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 posted in Jewel Match 2 on Nov 20, 16 11:13 AM
I realize that I am waay behind the curve so far as comments on "Jewel Match 2" is concerned, but I only recently (Nov. 2016) bought and started playing the game, and a question cropped up that was not answered in the forum section -- at least not clearly answered.

I'm referring to the orange jewels. I was stuck on the 2nd castle as far as building goes, because the orange jewels that were needed would not appear. I found the key in the orange jewel query in this forum. Someone helpfully mentioned that once they bought a bunch of stuff in the "Shop" the orange jewels became available.

I am writing this entry in order to hopefully be of further assistance to anyone who has reached the same dead-end.

When I was stuck on the 2nd castle, with no orange jewels appearing, I only had purchased the "Fireball" and "Bomb" magic. After reading the comments about going "shopping" I raised ALL of the magics to level one and the orange jewels appeared in the very next session.

The lack of orange jewels is probably a nonissue for those players who up all their magics as they go along.

I've played the "Winter" and "Twilight" jewel match games, and only used the level one "Bomb" and got through both both games with no problem -- but "Jewel Match 2" is a horse of a different color.
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