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 posted in Violett on May 8, 15 10:47 AM
i cant get the hat. how do i get it? i have the clothes all i need is the hat
 posted in Maestro: Dark Talent Collector's Edition on Oct 16, 14 7:01 PM
can someone tell me where I can find it just finish the game and I will like to play it
 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition on Aug 22, 14 2:37 PM
i bought all the puppetshow games. now i want to try this one but it says game violation. whats going on.
 posted in Mayan Prophecies: Cursed Island on Mar 8, 14 8:55 AM
i played the 60 minute demo, then i bought it, and now when i try to open the game it comes out error.
 posted in Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge on May 18, 12 1:40 PM
Im having the same stupid problem with the dumb dishes and i am not gonna keep waiting for answers cause i see nobody has an answer for it. so im gonna have to get my money back and buy a new game.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® on Nov 18, 11 3:15 PM
great that means im stuck with the game. cause trust me im too far to restart this game again. what a waste of money. geezzz
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® on Nov 18, 11 2:47 PM
I am stuck in the play. It says light up all the torches. the one that's close to Iris is the first one to be hit but that one is the last one for me cause i didn't start with that one. now i tried every way to light it up and it doesnt work. i mean nothing works. now i bought the game and i'm stuck there. and i really want to finish it. Anyone knows what i can do to light up the stupid torch?
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