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 posted in Mah Jong Quest II on Oct 4, 14 3:06 PM
It does, but I am having problems getting this game to work in Windows 7.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis ™ on Feb 26, 12 1:18 PM
frunny wrote:JWAllen, If you have a problem with the game and someone in the Forum should help you we need more informations. This is a hidden object game and some people think the scenes are easy to solve some others say it is too hard - this is always the problem with games.

There are 8 Butterflies in this scene.

- on the red jacket of the girl to the right
- at the hand of the woman to the left
- a green on in the tree branch above the girl with the red jacket
- on top of the chair
- on the lila dress of the lady in the center - right beside her hand
- another one at the bottom of the table
- one on the roof of the house in the background - streight above the flowers from the girl with the red jacket to the right
- one on the shoulder of the lady with the orange dress, left from the hat of the sitting woman.

Hope this helps.
Thank you. I was in the same position as the original poster. Who knows what butterflies I have gotten! The "walkthrough" is useless, and has a few errors.
 posted in Mystery of Cleopatra on Feb 22, 12 8:22 AM
This game was a great idea, but poorly executed. The lack of user feedback was the biggest problem.

The hidden objects were often obscured by pop up scrolls providing nonsensical information. Even after using the "hint" 3 times for the same HO puzzle, I could not figure out what it was suggesting that I should click on.

The puzzles lacked clear user feedback to solve them. What are the rules, what is the user to accomplish? Well as the title suggests, that is the mystery. As far as I am concerned, it will remain a mystery. This is a no buy title.
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 6, 11 10:15 AM
Getting help on this game is a bit of a struggle because the forum is so large and there is not a walkthrough available. Use the advanced forum search. Enter the book or character from the book you are working on, along with the game Azada: Ancient Magic. This should help you in finding a clue in getting past a spot.

If it is of any help, "turning pages in a book" problems typically happened in a couple of the books:
1. Hansel and Gretel with the witch needing to be smoked out of the room;
2. Around the World in 80 days book where you kept knocking on the door to get the butler to answer the door; and
3. the book with the Inn Keeper where you rung the bell.
These books requred the nonplayer character to be out of the room so you could click in the items.

There was one more book, Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, that required you to feed the potion to Dr Jekyl or Mr Hyde to view that alternate scenes that was a bit tricky.
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 4, 11 11:26 PM
The game it is creatively written, but the puzzles can be a bit mystic even after reading the instructions. The longevity or replay-ability of this game is essentially nonexistent, once through, a user is simply waiting for the next installment of Azada. The font size of the story, and "instructions" left me squinting at the screen. The story flashed too quickly to read (rather than a click, I am done setup, it is on a timer that is unreasonable for the average reader). Feedback to the user is minimal and needs reconsideration to make this the game be what I believe the designer had envisioned. Some npc hints were provided as to what the user needed to find, while others prompted a click fest on the various pages of the books within the collection. Great idea, poor execution.

Judging by the number of posts and the haphazard arrangement of those posts, both a walkthrough and forum cleanup are long overdue for the game Azada: Ancient Magic. The individual puzzles provide no escape route or legitimate user feedback (e.g., I have used my "2 hints" which were used to "light" 2 matches and now by design, the game has not provided an escape route.). The "trick" to this game is use your hints, and then simply start over a puzzle/book if you get stuck with certain books because there is not really a logical flow other than clicking away at random objects. The "page is completed" message is a very nice touch, but is not always informative or correct (e.g., steaming the witch up in the hansel and gretal book, knocking on the inn keepers door to distract him so you could click a few more times around the interior of the inn).
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 4, 11 10:03 PM
LizzieK wrote:Pictures of the solutions of the 4 different Castaways lights puzzles are in my photobucket.

To find these pictures:
Do a Google search for Photobucket. When your search brings up the results just go to the main Photobucket site . On that page there is an Image Search box. Put the two words lizziek photos in that box and search.

It will come back and say “No matches were found to your search request.” Keep going to the bottom of that page and it will say “Are you looking for the Photobucket user lizziek photos? Click here to see this user’s album.” Click on that and you will be on my main page.

Look on the left of the page and you will see the game album names. Click on the album Azada Ancient Magic. Then look to the left again and click on the album Castaway Lights puzzles. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

I hope you find it and that the pictures help you. Good luck and enjoy the game.
This is not the puzzle I am looking at. Not only that, I am not given the option to skip this puzzle. OH JOY!
 posted in Azada ™ on Sep 4, 11 9:40 PM
You need a walkthrough?
 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Jul 15, 11 10:46 PM
This game has a few logic issues with little feedback to the user as to what they need to do. Thankfully, these issues are few. Almost there!

The game will not allow me to give the quill (purchased from that gouging Haden) to the writing muse. I stumbled upon some puzzle in the treehouse that allowed me to go forward.

I have found all the crystals in the game, and yet I do not have enough (201 crystals in my purse vs. the shockingly overpriced 345) to buy the required breathing apparatus to go forward in this game. Before you suggest the walk through to find all the crystals, I have all areas cleared out of crystals (all spots in the game are on my little mini map). Did I miss a hidden stash?

Also, digging the hole by fido in front of the tower was a bit much. The placement for the shovel is difficult to ascertain, and frankly, the need for a peek at the walkthrough for this task is well beyond the scope of anyone's field of logic without some feedback from within the game (which is not given).
 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Jul 15, 11 10:31 PM
This was a stopper for me also. Just muddled through. Evidently, the game will allow you to collect things before their time. I must have clicked that quill on that muse a thousand times.
 posted in Syberia on Jul 3, 11 10:52 PM
This game is frustrating beyond belief. I did read the beginning thread destructions on "how to play,' but no where does it tell you how to stop/save the game. I ended up having to call up the task manager to halt the program. The game needs some sort of in-game "Who needs a stinking manual" type of instructions. I should not be sitting in this forum looking for basic instructions rather playing the game.

According to your "instructions,"
Right Click to view the game menu (as a user this translates to being the main menu with real options like saving the game or what not), use an object from the inventory, consult document, OR use your cell phone. Considering you have "proframmed" the game to understand that a "right click" does all of those things, is it no wonder both the computer and this user are confused.

The game icons - "Y with an X over it - No action possible." Are you kidding, I have not gotten past the joker robot that has his hand out with the rusty lever, and have yet to see this icon. Considering I have traversed the hotel numerous times, the town numerous times, I find it hard to believe I have not seen this icon, but hit LOADS of dead ends.

BTW pressing the escape key while in the game brings up the tool/inventory sub-menu. I am not able to get back to the main menu.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® on Jun 30, 11 9:49 PM
Anyone can make game difficult, and this appears to be the goal of Big Fish Games with Drawn: Dark Flight. The story had such potential, but the logic of the game leaves me begging, "WHERE IS THE CLUE!"

While most games give a user clues along the way within the game, this game seems to think a game should be a total mystery, leaving the user clicking on random spots on the scenery and/or the hint button. Excellent hint routine is in this game, but I am constantly clicking it. Instead of playing this game, I am simply reading hints and thinking "oh yes, I can see how that was illogical." This aspect of the game takes away from the story line, the artwork and everything that defines something being a game.

The idea that there is magic in a drawing was quite creative, but the puzzles demand more logic than the age group should be expected to accomplish. Each puzzle is independent meaning there is no progressive difficulty or any chance for a user to learn what is expected of them. Looking at the walkthrough in those moments of "need," never presents itself with an AH HA, I get it now moment, but instead a, "they have to be kidding" moment.
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