08 PM
It's really kind of boring.
 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover 2 on Jul 1, 16 3:35 PM
It's a fun game and I kind of like it, but the decor is totally tasteless. Ugly and tacky and completely out of date. When they design these games they should hire an interior decorator to do that part.
 posted in Funny Pets on Jun 14, 16 9:56 AM
Mind numbingly boring
 posted in Pirate Chronicles on Jun 12, 16 8:58 AM
I played in the timed mode and there was no multi clicking, so that really works against the game. Wasn't this game recently issued? I think I played it before.
 posted in Gnomes Garden 3 on May 31, 16 1:54 PM
if it was so easy, why couldn't you get three stars?
 posted in Gnomes Garden 3 on May 31, 16 1:52 PM
come in from the other side to the other market and you can trade for stones there.
 posted in Pirate Chronicles Collector's Edition on May 15, 16 11:19 PM
No click ahead and calling a regular game a CE are the negatives, but since there is rarely a time management building type of game offered I'll buy it anyway. I do like a lot of things about this game though. I sure wish we could get a new Royal Envoy game.
 posted in Monument Builders: Rushmore on Apr 19, 16 6:13 PM
I really like the monument series. This one is improved from the last. You don't have to click to get your trucks to move anymore, which is nice. I love the interesting facts about the monument too. Fun game and a buy for me.
 posted in Yummy Dreams: Jelly Rainbow on Apr 18, 16 9:58 AM
I was kind of pleased to see a game that wasn't an HO for a change, and one that didn't have a dark sinister theme like almost every game that has been on this site recently. So I was happy to see a more upbeat non HO being offered. I was very disappointed because this game is boring. A match 3 should have something more than this one offers. I hate the limited moves feature.
 posted in ClearIt on Apr 11, 16 10:43 AM
I really liked that there aren't a set amount of moves. I like the game. Not sure if I like it enough to buy it, but I did play for the whole hour. Some games keep getting harder and harder on each level to the point that you just can't solve it anymore. This game didn't do that. It was a nice game.
 posted in Tangled Up! on Apr 6, 16 9:17 AM
I agree, there's not enough TM games. I especially like the building type games, like Royal Envoy. Too many HOA.
 posted in Rory's Restaurant Deluxe on Mar 28, 16 12:37 PM
I think the old game was an Italian restaurant. I liked the old game better. This one is too hard for me. The other let you make points even if you failed a level and then you could upgrade to make it easier the next time. I really liked that feature. I still like it, but I wish it wasn't so unforgiving.

 posted in Incredible Zoo on Mar 23, 16 10:25 AM
It's a nice change from the dark occultish themes that dominate most other games. Typical tm game, kind of fun but a little slow. I did update the cart, so I'll see how that goes.
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