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 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Mar 14, 14 9:00 PM
I so wish for a Chocolatier 4.

These games are the only ones I go back and play over and over.

Please let there been a new one in the making. Or someone take over the concept of this game.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake on Jan 2, 13 1:02 AM
GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is terrible. I played the demo based on being game of the year. I took the chance even though all members said otherwise.

Bigfishgames you should listern to your members aka the gamers. This game is terrible and should not be on any list other than "Dont waste your time"
Is there a fix for the lag, jumpy cursor etc yet?????? I bought this game and still cannot play :-(

 posted in Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession Collector's Edition on Jul 24, 12 7:01 AM
I picked the photo up in the garage, and when i needed to use it, it was not in my inventory i went back to look for it and it was gone. Without the photo i cannot put it in the picture frame and pick up the screwdriver to progress.

I had to uninstall.
 posted in Coffee Rush 3 on Dec 6, 11 12:01 AM
I bought this straight away, but wish i had not now... It lags something terrible. It was so bad i did not get through first stage


 posted in Shattered Minds: Masquerade Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 11 1:20 AM
I finished demo in 45 mins without using SG or Skip/Hint. It does not feel like a CE game... Lask of options on game play and no bonus collectables on the way. I enjoyed the game but as yet unsure if it's a buy for me.

I am in the "Not Sure if i will buy at moment" It is all because of the morphing object's being all the way through.....

I love 13th Skull and Dire Grove and always go back to these games. This also would of been a instant buy if it was not for the M.Os It took me 40 mins with demo and i loved everything but the Morphing and i think i would get sick of this after a hour or more of play.

Such a shame as i have been waiting for this game for ages now.

 posted in Hallowed Legends: Templar Collector's Edition on Nov 10, 11 2:21 AM
I finished the demo in under hour.... So not going to buy a game that will only last 2-3 hours...

So yes game length is a motive for purchase as want value for money. As stated i have no problems with game itself

 posted in Hallowed Legends: Templar Collector's Edition on Nov 10, 11 1:37 AM
It would have been a instant buy if i knew how many chapters there is. Some games I just know I will love and don't even bother with demp. This i played demo and quiet got into it, and been waiting a while for a decent new game.

But i will wait until someone posts how long this game actually is first.

step54 wrote:I'll be back in 3 dazes, after its downloaded.

I am having this problem also, but this has been the norm for the past few CE games....

I know i would of loved this game..........If i could finish it, which is impossible due to tech issues.

Is there a update for this game yet????? I have restarted this twice due to glitches.. and lost the will to restart the whole game again.

Not what you want from a CE game.

 posted in Build-a-lot: On Vacation on Sep 7, 11 3:43 AM
Another fan of the Build-a-lot games.... Been waiting a while for a new one so thanks.

I had to restart game....Not happy, only to find another problem with the car jack.

Come on give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the toy soldier issues i uninstalled game and started again but now i forgot to pick up car jack before moving on. Went back to get it and i cannot as it wont go back to the old car.... Seriously is this one chance only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im very unhappy with this tec issue, since both times i have almost completed game to be dogged by these issues......

Not a happy gamer!
The Cabin.................. I opened the box and there is a picture and toy soldier inside. I picked the picture up first and now it will not let me go into the box again to pick the toy soldier up. I carried on and completed most other tasks now after hours of play i am completely stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have opposite problem, picked up picture but not toy soldier and now cannot go back into box to get it....!!!!

Came all this way to be stuck by tec glitch.
 posted in Path To Success on Jul 6, 11 10:34 PM
I bought this game......

I have to agree with all the above problems, I also had a problem buying the cars. I could buy all the cars available but still never completed level.

And without the option to restart the level at any point. It's impossible to do anything like repeat or move on.

 posted in Path To Success on Jul 6, 11 10:29 PM
I love games like this, but found this quiet confusing and the quests are not clear at all. Don't get me started on the "Sofa Sarga"

My biggest problem with the game is you cannot restart the career level at any point........

 posted in Path To Success on Jul 6, 11 2:17 AM
I'm stuck too. Ive tried starting again, but no joy. It says in the quest at start of level that you have to open a bank account.... But the bank is not available on this level ????????

Cannot believe ive been beat on level 3
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