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 posted in LandGrabbers on Jul 25, 11 10:50 AM
There is one, don't know if it is being actively hosted anywhere any more, but it was written 10 or 15 years ago by a guy at a university up in Canada. Anyway, it is called Intergalactics. Graphics are less impressive, but the game play is more complex.
 posted in LandGrabbers on Jul 25, 11 10:41 AM
This game is actually pretty simple. None of the levels actually require the powerups to beat till one of the last 5 levels in the last zone. This is your basic war of attrition game, which means production rate and garrison cap are the 2 most important factors. Every building in the game produces at the same rate (except for towers, which do not produce at all), so the early game is about grabbing up as many buildings as you can as quickly as possible to get your overall production rate up. Basic pointers for every level:
-Only upgrade your garrison cap in a building early game (before you have 4-6 buildings) if you need to do so to be able to accumulate enough troops to take a nearby building.
-When attacking, do not attack in waves, try to bunch your troops up. 1 group of 75 troops will perform better than 4 waves of 25 troops each.
-Once you have 2-3 buildings, start to look for and capture choke point (points where multiple paths join) buildings and start trying to upgrade them to max to make them fortresses. Never have less than 25 troops in a choke point building once you have it fully upgraded.
-Try to take every tower you can, but make sure to upgrade them as fast as possible. Towers under level 5 are nearly useless due to the fact that their rate of fire is terrible and they don't regenerate troops.
-The late game is all about dropping the enemy garrison cap. Remember that every troop the enemy spends upgrading a building is a troop that isn't attacking you, so if you can just keep grabbing buildings to knock them back down to level 1, even if you don't manage to hold them, you will be wearing the enemy down as even after he recaptures the building, he will be spending the next few minutes' worth of troops upgrading it. The more of his buildings you can keep at level 1, and the more of your buildings you can keep at level 5, the sooner you will win.

The AI also does some really stupid things that you can exploit. One of the biggest is that the AI, when you are close to or ahead of them, will send just the right amount of troops to attack you at the time the troops are sent, not taking in to account the fact that over the time it takes to march to your building, you will have more defenses than it can handle. You can exploit this by dropping the population in one building to bait the enemy in to a losing fight, then attacking the building the enemy attacked from while its troop count is low.
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