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 posted in Zenerchi on Jan 20, 14 11:27 AM
Congrats. I wish I could play the game more but it's too dangerous for my RSI. I'm currently locking horns with Pixeljunk Monsters on the PC.
 posted in Skyborn on Dec 15, 13 4:57 AM
Thanks for all the suggestions. I was quite stuck in hard mode with Qua Lon. Just to say, if you don't have both sparks and you didn't have the foresight to bring loads of puffin feathers, you can still just have the speed items on Sully and Chaska (I used the +2 speed Timekeeper on Chaska for 5000 gold). I equipped my one spark on Corwin and got him to 16.8 speed with the permanent haste. The thing I was missing was Sully blocking at 100% and the fact that both Sully and Chaska need high speed, and to be hasted when you don't need to be debilitating Qua Lon. I probably wasted my augments on getting all characters with high resistances. Even though my speeds were way lower than tennisfan, I defeated Qua Lon on hard and prevented him from ever casting Last Stand of the whatsit. I was careful to negatively buff Qua Lon to slow him each time he energised or prepared, after equaliser or humiliator. And I checked the list of character turns ahead so I knew when I had to adrenalise Chaska or could use Coup de Grace because Qua Lon's buffs were already cancelled. The only thing I did need was a lot (I brought 20) of the 50% mana potions for when Qua Lon did his Mega Equaliser and cancelled all my mana.

Actually, I've lost against Qua Lon every time on hard when he uses Last Stand. Even if he doesn't wipe out your whole party in one go, because you have 100% blocking for Sully (and maybe Alda), because Qua Lon is now not slowed down, and I have to waste time with an item to resurrect Corwin, who then has to renew or slow Qua Lon, then Qua Lon is too quick and manages to finish me off with another Last Stand. The key point is that I can't keep Chaska alive to use humiliator. So I'm not sure if you can get through this battle unless you can prevent the Last Stand, which is about preventing Qua Lon from having enough turns after energise before you debuff him (modified for speed).
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 7, 13 7:27 AM
(continued from previous post)
On later rounds you'll want to make choices depending on the exact pirate roster which varies depending on the particular rounds game. But you'll bring bomb, flame-thrower and usually plank (in case of cannon). The next tasks are to put a mace cannon in rows 2 and 4 and to put upgraded traps in column 9 in rows 1, 3 and 5. Then finally put upgraded traps in column 8 in rows 2 and 4. Now no immortal can bother you. In fact, nothing can, and you can just collect stars through the remaining rounds (but you can bomb fire pirates and cannon to be safe). This setup works in rounds endless. I got bored at round 19. There were a fair few cannon and several fire pirates at a time, but they were all killed by my setup without me having to do anything besides collect stars.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 7, 13 7:25 AM
You start off with 2 slots. Bring chest and smart gun. Leave a blank slot at the far left in the middle. You can lay down 5 chests, all but one in the far left column, the other one in the middle one column to the right of the far left. Now just wait for 225 silver. Don't worry if the first pirate starts hitting a chest. When you have the 225 silver, build the smart gun in the middle in the blank slot you left. Now build one chest, then wait for 225 silver and build the second smart gun (in top column 3 from the left for me. Again build one chest and wait for 225 silver and get a 3rd smart gun, bottom column 3rd from the left. If you have time, get the 4th smart gun, but then just build chests working from left to right.

Second round you have 3 slots. Bring plank (assuming you don't have a complete deck, otherwise upgraded chest), ammo chest, cannon-reezer. Build new planks if you need them to put cannon-reezers in the 6th column from the left. You want 4 ammo chests, you can put them almost anywhere behind the cannon-reezers, but not in the 5th column (where you'll have jack cannon later). What's convenient varies depending on how much deck damage you have. It's a good plan to put planks at the far right in rows 2 and 4, and leave these empty, so you can bomb there in later rounds. Upgrade as many chests as you can from the left.

Third round, 4 slots. Bring plank, barrel, jack cannon, upgraded chest. You want barrels in column 7, just in front of the cannon-reezers. Jack cannons in column 5. Keep filling in planks as needed from the left and upgrading chests. You probably won't get all the barrels and jacks done in this round, just carry on in the next round.

4th round, 5 slots. Bring upgraded chest, barrel, jack cannon, bomb, flame-thrower. Now make sure you have empty planks in the far right column (column 9) so you can flame-throw in any row there. Finish up the jack cannons and barrels. Upgrade more chests.

5th round, 6 slots. Bring upgraded ammo chest, plank, shield, bomb, flame-thrower, fire cannon. Upgrade all 4 ammo chests. Upgrade as many of your barrels to shields as you can. Put a fire cannon in rows 2 and 4. If you have immortals or fire pirates, bomb and flame-thrower them. But you may want to keep one immortal not in column 2 or 4 alive (on this or whichever round it appears on) so you can collect silver stars and ammo. When you have say 3000 silver, use bomb to kill the immortal.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 6, 13 3:45 AM
I've posted my own video for 12-10 to you-tube. Should be searchable within a day. Look for Skeleton Pirates 12-10 walkthrough. The main point against fire pirates is that they come on singly, usually when you get the Watch Out message. If you build 2 planks at the far right of the screen in columns 2 and 4, you can eliminate the fire pirate with a bomb on one of these 2 planks wherever he appears, if you have bomb recharged and you react in time. If you don't have bomb recharged, he will get off a shot so you need silver chests in front to take the hit and you can quickly replace them. Later, planks in all rows at the front lets you use flame-thrower against the fire pirates. But mainly it's about having a column of cannon-reezer (or at least one in each row) and lots of smart guns. When you have that, the fire pirates will be killed quickly unless they are shielded by the concealed pirates (ones with huge shield), so kill those guys with bomb/flame-thrower or forward planted twin mini-cannon. It's also important to know how to create a fast silver economy and have enough ammo not to need to bring ammo chest.

In case you're wondering about shield, bear-traps, TNT, and other expensive stuff, I don't use them in the Adventure because they're too expensive for single levels. But I use that stuff in the Rounds games where you have 8 rounds to build up money to use the fun stuff.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 4, 13 4:21 AM
Commiserations to all the players who haven't used the immortal pirates trick to gain 9999 ammo and have got this far. I really don't think you can get through the toughest levels (with immortals and fire pirates) if you're wasting a slot on ammo chest every time. Ditto wasting slot on bucket. Unfortunately, your only easy option may be to choose another Captain and start at the beginning, this time getting the 99999 ammo whilst it's easy to do. But it's still possible to get 99999 ammo if you play well.

It seems there are multiple strategies that work. The one I just used was: chest, mini-bomb, bomb, plank, twin mini-cannon (small blue), cannon-reezer (blue), mace catapult, flame-thrower, smart gun or jack cannon. Notice there's no barrel. The reezers go in the first column, jacks or mace in the 4th column. If you have rope pirates, at this late stage they'll swing over to the 2nd column, but then be frozen by reezer. You can use mini-bomb if ropes destroy a chest and/or you've no reezer in the row yet. If you have it, smart gun in centre column 2. You have to be smart with chest placement so each chest pays off, even if you have to dig it up to place something else. You also have to get a couple of planks with chests in column 2 and 3 of one of the trenches, and later planks in column 6 of both trenches with twin mini-cannon. It's only the levels with immortals that are going to be a problem. Make sure you have planks in column 7 of the trenches so you can bomb or mini-bomb or flame-throw immortals there. Reezer and twin mini-cannon will stop the fire pirates being a problem, so make sure they're built (after jack cannons).

There hasn't been an easy level for a while in this Chapter, but in previous Chapters I've brought ammo chest instead of flame-thrower to top up ammo. Obviously, not if there's immortals, cannons or fire pirates in this Chapter. In previous Chapters, there's usually been an easy level with immortals to get to 99999 ammo again, but I've not risked it in this Chapter.

I've just made it to 10-1 and have no idea what to expect, with half my deck destroyed, but I'm going to persevere with my current reezer/twin mini-cannon/mace/flame-thrower strategy for now. It's got me this far.

Yes, my strategy still works! Obviously, I had to throw out mace catapult, as there are only flying pirates. Not too many immortals at first in the first few levels, so I've got time to build jack cannons gradually. Smart gun is excellent.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 2, 13 3:31 PM
Use cannon-reezer (blue) to slow down the pirates, mini-bomb, bomb, flame-thrower, plank, cannon-zilla, twin mini-cannon (small blue), mace catapult, chest. Build twin mini-cannon on the initial 3 decks between trenches 4 from the right and then 3 from the right. Usual 3 columns of chests at left on your 3 rows. Plank to build 2 cannon-zillas, one in each trench, which covers all the rows and hits fliers. Cannon-reezer behind each cannon-zilla and behind the mace catapults in the 3 initial rows. You may need to build planks at the front of the trenches to be able to bomb fliers effectively. Build more chests on planks behind your defences.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 2, 13 7:36 AM
Completed 6-10 with the same roster as in the previous post, except jack cannon instead of ammo chest/flame-thrower. I wasn't sure if I should lay down the cannon-zillas first before the jacks in all rows, and I had ghosts rampaging through, but I stopped them in time and got the jacks (black cannons) in place. Also, I switched to mace catapult instead of double catapult for the shrapnel area-effect. You need a jack on a plank in the central trench because there are flying ghosts.

Next Chapter has the central trench covered with planks, but two new trenches above and below it! Fire pirates and flying fire pirates. Sheesh!
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 2, 13 2:45 AM
You start off with 3 lives and lose one if the pirate skeletons get into your chambers. If you lose all your lives, you are sent back to the beginning of the Chapter of the Adventure. So if you were at 5-7 when you lost all your lives, you'd start again at 5-1 with 3 lives again. I don't know what happens if you lose all your lives at the beginning of a Chapter. I do know that if you lose a life playing an extra game like The Duel, when you go back to the Adventure you'll have lost a life there, too!

Purists, or people seeking an extra challenge or bragging rights, may wish to play the Adventure and lose the minimum number of lives. But another option is to recognize that you'll always be reset to 3 lives and be able to play on. You can use the opportunity of restarting a Chapter to try out different strategies and earn more money and weapons if you need them. Of course, you'll have to decide if you want to give up the time to replay a Chapter, but coming up with new strategies is part of the fun for me.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 1, 13 2:11 PM
It's a whole lot harder (in Adventure mode) than PvZ was, but it ends up being more fun for me because I'm forced to keep revising my tactics in different chapters. I have all the weapons and 9 slots by 6-9 and I'm just beginning to explore different strategies with different weapon rosters. My top tip is 2 cannon-zilla in the inner rows (next to trench) because they cover all the rows by themselves, and keep off the early flying pirates, so you can wait until you have all your non-trench chests in place before you have to defend the trench with planks and weapons (assuming you have plank). I also use twin mini-cannon even on levels without rain. Although it then costs 25, it's good to have a cheap front-line defence that you can easily replace, and it can also be used right at the front or to shoot backwards. At least where I've got up to, you can quickly and cheaply cover all the lanes with 4 twin mini-cannon in the non-trench rows and the 2 cannon-zilla so you can get your silver chest economy going and plan your more powerful weapon placements in relative comfort.

Now I've finished the Adventure at 12-10, I'm quite disappointed. The last level was no real challenge and I completed it first try. Some of the levels in Chapter 9 were more challenging. The Rounds Endless game is a big disappointment, way too easy. I know several people have complained about difficulty, but for me there weren't enough challenging levels. There were some good ideas in this game, and it could have been so much more. In PvZ, there can be 14 or more different zombie types in a level, whereas in Skeleton Pirates there are only about 8 or 9. I suspect the decision to render the pirates in 3D limited the number of pirates they could have without overtaxing the computer. Another sad triumph of graphics over gameplay. Also, in PvZ, the main towers and abilities of the zombies are beautifully balanced which leads to complex strategies in Survival Endless. In Skeleton Pirates, there is no attempt to balance advantages and disadvantages and several of the weapons, like cannon-reezer, are absurdly powerful. The strategies of the pirates are incredibly dumb, too. Sending unprotected cannon and fire pirates with no backup? Maybe someone will take some of the ideas in this game and do a proper job in concentrating on gameplay and strategy.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 1, 13 1:49 PM
Elsewhere in this forum I've seen some tips which work well in Chapter 6. I'm at 6-9. I've just picked up the last weapon, shield, and I have 9 slots. I just used chest, mini-bomb, bomb, plank, double-catapult (pink), cannon-reezer (blue), ammo chest, twin mini-cannon (blue), cannon-zilla (pink with teeth) to get through 6-8 (which actually seemed easier without cannon pirates or fire pirates, so I wanted to top up my ammo). On the previous level I had flame-thrower instead of ammo chest. 3 columns of chests at the back. Place twin mini-cannons in each row 4 columns from the front. I placed 2 cannon-zilla in the inner rows (next to trench) so they covered all the rows! I went with double-catapults first and then cannon-reezer, but not sure of the best order and it may depend on the level. You can then use bomb, mini-bomb, twin mini-cannon or flame-thrower at the front where you see danger. In later chapters, not sure if cannon-zilla is going to be strong enough, but right now it gives you breathing space until you have the more powerful weapons in place. In particular, you don't have to worry about early flying pirates in the trench because of the cannon-zilla pair, so you can wait until you have all your non-trench chests in place before putting in some planks in the trench and defending it.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Dec 1, 13 8:49 AM
By the end of 5-9 I have the 9th slot because I'm getting a lot more money at this point, but now I have giant pirates and fire pirates... I'll let you know what happens.

Decided to change strategy! No more barrels because the giant pirates can squash them. Instead, even though I'm in daylight, bring twin mini-cannon (cost 25) because it's cheap to replace if squashed or otherwise destroyed. Use cannon-reezer (the blue cannon that freezes) to back up double catapult, and plank to have that combo on every row. I'm experimenting with twin chest so I can do with only two columns of chests. There are lots of options now with 9 slots but I still have two more weapons to go so I'm sticking with mini-bomb and bomb. I may be forced to try something wacky later. At this point I'd say the game is more of a challenge than PvZ and it's good that I'm being forced to vary my strategy.

By Chapter 6, I add 2 cannon-zilla in the inner rows (next to trench) to cover all the rows so I can get my non-trench chests in place without worrying about early flying pirates.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Nov 29, 13 4:37 PM
I've only just started playing and am at an early stage (3 something). I've got 50 k ammo, thanks for the immortal pirate farming idea. An easy trick that isn't mentioned above is to bring the cheap little bomb (25) which only kills one enemy. You can then just build 5 silver chests and use the cheap bomb on the first enemy. That way you get a faster silver economy. At this early stage the cheap bomb and the area-effect bomb are very useful and either one will kill immortals or help with incursions.

Now at 4 something. The double catapult is fairly effective against crawlers, but sometimes I need bomb. As suggested in the forum, Cannonzilla (purple cannon with teeth) effective on levels with a central trench, so no need to fill it in. I have 8 slots so I can keep my ammo topped up to 99999 on every level by bringing the gold chest. I've been farming immortals so I can spin out each level until I have the new weapon. Most of the new weapons don't seem great, but I like the new treetrunk, kills everything in a row (like a slow jalapeno in PvZ).

There's a slightly tricky changeover which for me happened in the middle of the 5th chapter. I had done most of the 4th chapter with 7 slots, but had 8 slots before 5-1. I managed to get the extra blue bird before the rain levels. But I didn't have 9 slots going into later levels like 5-7. There's a slight problem with fire pirates and cannon pirates, both of which can destroy your towers, although the cannons are more dangerous because they can leave holes in the deck, so you'd best have the plank. I used bombs to kill these, but the difficulty is if bomb isn't recharged or they appear on both sides. With 8 slots and rain I use chest, twin mini-cannon, bomb, mini-bomb, barrel, double catapult, cannon-zilla for 7 of the slots. So I'd need plank for the 8th slot against cannon pirates, which leaves me vulnerable if bomb isn't recharged. With fire pirates, and no cannon pirates, I can use flame-thrower. Really I want a 9th slot to be safe and have both, but I didn't have it by level 5-7. Don't have shield yet either.
 posted in Plight of the Zombie on Nov 27, 13 3:54 AM
I'm just uploading the video for you-tube, search for Plight of the Zombie 4-6. There are a few tricks. First, use the invisible zombie to take out the top gunner. That gives a clear path for the big zombie to clear the obstacle left of the top brain. He can then run in and out to get the brain when the remaining searchlight is away, and then he takes a safe roundabout path to the bottom brain, then under the searchlight through the barrier (not too close to the gate to avoid slowing) and destroy the obstacle nearest the last gunner. Wait until the searchlight moves up and then dash to the barrier which protects the gunner. The trick is that the big guy doesn't have to survive. You can then use the invisible zombie to get the last brain in time and take out the gunner.

It's hard to describe the path of the invisible zombie in words, hence the video. I had her stop 4 times on the way to the top gunner. The 2nd stop location is in the path of a searchlight! But it's safe once it moves because of her invisibility, as it clears the spot for her to move.
 posted in Plight of the Zombie on Nov 26, 13 1:46 PM
I checked on you-tube and there were only videos up for the first 10 levels. So I've put up video walkthroughs for the next 20 levels. I'm having some trouble with the next 10 but I'll see if I can work up to 4-6 which was asked about in this forum. I'll put up more videos as I solve levels. Just remember: humans mean! Bullets not yummy! Ha ha!

Got distracted by Skeleton Pirates, but I've finally put up videos for every level.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Nov 13, 13 6:35 AM
Yes, it's my favourite game. The humour in the game is great (like the descriptions of plants and zombies in the Almanac and the gargantuars using other zombies to bash with and all the visual gags they put in). And, it's the most well-balanced tower defense game I've ever played. Just genius.
 posted in Green City 2 on Oct 21, 13 2:44 AM
My only suggestion is to keep up the excellent attention to detail on levels which makes them good, but fair challenges. I really enjoyed puzzling out how to get 3 stars on all levels by my own methods. There were a lot of different challenges and consistently interesting levels and for me that's what makes for good gameplay. If you can do that, I don't care if nothing else changes!
 posted in Green City 2 on Oct 16, 13 6:51 AM
That's okay, but you'll never get 3 stars that way. To get 3 stars, repair the high-rise and buy the abandoned building top left and demolish it and build an office. Get the office to 3 eco and fully upgrade the high-rise, eco first, then sell the high-rise. With all the cash, you can buy the multi and demolish it and demolish the eyesores below it on the right and build your bank there, and then repair the power plant. Now just wait whilst the bank racks up cash. When you have $80k, demolish the office for a store and build another store below it, and get both to 3 eco, whilst fully upgrading the power plant. Then get all the eco upgrades of the bank. Demolish the large abandoned building on the bottom-right for the first res complex. Fully upgrade it, eco first. Demolish the park for a multi and get it to 3 eco. The second res complex goes beside the offices, and you fully eco upgrade and as much power as you need for 100 spare power so you can demolish the power plant. A nature at 3 eco below the offices, and the other nature to 3 eco. Once you demolish the power plant, without losing power, you'll be done.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries on Oct 15, 13 10:38 AM
Yes, I did it in speedy time this way. Sell your manor on the industrial site. Double the other industrial site to build a sawmill there. Double the cheapest isolated lot to build a workshop there and get Efficiency. Choose a set of 3 slots together which contains one (preferably 2) of your own houses. Demolish it, and get 5000 cheap materials and build a 3 star mansion there and inspect. You need to build the other 3 star mansion in the same set of 3 slots, which is easy if you have another house there, otherwise you have to buy or double a slot there. Do that next and so you have the two 3 star mansions, inspected and making rent. Get to 18 workers and buy cheaper lots as they are for sale, then inspect them. The third slot in your set containing the 3 star mansions is going to be one of the lighted manors, when you can buy it. You'll probably need to double another isolated lot for the substation so you can light the manors. Then you'll be needing 8 mausoleums, which will fill up two sets of 3 and the pair of premiere lots together, just buy materials and build mausoleums when you can. Towards the end, when you have built all the mausoleums, you demolish the sawmill to build a manor and light it, and wait for enough cash to buy back the industrial manor and light it to finish. If you can't make speedy, you could try building a third 3 star mansion for extra rent and later demolishing it for a mausoleum. I had at least 24 workers at the end because you can then build two mausoleums at a time.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries on Oct 7, 13 10:56 AM
I finished in 9:56 speedy with this method. I sold the mansion. Then I doubled an (isolated, if possible) cabin and sold the manor and got 2500 materials. I demolished the farmhouse and the cabin and built workshop and sawmill. Got Efficiency. Then I doubled another cabin and demolished it to build a mansion, got a cheap 5000 materials and started upgrading the mansion to 3 stars, then inspected it. I then just bought the cheaper houses and worked up to 24 workers and kept demolishing and building mansions and upgrading to 3 stars and inspecting. Just need 5000 more materials for each one. Try to get new lots quickly but don't buy a mansion or a manor early on. Eventually you don't have the cash for another purchase and have to concentrate on finishing the upgrading of the mansions you have, until you have enough rent to buy and continue. I low-balled the mansion only. You want all the lots and then 5000 materials so you can demolish the sawmill for another 3 star mansion. Then you wait for the rent to reach $7m whilst buying workers (up to around 50) and when you have the cash target, demolish all the mansions as fast as you can go. Of course, you keep the workshop for fast workers.
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