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 posted in Agency 33 on Jul 20, 15 5:47 AM
I didn't mind the caps by the way, Sometimes, just easier to see! LOL. I understand the frustration. Game play is almost nil at this point because of nothingness on Elefuns part, etc. Sadly, great potential for the best game ever and with every endeavor, I could see great creative efforts to a fault many times. I like the concept of games working with a plot, purpose, storyline or something...The developers or someone jumped around a whole lot and only stuck with a few things that were workable over the long-haul.Hopefully, the game will come back with more cohesiveness. It is not looking promising. I would pay for a game that didn't have fatal errors at every turn and no explanation of why they were happening nor how to fix them! I would pay for a simplified game with workable ideas, etc. and lot less on the graphics and music. Not sure we will get an update, but hopefully a game developer will take the workable ideas in this game and apply it to another and BINGO...a new, improved, playable game..
 posted in Agency 33 on Jun 11, 15 5:54 PM
The end? When the other games closed did they go this long without letting the clients know something one way or the other? I don't want to delete the game, etc. but I can't justify wasting so much time on a game that is not helping me on some levels. LOL. We deserve to be notified or encouraged to to stay-something.
 posted in Agency 33 on May 21, 15 4:31 PM
I agree with you Judy, and would think the developers would want to hold onto the players they do have in Agency by letting them know if an update is in the making. Maybe they feel like the game is not even worth mentioning the fact they were not going to update it, etc. anymore? The game has great potential, but some of the problems have been very irritating, and really the focus of the game has been lost. Half the stuff you work for is not that usuable, etc. But with some sharpening up-wonderful game. It might not be feasible from the makers standpoint, but the players deserve to be told if game is closing. Could they combine the Titan game mentioned and the Agency somehow? LOL, I don't know, but as sure as I delete it, they might give update. If you don't play you get rusty too. Frustrated...grr! LOL
 posted in Agency 33 on May 13, 15 4:13 PM
I will check it out, the thing I find so wrong with the way EleFun or Big Fish are handling the Agency game is no response whatsoever! This is downright rude. I feel like they may have been abandoning it since the change over which was after the last update I think? Anyhow, I am about done with it whether they are are not! I cannot believe that it would be handled in such a pissy manner.
 posted in Agency 33 on Apr 27, 15 1:12 PM
Anybody else having trouble minimizing the game. Someone suggested doing this to get faster at it, but I cannot do it by using the screen that controls the music, special pointer, etc. Nothing happens? Not sure anyone will help if I check in with them, as they appear to have left the building! LOL
 posted in Agency 33 on Apr 27, 15 1:06 PM
I think we deserve some sort of explanation of some sort, if they-whoever- have abandoned the game, etc. If update is being worked on, we should be alerted this is the case also!
 posted in Agency 33 on Mar 5, 15 5:55 AM
As we speak...I didn't get the 30 second request, but it is now repeating. Thanks for your information and tips! I have seen what you are saying about memorizing too. Just haven't mastered it yet!!!! LOL. I don't think I got the 30 points yet, but there were 2 times I was 30 or 32. I am also working on some bad habits such as pouncing on the keys twice, or not hard enough. I can bounce around when things are moved around, or I have to do the anomaly or things are complicated by a little change. We are definitely accustomed to habits. I have also explored how far away from the object I can be and it "take" the right answer. Some times this causes the fatal exception thingy to happen. This happens alot on my computer and I wish I could understand my computers directions for changing the settings. I also believe the creators/ whomever could tell us about what/and how and why this occurs and exactly-plain/simple language tell us how to fix it...if it can be. I have ran across a few games where it was outright scrambled etc. but the The Agency is the only one I have had that consistently does the fatal exception all the time. I can predict when it is going to happen, it is that bad! I like the game/hooked, but hate certain issues with it. Thanks again!
 posted in Agency 33 on Mar 4, 15 1:24 PM
I was and still am attempting to do this, but am unclear if I have or not! I know I have come very close however. Now the quest has gone to 15 seconds. Does this mean I have met the less than 30 seconds goal somehow and not know it. I am not seeing the less than 30 seconds anymore as of yet? Gosh, I can't imagine being that quick less than 15 seconds. Then again, I would have not thought I would get this close to 30 either. Please, give feedback if you know or think something about this!
 posted in Agency 33 on Feb 11, 15 3:32 AM
I am on level 52 and it looks like the end of the game, etc. Hope this isn't the ending on one hand, but it might be a good thing if the major glitches can't be resolved. Does level 52 sound like others who are waiting for update? If they are ending the game, I don't want to continue gaining anything needlessly. What is your opinion? Thanks,
 posted in Agency 33 on Jan 30, 15 12:47 PM
I didn't know or think you could save your purchased games, or any of the games on a flash drive, etc. /thumb drive or whatever. Now, I find out you can? Is this really the case for real? I would like to know for sure.
 posted in Agency 33 on Jan 30, 15 12:42 PM
I have had nothing but problems like this for a very long time and yet, I stay...I am addicted to something about the game? I don't understand myself, but I am hoping...and it doesn't happen....with each update, things will be fixed, completed. I wish the makers or responsible parties would also fill us in on all the fatal exception things and how to fix them in laymen terms. So far, not happened. It seems they are more interested in bells and whistles-but not on completing things where they work consistently over the long haul. I will say, for a time- you couldn't get the objects the HOS was asking for, but eventually-- The problem was resolved consistently for the better. I would love to see this again on the timer issues, fatal errors, and keeping it going. Just sayin, in my humble opinion!
 posted in Agency 33 on Jan 3, 15 3:39 AM
I am getting such variation of times in the same scenes. Just curious. I figured it was just another glitch, but checking to make sure!
 posted in Agency 33 on Jan 3, 15 3:37 AM
BINGO! I want stuff the game isn't using to be removed too. I don't get the bonuses, don't make me think they will return! The stupid fatal exceptions which are still happening are irritating enough! If it were addressed, this needs revisiting for sure! It has been the only game I have had that has done this. Then, it makes me angry because the game was created-someone knows why these things happen, and yet they don't care to explain why, not one time! If I knew what word or symbol was missing from the background program, I would attempt to plug it in myself! This would be interesting too...LOL. Don't know why these folks enjoy pissing people off so! LOL. I am not as irritated as I was before the last update. My game became unworkable.
I love this game and played it many years ago. I was hoping by now, there would be a sequel.
 posted in Agency 33 on Dec 20, 14 3:24 AM
Fatal errors are still occurring in the game, but so far I have had 3 since the newest download since the last update.. This is a big improvement considering before, I literally could barely get through a scene without one or more. It really made for great irritation on my part. because I know the developers or technical support knows what is causing this. If this is something we can fix on our own without risking messing up the computer, we could sure use the informaton! If it is something in the game, It would help to know this as well. It really undermines the quality of the game time. I had done all the quick "fixes" given, the errors still came back. They were also pretty predictable and after an update these stopped or decreased for a short while. The last update was the worst. Hopefully, this one will be better. Also, the "repair of the Asian bridge near the Polar station,still is a glitch I believe. I repaired it long ago, and have access, etc. Just want to make sure it is not important.
 posted in Agency 33 on Dec 19, 14 11:10 PM
This is helpful when your stuff takes over an hour to create. Very nice feature!
 posted in Agency 33 on Dec 19, 14 11:08 PM
I am in the same boat, and thought the game might not be using them anymore. Even with the challenges, I get credit for them, but no extra points. I know we cannot be the only people this is happening to. LOL.
 posted in Agency 33 on Dec 14, 14 3:46 PM
I feel like they have totally given up on the game, but they should let us know this. I have enjoyed the game until the fatal errors and glitches started to be the new norm. Now, I don't care about it as it is anyway. I just feel like we shouldn't be expected to stick around waiting, waiting , without explanation or tentative schedule or something. I hope a better job can be done this go around with repairing the glitches, and whatever is making the game continually crash. Also, I have not had any extra rewards for the time/accurancy part of the game. Don't mind it, but it is advertised. It is suppose to be gift, etc. and if some are getting it and others are not, it is not fair IMO.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Dec 8, 14 3:11 AM
I downloaded Found quite awhile ago and have checked in periodically. I could not get it to work and thought I missed updates, etc. So, I deleted the game and went to download it again. Well, the introductory game came up and I didn't see where to download it. It also said this is a binary file do you want to save it? I am not sure. I was on higher levels before and don't want to start over unless absolutely necessary. So, I got out of that and came here before I do anything. I want to reinstall the game. The game is not in my purchase history, of course...cause it was free. Any ideas folks? Thanks. Got to the end of Agency for the time being, waiting for an update. Maybe I can be better playing Found for awhile instead.
 posted in Agency 33 on Dec 7, 14 3:19 PM
I have nothing but constant Data execution stuff happening and ever increasing. It seems to have to do with maybe using too much energy. It happens to me when I click near an intended target or outside some boundary set up in the game. Maybe it is a layering issue-that seems to have plaqued the game in the past. I dunno. I wish I understood about how to exactly turn off what is causing the problem. It has made me have sour grapes for an otherwise wonderful game. It looks like since it is a big problem the team in Seattle should give specific, clear directions for turning the DEP on/off or whatever. I give up with the game being able to work correctly. I trust the program and feel it is a false/positve type of situation, just can't fix it. So nervous I can't unrepair it if I run into a problem. Just saying. Anybody know? heard rumblings of another update?
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