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 posted in Nightmare on the Pacific on Aug 1, 11 7:05 AM
I absolutely agree. XP was and is the best os Microsoft produced.

You might want to try the same tip with the Vampire *** game.

Plus Vista is crap and eats more memory on start up alone than
XP uses to run fifty different apps.

As for having at least 3 gigs of memory as another postor suggested...
um no you really dont.
A gig will suffice. 512mb is getting me thru most of them with no problems.
Albeit a little slow on the bigger games.
I run the one gig sys req games also.
Keep your computer clean, updated and free of junk and mal/spy/av and
it should work just fine, unless you have Vista or Seven then, my condolences.
 posted in Nightmare on the Pacific on Aug 1, 11 6:34 AM
Right click on the .exe file or shortcut of the game
select compatibility
change to windows 98 or 95
and it WORKS!!!!!
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