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got up to 99% on the download, and then the installation failed... I even re-installed and the same thing happened. There has been nothing but problems w/ the new game manager. BIG FISH WAKE UP: YOU'RE NEW GAME MANAGER IS BUGGED... FIX IT ALREADY!!!
It finally activated! I don't know if this will help for you all, but it did for me. I logged out of my game manager, went on and changed my password, re-logged into my game manager with the new password, then hit the activation button and it activated immediately!

This is probably due to the new game manager sub. Give it a try, and let me know if it helped.

Thanks and happy playing! ;-))
I downloaded the whole game (which took forever!), and when I went to activate it, it gave me this error: ERROR CODE 203600. I looked for this error code number, in the tech help section, but found nothing. Someone please help me. I just paid a crap load for this Special Edition, and I can't even play it... not cool. I even re-booted game manager thinking that would help, but nothing.
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