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I'm on iPad ios 8 and the same issue occurred... Frustrating! I'll try rebooting (fingers crossed)
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Aug 29, 15 3:36 PM
They are on Apple iPad... I own both PC and iPad version.... Great game.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Dark Wishes Collector's Edition on May 7, 15 2:21 AM
I can see nothing has improved since my hiatus from BFG.... oh well back to the other sites.... same ole ridiculous themes that are so far fetched they are not scary at all to me; in a word? Boring.
 posted in Stranded in Time on Feb 16, 15 3:41 PM
Nice little adventure illustrated with pleasant, boldly-colored cartoon-like illustrations and static frames with an interesting enough storyline that I got through the demo without annoyance. Seems of late I often can't thoroughly enjoy many games which generally have many flashy bells and whistles and no substance in story or dreary, cheesy commentary.

Yes you DO have to read [gasp] and sliiiide inventory rather than click on items [gasp gasp] and the game isn't equipped with audio dialogue nor v/o [gasp gasp gasp]... yet it holds it own and I enjoyed the entire Demo & probably buy with a credit or sale.... this one would be great for the younger crowd as well, I believe (based on demo).

Enjoy (or skip it) depending on your own tastes [funny how I feel compelled to have to write that when it used to be taken for granted in the past].

Eta: I found no problem with the dialog boxes yet if I did have that situation, I'd try changing the screen resolution as a fix.

Also, I almost forgot: KUDOS to the developer! Thanks!
 posted in Toy Factory on Jan 24, 15 9:48 PM
Playable without the hideous [to my ears] music turned off, the weird sound effects turned to a low level and while wearing my 'magic hat' that removes any references [aka thoughts] that this is remotely for any holiday I celebrate. Really... very weird weird weird illustrations and music for a holiday themed game, yet IMHO definitely playable gameplay. I found the tutorial was just fine. I reeeeally didn't like the illustrations of reindeer and characters, setting, etc in general and, personally I don't know of any humans [cartoon or otherwise] that I've ever seen in a restaurant/retail/whatever setting that looked quite so unpleasant to look at, lol.

So I recommend it with a forewarning to anyone that may take offense to any of the above from visual to audio, etc.

I actually bought it (!), lol [yep I'm THAT desperate play a new TM/pleasant game] and am almost ashamed to say I am having fun playing it [between other things because I can only take it in small doses, even though I AM 'desperate' lol].

Well, I sure hope the devs [btw who ARE these devs & what is their background for such an uh, um, 'interesting' take on a holiday game]... as I can't find a reference to them anywhere in the game!?] So perhaps if they smooth out the proverbial edges of extreme a bit on the next game [for our sake and for theirs]... their subsequent games may be a bigger hit with a wider range of gamers.

Anyhoo... have fun & happy gaming.
 posted in Runaway Geisha on Dec 20, 14 7:35 PM
Another site has it as their version of CE.... it has a bonus level; hope this helps.
Enjoyed the graphics and the game flowed along nicely.... the music, thankfully, wasn't as overwhelming nor overly dramatic as many are of late. The voice acting was credible* [relatively speaking and, again, in comparison to many] I particularly enjoyed the 'feel' of the game... it was immersive and 'believable' [ie. as a game story] enough it held my interest during the demo, so overall it will be a buy during a sale or s/e.

*eta: the 'potions' were mixtures of herbs and water; also leaning toward the more 'believable' scope of things historically speaking and, therefore, helping to hold my interest.... otherwise a few embellishment's were added {glowing mist, etc}.. and cut scenes were a bit overdone, leaning to the fantastical... again, overall I did enjoy the demo, encourage others to give it a go and I plan to purchase at some point or another.

Enjoy... happy gaming
I didn't care for this game as a Christmas story.... I can summarize my opinion by saying that using pretty, stylized Christmas graphics, throwing in snow & decorations does not a Christmas tale make.

Yes, the graphics were excellent, the sound was good, yet there was no 'Christmas" tale here IMHO, Hans Christian or otherwise.

It felt more as though I was more watching a cartoon rather than playing a "Christmas" themed game as it had literally no 'substance' that would deem it in that category and, in addition, what storyline was there was lost in too much busy craziness.

I didn't care for it at all.

Farewell BFG's of old? This game just does not stand up to the standards of the past.... I own the original games both via BFG digital cloud and DVD yet can not even justify purchasing this one nor the recent past episodes even on one medium.

As mentioned by Nilosh & Oldbag60, twinsonline, and a few others... I agree, there is way too much hand-holding and same ole same ole. In addition? IMHO black bar comments were too much info, the graphic illustrations of Celtic lore were not impressive, the music was standard fare, main character voice acting was stiff and robotic (computerized vocal?) and the wolf theme [as presented in intro], while it could be exciting, seems it has been done just one time to many in recent memory.

Sigh.... hope you hear some of us that enjoy more challenge and variety BFG [new owners].

 posted in Iron Sea: Frontier Defenders on Nov 18, 14 12:56 PM
OOO I always enjoy the tower games but like the 'land' quests not the water ones.
 posted in Psycho Train on Nov 6, 14 11:14 PM
Keeping it simple since I submitted an 'official' review earlier...

Really enjoying this well done casual adventure/very light H0G game!

I love the hand-drawn style artwork as well as the great use of sound, especially! I also appreciated that the black bar was well thought out and somewhat atmospheric.

Overall it's rather easy, yet the puzzles are unique and some are plenty tricky enough to be enjoyable yet without being too much so as to interfere with the flow of the gameplay.

As for the name? it was the only negative aspect of the game thus far [and am thinking maybe a translation faux pas... but that's just a guess].

Good game!
 posted in Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori Collector's Edition on Oct 18, 14 10:14 PM
I'm certain no one wants anyone's friends, loved ones or even "lowly(?!)" stranger to suffer and no one can argue that there is a point where death is welcomed to any worldly pain and suffering. And, of course, it IS part of the natural cycle of life (at least it should be NATURAL). St Francis is known to have said, 'Welcome, Sister death', and, I mean, HE was a saint, lol.

However, IMHO it is a faaar stretch from accepting death and dying to actually participating in the selection of those to die, assisting in same and/or playing it as entertainment.... as a "game".

BTW I am an experienced gamer who has played everything from MMORPH to card games, I have had my share of pain and suffering (faced death) and have and have had family members in a variety of situations surrounding the topic of death and dying; yet I will not share details here since it's really not everyone's business and only mention that much as it relates to this topic of gaming.

So, I can definitely see where Sherryah is coming from even though many are focusing on one part of what she said... it's much deeper than what can be covered in a short thread in a gaming forum and it's a total and complete pass for this gamer.

 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 14 3:21 PM
ETA to the above:

Hmmm.. perhaps the Ouija board itself doesn't always attract negative energies, but I WILL note that a thread about Ouija boards surely does, lol~!

So, to assist those 'laughing' and jesting at my (and maybe a few others') comments and input on this topic, No, I am NOT "afraid" of a toy... nor am I phobic, immature, or advising anyone not to play this or any other PC games (in fact I bought this game and am enjoying it!).

If you still don't understand?

The facts I based my comments on are that in many formal religions (as well as unorganized personal belief systems), use of Ouija to conjure spirits CAN be, considered a POTENTIAL 'gateway' or 'hook' to vice or what to some may call "bad karma" or negative paranormal influence, at least.... So, obviously, with this in mind believers are simply advised to avoid occult items. I chose to skip it... YOU can choose to skip it or to play it.

Those were and are my OPINIONS.

We all come from varied experiences, backgrounds, ethnic groups, religious persuasions, countries, etc. and NO ONE (1) has the right to judge either stance and if you enjoy taunting others' due to their personal belief systems that is your choice also but you probably should be considered a bully.

 posted in Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 14 12:42 PM
didersham wrote:

I was thinking the same thing Wofpupscvc. I quit complaining about little helpers and instead I just do not buy them. We have been saturated lately with games of fantasy or little helpers or they are way too easy! But, we all do have the right to our opinions.

Like the old saying goes "if you do not like the show or the music, then change the channel".

It is my understanding that here on Big Fish Games that we are ALL entitled to RESPECTFULLY and within the Forum Rules to express our OWN opinions without having to REFRAIN from expressing them and realizing that doing same does NOT change the choices of others (?!). When someone expresses an opinion other than your own you call it 'COMPLAINING'; YET when it is YOURS, you call it your "right"?
 posted in Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 14 12:36 PM
I agree one hundred percent that yes, they are 'just' games, however, especially in the world as it is do we truly need to play "games" with children being vexed in any respect physically, spiritually or emotional* ... no I will not buy them and wish developers would lighten up in general. *(your answer is your own)

And before I get thrown to the wolves again.... read what I wrote... I USED THE WORD >>> I <<<<.... THAT IS MY OPINION and I in no way, shape or form am trying to tell YOU how to spend YOUR time or to change YOUR beliefs. They are your own to form and hold true. PLEASE HAVE LIKEWISE RESPECT

Further... in response to the above comments bringing up the ouji & occult again (really!?)...
1) Actually, I do not watch TV and even if I did, my beliefs do not come from TV, lol.
2) My choices in not "playing" games with occult are based on my spiritual belief systems & NOT my imagination, TV or my prejudice against you or game content. It is MY personal choice as well as the choice of thousands of individuals in the world (many of whom are being persecuted as we speak for their religious beliefs). No.... I don't believe such things are game worthy.
3) The comment: "This isn't a kidnapping by an evil ghostly entity from the castle dungeon, this is a "realistic game": WELL... that is THE point of SOME of us that evil does exist in this world and to many of us, occult IS a realistic basis of evil.
4) I know many will still not "get" it and think that my posts are trying to deprive others of their pleasure in gaming or sensor content. NO, it is NOT. I am ONLY EXPRESSING MY OPINION AS YOU ARE, AND NOTE THAT I AM NOT BELITTLING YOUR BELIEFS IN ANY WAY AND WISH YOU WOULD RETURN THE SAME RESPECT.
5) I, too, as everyone (yes everyone) have or have had hardships through this life and turn to gaming for entertainment. BFG is here to provide us with same. Lately SO much that sells is dark (yes, it is) and I, too, actually DO enjoy spooky, eerie games sometimes, I just don't find children depicted in any turmoil to be fun; and again, that includes children in physical, spiritual (yes, to me that is as real as emotional or physical) turmoil, nor do I enjoy occult. That does NOT mean I am on a mission to burn PC games or rip your game from your computer, lol. It is MY OPINION! Get it? MY OPINION. PLEASE RESPECT IT.
6) Thank you for reading this & best wishes (tho they can't be seen).
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 14 9:35 PM
In today's world of supposed political correctness I find some of the comments here are quite down-putting and mean (though I don't take personal offense, I do take offense) and, frankly some of the comments are just plain thoughtless and rude considering one of the statements made actually used people's denominations to form an opinion.

I think a little (or actually a LOT) more respect is called for or is being considerate of one another part of the Dark Ages as well?~!

I wouldn't see anyone calling out an ethnic group nor sexual identity as examples for anything so leave people's religious beliefs out of your judgments.... it's not acceptable.

Further, some people here have even broken forum rules in order to belittle others.

I am NOT of the particular denomination mentioned, however, one need NOT be same to see it is clearly not considerate whatsoever and neither are quite a few of the other put downs and some of them coming from peeps who have criticized others for being too harsh!? hmmm.
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 9, 14 6:38 PM
I choose to steer clear of Ouija boards in pc games or otherwise.... if you believe in things spiritual (even as basic as good vs evil) and that goes for secular or NOT*, I see no reason to dabble with one while playing a PC game.

I skipped it.

BTW... love this game... it's phenomenal!

*ETA: My suggestion to anyone on the fence or left questions after reading through this thread is to ask your spiritual advisor if you attend a church or, if not, do an internet search and read several varied sources for information and decide for yourself.
 posted in Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness on Oct 7, 14 11:16 PM
Short & sweet review:

I liked it and will purchase with a credit.... it is original in many respects such as the details and mini games as well as the mechanics and I loved the graphics as they weren't too cartoony nor too icky [my technical word for trying too hard to be something it's not as many games are now].... thankfully this game knows it's a casual game yet offers a bit more and HOW could I resist a baaaby in some of the first scenes.... nice, and the dragon, to me, was rather spooky versus silly or, again, trying too hard.

So, this game so far (per the demo only), is 'just right'.... a nice, inspired casual adventure game... yeah, I liked!

 posted in Bella Design on Sep 29, 14 11:56 AM

Hi all...

Well, here is a quick review based on the Demo:

I thought the graphics were clear and nice with good color yet overall just a little stiff and stark compared to some TM's... this could have been resolved, possibly with a better sound track... the music, in particular, was elevator-type music and very dry and uninspiring IMHO, and just didn't give the game the oomph to raise it to the next level [which would have been 'good']. As it stands, this is just a very mediocre game.

As with many TM's of this type, progress is 'rewarded' with being able to furnish or design 'something'; in this case, the main character, Bella's, house. Based on the DEMO, the furnishing offered was very, very limited and mostly Asian themed.

In regards to the gameplay? The developers would have served the player better to have an easy/med/dif mode rather than this marginal, one size fits all.

I MAY purchase when it becomes a DD or with a credit if I become extremely desperate for a new TM, yet this one needs some work and tweaking to make it a truly fun game that one is eager to play.

eta... splg

 posted in Forgotten Kingdoms: Dream of Ruin Collector's Edition on Sep 21, 14 12:19 AM
I agree... this game looks quite nice. I enjoyed the "real" voices versus the usual digitalized fake speech programs many games are using now as well as the artwork.

Happy gaming!

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