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 posted in Governor of Poker 2 on Jul 20, 11 3:46 PM
Sleeping is the key on "winning" the game, and once it dawns on you that a loss of reputation makes no difference, you can "sleep" until you own each new town you come across - playing the odd tourno to get access to new places to sleep, and win transportation.

It is of course it's hardest at the start as sleeping for cash isn't profitable and you must either have a rip-snorter first few tournos (which happens occasionally), or slog it out borrowing and repaying until your luck or strategy starts winning tournos (which happens regularly). On seldom ocassions the programming will even hammer you penniless and luckless and it's simpler just to delete the character and start afresh.

As for waiting for a programming update that allows "random" events? I wouldn't hold your breath... ... The game is as "random" as it will ever be. The programming updates needed are: (A) The "insertion" of a riverboat! ( The capability to buy and WEAR hats that are offered for sale in other locations that don't carry said item. When considering hats are such fashionable items, a larger variety of colours would have us amused playing dress-ups longer. And while I'm on HATS, I'm sure when I first played this game I had a choice of five colours. Seems strange to pay for more, and actually receive less. (C) and don't think I'm a cynical killjoy please, the writers might even consider programming your "reputation" to have an effect on your poker prowess.

Hey, I hope this post has helped you somewhat, and I hope you have endless joy, as I have, playing this frustratingly enjoyable game.
Cheers All
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