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Hi! So I saw that many people are weondering how much do you need to get a second office.


2nd office - 200.000 + 18.000 (To Hire Employees)
3rd office - 500.000 + 29.000 (To Hire Employees)
4th office - 800.000 + 45.500 (To Hire Employees)

I currently don't know how much you need to unlock the 5th office.
And I'm sure for the prices of the first 4 offices because i bought them myself.

So when you buy the second office you will get like 20.000 revenue when your issue is popular. For the 3rd office you can get like 40.000 revenue or in my case i got 54.000 once.
I just bought the 4th office and don't know how much you get from it.

I advice you to write in a notebook or on your computer what are the new trends and popular colours (newsletter) so that when you get a newsletter that says that shoes and accessoaries are popular you can check in your notebook what was popular before a couple of years.

I'm playing 2023 year and unlocked all the fashion capitals,but i didn't like most of the clothes there. You unlock a capital to visit in every 100.000 suscribers. The ticket for every capital costs 10.000 and i advice you to buy all the clothes that are for sale there, so that you can publish them in your magazine, and also because you don't get a free ticket every time.

To get more money i advice you to put on the cover your most expensive model.
I tried to make the outfit for the cover with only one of the colours that is popular and the other for a background if they don't match. It works for me.

You unlock the Salon (Named Salon&Spa) when you buy your 4th office.
You get 13 new hairstyles and 9 new earings for your avatar.

When you buy 10 shoes or other kind of clothing you unlock a shop only with this kind.

And I think the game doesn't have an end.

Thats all from me now! I hope i helped!
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