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 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 18 1:17 AM
Thank you for the dose of humor, bobhillman. It is very much needed at this time. I guess the time to say goodbye has come...

Despite all the ups and downs, the forums were definitely a community. And this community shall be missed. So, to all those to whom this community actually meant something, farewell my friends! With some I'll meet again and with others I won't but to each and every one I wish all the best!

Take care of yourselves!

 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 18 12:49 AM
Some very unsettling things have been posted in this thread.

I do hope you'll proved to be wrong, guys. Otherwise...
Thank you as well, pennmom36!

Well then, too bad for them. And all the agitation they have caused to loyal members...

Apart from a new "home", I am interested in finding new platforms for purchasing my games as well. Time to start looking.

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Thank you, LarkBea. Yes, it's good to know there are other options. I'm going to visit Pond Friends later today and have a look around.

Boy, although I'm trying to be calm, as the shutting down approaches, I'm getting sick to my stomach. I'm very disgruntled with BF's decision.

ET say thank you to mcquigan for inviting us all.
mcquigan, is this an open invitation? I mean, is it for all of us?
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 18 3:43 PM
calsmom2001 wrote:So, if the software that powered billing was "fragile and very old", would the solution be to simply stop billing? Of course not! New software would long since have been found, which is what should have happened here. BFG USED to actually be concerned what their members thought, but those days are long gone, and they ain't coming back.

While I deplore the shutdown of the game forums (and agree with those who think it a stupid decision, financially), I am not surprised. I no longer believe anything I read on this site, and fully expect that at some point, the plug will be pulled on access to our games. Expect a class-action suit should that happen.


Thank you for articulating so eloquently what I had on my mind exactly.

IMO this is a bad move on BF's behalf (when they shut the CCC down, they were oh so reassuring that the game forums were going to remain intact) but, it's more than obvious, the decision has already been taken and there's absolutely nothing we can do to change that. Besides, although I too feel sad and disappointed, begging is not really my style. I'm a loyal customer who has invested thousands of euros on their products, like so many others here. I expect to be treated with respect and right now... well, I don't think I get the respect I deserve for my loyalty. And yes, after all this, I will have to re-evaluate whether I should keep my membership or not.

Well, "Goodnight, and Good Luck.", Big Fish.
 posted in Endless Fables: Dark Moor Collector's Edition on Apr 15, 18 3:37 AM
Penny1942 wrote:We also need fishies that actually liked the game to step up and say so. Developers do come here and check out the reviews. Lately there doesn't seem to be anything but negative reviews on games with the exception of some famous series, most of which I don't play.

I haven't bought the game yet but definitely will do so when a more beneficial sale for members comes along. I enjoyed playing the first two of the series and I believe I'll enjoy this one as well.
lamp_post, they do allow access to both the main game and bonus chapter to find collectible items you might have missed while playing and no, you don't have to start from the beginning in order to do so. It's only a little confusing. I missed one morphing object too so I know first-hand. Just go to Extras, click on Collections and then on "Complete the Collections" tab, at the bottom right. The screen where we have to select either the main game or the bonus chapter will show up. Select one of them. The game will take you to the final scene since you have completed it. Don't go anywhere! LOL! Just open the map to see where the missing item is and go to this location through the map to get it. If you have switched off the choice to see available collectibles and morphing objects on the map, switch it back on. And, of course, all this works if you are under the profile you were while playing the game. You haven't deleted that, have you?

Well, I guess they could have made it a little less confusing... But it's actually much more simple doing it than seeing it written! And they do offer this choice, after all, when other developers insist not to.

Hope this helps.

Edited for clarification.
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 28, 18 5:54 AM
ROFL!!! This is absolutely hysterical! Thank you all for a much needed laughter - a burst of laughter, actually!

pennmom36, your sense of humor is phenomenal! You're a breath of fresh air in the forums. And all the time and effort you put on compiling lists of games, posting your reviews (it doesn't matter if someone agrees or not - everyone has their own point of view) and other helpful stuff for us... I very, very much appreciate it.

Now, please allow me to add a few things to the ever-growing list and excusez moi if someone has already mentioned them. What is a HOS (or HOP - whatever suits you best) without having to find:

-a horseshoe
-a fleur-de-lis (occasionally more than one)
-a corkscrew
-a magnifying glass
-a horn
-a fan or
-an anchor, ship sails, seahorse, starfish (sea related stuff in general)???

And yvonnehoho, we can keep the crowbar as long as we get to keep the glass jar to catch fireflies. You never know when you might need one of those!

 posted in The Unseen Fears: Outlive Collector's Edition on Dec 30, 17 9:15 PM
I am also disappointed by this weekend's sale AND the dreadful game that's being offered to us. So undramatic for the end of the year. I acknowledge that BF has given us some great sales over the years but, for New Year's Eve, I was expecting a bit more than a miserable sale and an absurdity of a game. And I, as well, need 3 more punches to fill up my card - something that clearly won't happen as I'm not willing to spend money on this or any other game we have been offered lately for that matter.

Nevertheless, I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. Hopefully, 2018 will bring better games our way since most of this year's games were mediocre at best. IMHO, of course, as always.

 posted in Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 23, 17 8:34 AM
Thank you for the advice, angelfish106. I'll go ahead and send the PM the way you suggested.

Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas time!
 posted in Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 17 5:21 PM
quarlesqueen, I'm sending you a PM too. I've read posts here in the forums saying that PCC's do not show up correctly when sent through PM. Let me know in that case so we can find another way, ok?
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Nov 11, 17 4:00 AM
nelliegemini, Kay42 and Winnibigoshish, you are very welcome! Glad I was able to help!
 posted in Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition on Sep 20, 17 8:40 PM
Well, since I've already finished the game, I can't take advantage of the update that's been released but it's good to see there is one available anyway. Thank you for taking the time to reply bfgBeruna and thank you FIVE-BN for providing a fix.
 posted in Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition on Sep 17, 17 8:02 PM
Starting a game from the beginning is not exactly the best thing, especially when you're almost halfway into it, however, I'm posting this in case someone wants to try it out.

I had the recipe issue as well. I decided to start the game from scratch, under a different profile of course. When I reached the tapestry mini-game, I switched the screen into window mode, waited for the skip button to charge, skipped the mini-game and right away the cutscene that follows. I had no idea what I was doing, obviously, but this time I managed to get the recipe. I'm not sure but it looks like the cutscene is what causes the problem.

Nevertheless, this shouldn't be happening. The game has a technical issue and the developers need to address it.

Just wanted to add that I completed both main game and bonus chapter without any further issues and I'm glad for that because, apart from the recipe glitch, this game is really good.
 posted in Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition on Sep 16, 17 8:47 PM
I'm running Windows 10 and I have the exact same issue with the recipe and the hint button. The game needs a fix.
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Sep 10, 17 4:29 AM
Check out the area with the giant bust - the one with the hands puzzle on its base. If I remember correctly, the blue drop falls from whatever the sculpt has on its head. I think it resembles a wreath with leaves or something.

Hope this helps.
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Sep 4, 17 6:41 PM
lsr103 wrote:I'm struggling with entering the tunnel beside the bronze cow under the stone hands. I've managed - simply by clicking randomly - to enter the tunnel a couple of times, but this cannot be how the game was designed - it takes 5 minutes of random clicking around the tunnel to pass through, even though the cursor is clearly live. Is there a fix?

Isr103, keep playing until you find the rope/lasso (I can't remember its exact location). Once you find it, use it on the bull to pull it away from the entrance. You'll have unhindered and unlimited access to that area afterwards.

I had the same issue too and couldn't figure it out. When I found and used the lasso, I realized that, normally, we shouldn't be able to have access to this area until we have actually used this item. It's probably a minor error in the game's programming but, thankfully, nothing that keeps you from moving on.

Hope this helps.
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Aug 25, 17 3:31 PM
A1psyko wrote:I also can't find the last leaf on the red bird. I was in all rooms. Still not there.

If it's not the leaf in the room with the wall-cupboard we find the key in, where nelliegemini found the last leaf, then the two other places you should look for it are either:

- The room with the glass dome. Once the dome has been lifted, click on the pillow. The leaf is right under it. Or...

- On the maze panel. There is a leaf on the left side of it. Although it's visible, you can easily miss it. Quite a few of the leaves are easy to miss, actually, as they are either well bended in the background or hidden.

Hope this helps.
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Aug 24, 17 3:53 PM
nelliegemini, I had the same issue so I started the game over. I was going to play it again anyway so... It turned out I simply had missed one leaf. Now, the leaf you're looking for is probably in one of the rooms/locations the map does not include (not very helpful actually) - that's why it shows an undiscovered leaf on the maze icon. I found mine either in the room with the glass dome we get the flowers from or the room with the base of the giant bird. I can't remember exactly but it definitely was in one of these rooms.

I hope that's where your last leaf is.

ETA Ok, there is a third room we get to from the maze, also not included in the map. I'm talking about the room where we find and put together the key to turn the base for the bird. You might want to check this one as well.
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