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 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island on Oct 11, 08 2:02 PM
I didn't like their intrusive tracking but I'm wondering if I'm being a snob and maybe I should try the demos there. I won't buy from them but I need more HOG crack and it's getting to be serious withdrawal time!

scotcat wrote:Funny how everyone seems to have problems with iWin except me and I won't download ANYTHING from Alawar. I've never had good luck with that site. I'll wait till iWin or BF gets it in.
 posted in Casebook on Oct 11, 08 12:47 PM
Just watched the video on YouTube. Looks amazing. Here is the YouTube video ID number if you're interested in watching it: dVt00P51hs. Just copy/paste it into the YouTube video search box.
 posted in Age Of Castles on Oct 5, 08 2:15 PM
Is this a time management game? There is not preview video so I'm wondering from the description if it's a puzzle game or a TM one. Building castles and creating minions sounds more TM than brain teaser.
 posted in The Hidden Object Show: Season 2 on Sep 23, 08 9:21 PM
I like the diversity of games - spot the difference, find 10, hidden object, pieces, riddles, etc. - keeps one occupied but not bored. I play most games with the volume off so the announcer didn't bother me. I play while watching TV and TV sound gets precedence here.

It took me at least 3 days to finish it and I think I spend more time playing than the average player because I'm disabled and spend almost my entire day on the computer.

I'm going to start over tonight and expect it to go faster. One thing I learned is that you will need to play all the different types of games at each scene so using the skip chips only delays the inevitable. I don't like countdown because of the timer so this time I'm going to leave them until last just because I'll be more familiar with each scene and perhaps solve them without using a bunch of hints.

Graphics are good but there are a lot of "huh?" moments where you wonder how they could hide something that well. There is one scene with many toys spread about a mini town. It's a PITA to find anything in there and I used more hints there than anywhere else. It gets easier as you work your way through the game but it's still one I grrrr'd at whenever I came to it.

You get 5 hints per round of 5 games. If you use one, you will need to find a question mark to replenish your stash. They aren't well hidden so there's no worry about using them up before the end of a round.

Did I address everything??
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 18, 08 1:37 PM
We ate the icing before the cake. Are there any other HO games we can blow our children's inheritance on before BF publishes them?

prpldva wrote:
MoreOver wrote::Joins prpldva in pity party:

At least we had bragging rights that we finished the game before anyone else.

prpldva wrote:

lol- now I'm just
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 18, 08 1:31 PM
:Joins prpldva in pity party:

At least we had bragging rights that we finished the game before anyone else.

prpldva wrote:
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 18, 08 1:25 PM
I had the easiest result when I solved it from the outside in. Move the biggest circle around until you solve for the outer numbers, then the next smaller circle, until you get to the smallest.


 posted in Treasure Masters on Sep 6, 08 2:31 AM
You might want to scroll through the Treasure Masters forum and look for help with the circuit board or with Chapter 9. There are several helpful people who have already posted the answer.
 posted in Treasure Masters on Sep 6, 08 2:20 AM
Yes, you have to find all the numbers before you can open the safe.. Good luck!

stick494 wrote:i think i need a code, i was to find 5 numbers and found 4. are they the code?
 posted in Treasure Masters on Sep 6, 08 2:17 AM
I liked them both so can't help ya there.

You need to find 4 numbers before you can open the safe. Once you find them, the game will put them in the proper order. They're hard to find. Did you get the number on the book spine over to the left?
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 6, 08 2:07 AM
I think she means Treasure Masters. There is a scarab that you use in the last puzzle. It has one of those circle within a circle puzzles where you try to make two circuits. Horrible experience. LOL I just twisted the circles until they "took".
 posted in The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes on Sep 4, 08 3:25 PM
Does it tell you that you've found all the differences or are you stuck with being unable to find all of them?

dalejrfan2001 wrote:Hello! I am on the third case I believe, where you have to find the differences between the two revolvers. No matter where I click, it is not working at all, and won't let me solve the puzzle! Has anyone else has this same issue?
 posted in Treasure Masters on Aug 25, 08 1:27 AM
Blech. He reminds me too much of Chuck Norris. Nice bod but .... ick.

GinaBean wrote:Okay, okay. LOVE the open shirt thing and the six-pack abs (could use some chest hair), but what's up with that mustache? I mean, didn't that go out with the 70's? LOVE a guy with facial hair, but add some scruff to the chin, for cripes sake!
 posted in Treasure Masters on Aug 24, 08 4:26 PM
Thanks! I deleted my post because it was off-topic. LOL but thank you for telling me. G-kid is very anxious to play it.

GinaBean wrote:New Azada coming out on the 28th, MoreOver! WOO HOO!
 posted in Righteous Kill on Aug 22, 08 3:53 PM
HOs are well hidden but not so hard as to frustrate. Good mini-games between scenes. Interesting graphics and storyline. What more do we look for in a Hidden Object game?
 posted in Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen on Aug 20, 08 12:28 PM
I pretty much agree with all of the above and I'll add to it by saying I hate silhouette HO. It's bad enough that the objects are so tiny and intentionally hidden in places of similar color, but trying to figure out what exactly I'm looking for is more than I want to contend with in HO games.

The minigames are okay but not really challenging, just a matter of patience which I have little of. LOL

Another HO game I have to pass up. :sniff, sniff:
 posted in Wild West Quest on Aug 18, 08 8:11 PM
LOL, not new here at all. I'm just not one to easily join in conversations. Thanks for the warm, but belated welcome.

cesse47 wrote:Wow!! Lots of new fishies in this forum. Welcome to the following:
Welcome to the Fish Pond everyone. Waters warm, good weed cover to hide in if you feel the need, lots of game addicts. You might want to check out the thread called Where Are You From. It'll give you info on many of the folks in the Pond. And, feel free to post info about yourself, if you wish to do so. Happy Gaming.
 posted in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville on Aug 18, 08 8:06 PM
I received an email from BF today saying there is a new version of the game available. You'll need to uninstall the current one and download the new one. You can find it in the My Account tabs.

kahlan1227 wrote:Can anyone help me? i downloaded and installed Sunnyville. I played it quite enjoyably for several days. Today when i tried to start the game (in the same manner as always), the screen flashes several times and the Big Fish "Thanks for Playing" Screen comes up, with the only option to exit. AAAHH!! i tried deleting the game, and reinstalling, but that did not help. any ideas?
 posted in Wild West Quest on Aug 15, 08 12:54 AM
I played this and had the same problems but I think I'm going to cough up the $7 and buy it. I'm really Jones-ing for a new platformer game like Alex Gordon or maybe a new Super Granny. Could it be I'm burnt out on the HO games? Madame Fate set the bar rather high, huh?
 posted in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville on Aug 11, 08 11:15 PM
One is in the tree and another is by the cauldron on the basement wall almost in center of the screen.

Comfy_Cozy wrote:
scotcat wrote:Objects are VERY small or hidden too well.
Mini games Ok. Nothing too exciting.
Fixing up the junk to make it look good is kinda boring for me.
Doesn't look like a very long game except for the hours trying to find the small HO's.
I checked "Full Screen", but it only filled 3/4 of my screen.

I am going to wait for more reviews before I buy. Right now, it's a no-go. I already decorated 3 rooms in an hour.... not many rooms left.[/quote

Well I need help scotcat and others please! I just purchased this game and Im stuck on the first level. I guess its because the HO's are so small. I cant seem to find the second witch already! Im out of hints and cant find any tiny stars either! Please help!

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