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 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Apr 16, 17 12:55 PM
I can't make the feather groups with the 3 different feathers. Every time I click on the 2nd color, it starts over. I can make groups of 3 the same, but not the group of 3 with 1 of each type. Any Clue what to do? It works on other levels.
 posted in Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition on Sep 5, 16 4:38 PM
I just can't seem to get 3 stars on this level. Any help?
 posted in Country Tales on Oct 9, 15 6:06 PM
I finally figured it out. Instead of building expensive houses, build a lot of shacks. They go through the food much faster. You don't need to upgrade them. I completed the level with a gold star and plenty of time to spare.
 posted in Monument Builders: Alcatraz on Jun 28, 14 10:47 AM
I just can't seem to get 3 stars on this level. Any suggestions?
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Jun 6, 14 8:27 AM
I was trying to earn the 10,000 food and wood hoarder achievements, using the suggestions from another question below to use level 46. I earned Rent Rush when I collected the rent (with help from the bank) from the 6 upgraded chalets w/gardens all at once. Let the money from the first houses sit until the last second and then collect everything across the board.
 posted in The Beardless Wizard on May 19, 14 6:03 PM
I'm having the same issue. I earned all the other achievements and gold on all 3 levels, but not the Ultimate Champion. I even went back and cashed in all the potions, which I had more than enough of and replayed the last few rounds. Still no luck. I am really getting frustrated with games that you can't complete.
 posted in Monument Builders: Great Wall of China on Apr 12, 14 9:26 AM
I have bought and enjoyed all the previous Monument Builder games, so I didn’t do a preview and just bought it. Lesson learned. I am extremely disappointed that level 34 appears to be unbeatable. I don’t like the gems, but could live with them if you weren’t penalized so much. You need 9 to play some levels, but only earn 3 for winning. Therefore, you have to play levels multiple times, just to break even. You shouldn’t lose gems for starting over. It is really frustrating to have to complete a level you know you won’t win, just to earn enough gems to play it again. Also, on several levels, I finished the level at the last second, and the game ended showing 3 stars. However, when the screen flipped to show the totals for the level, I only had 2 stars and missed by 2 seconds. I don’t know how that happened. I won’t be so quick to buy the next Monument Builder game.
 posted in Monument Builders: Great Wall of China on Apr 11, 14 2:33 PM
Has anyone gotten Gold on this level? It is very frustrating when games are designed with no possible way of winning.
 posted in Island Tribe 5 on Dec 17, 13 10:52 AM
I would agree. It was very easy. The only reason I had to redo a level was because I couldn't find an artifact, not because I couldn't complete the challenges. Now I need to go back and redo levels on purpose in order to fill all the book. I used to get the awards within the regular game play because it took a few tries to get gold.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 4 on Aug 17, 13 12:20 PM
I have to agree with many of the other reviews. I have all the Farm Frenzy games and was not overly impressed with this one. The other games have a high price animal near the end that adds a bit of challenge. In this game all the potential is available early and not much changes. This is the first game where I have been able to get gold without having to play levels numerous times, so it isn't as challenging as in the past. Finally, I found the 3D and the clicking on items for rainbow levels to be a huge distraction and it added very little to the actual play of the game. It was ok, but it isn't a must have game.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 8, 13 6:25 PM
Does anyone know which levels have the most possible upgrades. I really don't want to play the entire game 3+ times, due to the various playing issures. I'd rather do a few levels a lot.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 4, 13 1:44 PM
bfgBiwa wrote:Heya satchel49, welcome to the Pond!

I'm so sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with the game .

If you have already tried all the suggestions that we have offered in this thread I would definitely recommend you to get in touch with our <a href=" ">Tech Support Team</a>. They'll be happy to get that checked for you and your message also helps to determine if a fix from the developer is needed or not as this is the only way for us to investigate the issue further.

You can contact them 24/7 by clicking on the green envelope at the top-right of this page. On the next page you can find the Contact Us link on the bottom-left.

If you are a member of our Big Fish Game Club you can contact us without waiting through our Live-Chat, which is open for you Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm PST.

I hope this helps!


Dear Moderator,
I took your advice and ran Dr.Felix. I sent it to Tech Support. I was told to reinstall and to turn off my anti-virus protection software. SERIOUSLY-that is the best you can tell me. Their response really didn't give the "We're happy to help," attitude. It was more of the "we don't care," "we really aren't listening," "it isn't our problem," response. The game has issues. My anti-virus software did not cause the character to endlessly chop wood in the middle of nowhere. It is a programming error. While my virus software MIGHT slow the game down, it would not cause this type of error. For once, why can't Tech Support just be honest and say..."There are issues with this game and we are investigating." Why do they feel the need to treat users like they have no brain cells. Frankly, in this day and age, any developer that doesn't program for the likelyhood that standard, name-brand, anti-virus software will be running on the computer is out of touch.
 posted in Meridian: Age of Invention on Mar 2, 13 8:19 AM
I have most of the time management games available, but this one is a disappointment. I finished every level but 36 with gold and still not recieved most of the awards. I have met goals on levels, only to have the game register different goals. When buying things, the couriers don't respond. I had one level where the builders just kept swinging their hammers away, long after the meter said they were finished. There are too many glitches, typos, and just general errors. It was upsetting finding out at level 36 that I would never be able to finish at gold and get the award. It really took the fun out of the rest of the game. Very Disappointing!
 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Feb 2, 13 8:39 PM
Thanks for the tip about playing level 1 again. I was missing 3 flags, but had completed everything with gold. That did the trick.
 posted in Island Tribe 4 on Dec 9, 12 2:35 PM
I finished all the levels, but I need to go back and collect more clothes and monkeys in order to collect the awards in the book. I can't seem to find the level that had all the clothes. I'm also looking for the best level to collect monkeys. I'm hoping to get the award in the fewest levels possible. Can anyone help?
 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Aug 25, 12 11:48 AM
I can't seem to get gold on this level. Does anyone have hints?
 posted in Be Richest! on Aug 13, 12 1:17 PM
I would suggest less "talking." I would love a way to not be interupted by the different characters poping up. This is especially annoying on levels that have to be replayed. I found that often they would cause the game to freeze. How about a way to skip this after the first time through a level?

I would also suggest some way to avoid having to click on the buildings to speed up construction. How about a speed button that could be earned or purchased?

FInally, how about different names and shapes for the buildings? It gets confusing when all the names are so similar.
 posted in Rare Treasures: Dinnerware Trading Company on Apr 18, 12 11:17 AM
I am stuck! Is this a game error? I have the mission to make 10 Vedic India Wine Vases or Raktim in Mumbai. I don't have the plans. I have gone to every location and every building 8+ times. Nobody offers the plans. Now what?
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Sep 29, 11 6:40 AM
I accidentally went from Midgard level 13 to Midgard level 15, and missed level 14. Now I can't seem to get back to do it. I can replay 13 and 15, but cannot get to 14. HELP!!!! I
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Sep 24, 11 10:03 PM
On a level with 4 goals, you must complete them in order, one at a time. You can't start the second goal, until you have completed the first, and so on.
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