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 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Mar 19, 18 6:05 AM
Nothing changed regarding the automatic sizing of puzzle pieces. Perhaps the added detail in the larger jigsaws gives the impression they are smaller. Anyhow, the following advice should help you adjust their size:

You can adjust the size of pieces in the solving screen any time you like. To do this, use the "Piece size and shape" button on the toolbar, or the Tools/Piece size main menu. You can make pieces larger or smaller as you wish. The size of the background ghost image changes accordingly, to match the new piece size.

Make sure your game window is maximized. The game automatically sizes the image/pieces the first time you open a jigsaw, to fit nicely within the main board. So, the smaller your game window, the smaller the pieces will initially be. But you can adjust them anytime while playing, see above.

Advanced option: You can set a preference for how much room the background ghost image initially takes on the main board. Perhaps you previously set a preference for this to be larger, and it got reset. To set the preference again, please use the Choose... button on the opening screen and find the "Picture size" setting. By default, the image takes up 40% of the board, which you can adjust in the "Custom area" setting. The more room the ghost image takes, the larger the pieces will be. But, the less empty space you'll have for unsolved pieces. Create trays to hold unsolved pieces to compensate for this.

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Dec 18, 13 9:30 AM
No, there's no way to disable creating a progress file. Without that, you would have no saved progress. Also, you wouldn't know what jigsaws you had completed.

Digital photos are generally huge, often several times bigger than your desktop, so if you don't reduce the size they will take up a lot more space than our supplied jigsaws. You can reduce the size of a digital photo in the "Make a jigsaw" screen, by clicking on the "stretch" button there. To minimize jigsaw space, you can use that feature to reduce massive images so they are no bigger than the size of your screen. I honestly don't think it's something to worry about, though!

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Nov 3, 13 8:45 AM
Hi armadillogirl

Your best bet is to look at the file sizes created by PICMonkey, in Mac Finder or in a Windows folder view, depending on your computer.

As a rough guide, I would expect jpg images the size of a typical desktop screen to be around a megabyte or two, depending on how compressed you make them. On a modern hard drive you could store tens of thousands of such pictures before you needed to worry about it. However, be aware that unprocessed digital photos from a camera will take much more space larger as they are typically much bigger than your desktop and may be uncompressed.

When you create a puzzle for Jigsaws Galore, you should either use the screen capture mode, or use a jpg file which you can then size to roughly the size of your desktop. The jigsaw files will then be one or two megabytes per jigsaw.

Whenever you start a jigsaw, the game creates a second file, which contains the picture and your progress to date, and will roughly double the disk space used. Once you have finished a puzzle, you can remove this second file by "Starting over" the puzzle. To start over a puzzle, go back to the opening screen, right-click the puzzle and select "Start over". This will delete the progress file until such time as you start working the puzzle again.

To completely erase the space taken by a puzzle, delete the puzzle. To delete a puzzle, go back to the opening screen, right-click the puzzle and select "Delete". You can delete or start over several puzzles at once by dragging a box around them.

Hope this helps,

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Sep 21, 13 9:44 AM
Hi revjan

revjan wrote:I love this game but when I load my own pictures even though I create a puzzle and tell it 250 pieces or 325 pieces it always come out exactly the same. I cannot change the puzzles. what's up with that?

Hope this reply isn't too late for you. It sounds like you set a preference for the number of pieces using the "Choose..." button and this is simply overriding the suggested number which is in your jigsaw. The Choose button settings override whatever settings are in the jigsaw itself.

To stop overriding the number of pieces, click on the Choose button again and set the number of pieces to "Use jigsaw setting". This will return things to how they were, and you are all set.
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Sep 21, 13 9:38 AM
Many thanks, lin_6, I'm pleased you like it.

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Sep 21, 13 9:35 AM
To start over a puzzle on a Mac:

To start over a puzzle, on the opening screen right-click a puzzle and select "Start over". If you only have one mouse button, or you haven't yet enabled your right mouse button in Apple preferences, you can use ctrl+click instead. This means hold down the keyboard key labelled "ctrl" and then click.

You can select multiple jigsaws by dragging a rubber band around them. In a folder you can select the first jigsaw, then scroll down and shift+click the last. All the jigsaws in between will be selected.
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on May 14, 13 7:14 AM
Please see my reply in the technical issues thread ~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on May 14, 13 7:13 AM
Hi Classicaljazz

Please contact Big Fish Games’ Customer Support staff via e-mail support system (accessed through the Help Pages) or Live Chat, thanks.

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Feb 28, 13 1:17 AM
tburnard wrote:Well Well, I have found the answer to my question quite by accident!! When you first create a new picture for a jigsaw the finished screen size appears larger than the default program pictures. However if you restart your computer the program configures the screen size to match the default picture sizes. Woo Hoo!!!

That's not quite right, here's what happens:

When you first open a jigsaw to start solving it, the game automatically sizes the jigsaw image (the background ghost) to fit nicely into the game's current window size. The automatic sizing ensures that the image size will suit whatever size window you have (and so also any monitor size).

Once you start solving the jigsaw, you can adjust the ghost image size by clicking on the "Piece size and shape" tool on the toolbar. The piece size and the ghost image size are of course exactly related, so that pieces fit exactly onto the ghost. So, changing the piece size while playing changes the ghost size to match. Choose 100% here to match the image's original size.

The game only resizes a jigsaw to fit the game's window the first time you start that jigsaw. Thereafter, the game remembers the size for next time. This is because you might change the size while solving the jigsaw.

You can set a preference for how much space is taken by the ghost image when it first opens a jigsaw. The default is around 40% of the game's window. You can adjust this up or down by using the Choose... button on the opening screen and selecting "Picture size". The default is a pretty good compromise so only change this if you really need to. If you make the picture take up too much room, you'll have none left to put the pieces. Some people like to always have the picture take up the whole screen and then just use trays for the pieces.

To go back to your original point about the ghost picture never matching the size of the original picture, this is intentional, as the game sizes the original image to fit nicely into the game window, leaving space for pieces. You can have the game ALWAYS use the original image size, if you really want to. To do this, go into the Choose... button menu and select Picture Size, Custom, Original image and choose 100%. Now the ghost will always be exactly the same size as the original image, whatever that was. In general this will not be a comfortable size so I don't advise it.

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Feb 25, 13 2:07 PM
I'm glad you got to play them over again.

Don't forget you can also change the number of pieces and the style of pieces, to make them seem like new jigsaws. You can do this by editing the jigsaw (right-click the jigsaw again and this time select Edit).

Alternatively, if you have a preference for a certain number of pieces, or a certain style of pieces, you can choose this preference for ALL jigsaws by using the large green Choose... button on the opening screen. Do remember, though, that the Choose button settings override the original settings in each jigsaw. If you want to return to using the original jigsaw settings, select "Use jigsaw settings" again.

Hope this helps

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Jan 30, 13 6:42 AM
Thanks, New1
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Jan 30, 13 6:37 AM
There are 200 puzzles included with Jigsaws Galore, covering a wide range of themes. If you haven't found them all, be sure to look inside the yellow folder icons labeled Animals, Buildings, Misc, Outdoors and Scenic.

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Dec 11, 12 2:09 PM
On the opening screen, right-click a jigsaw and select "Start over".

For more on this subject, please see the thread in this forum entitled "Re-playing jigsaws?".

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Nov 21, 12 5:04 PM
What you really mean is "How to change the number of pieces".

How to change the number of pieces and start over:
Each jigsaw contains a suggested number of pieces, based on how hard I think the picture is to solve. To override these settings, start the game and find the large green button marked "Choose...". Click this for a menu which will override the suggested settings in the jigsaws. One of these settings is the number of pieces so if you like, say, 300 pieces then select Number of pieces, select Custom and type in 300 there. You can type any number you like, from 4 to 64,000 pieces. Now any un-started jigsaw will have approximately that many pieces.

If you want to return to our suggested settings then choose "Use jigsaw default".

Only un-started jigsaws will be affected by this setting. To start a jigsaw over, right-click the jigsaw's thumbnail icon on the main screen and select "Start over". Then next time you start it, it will have the new number of pieces you chose. If you only have one mouse button, use ctrl-click to get a right-click. If you have a trackpad, use two fingers to get a right-click. To start over lots of jigsaws, rubber band select them first.

You could alternatively right-click a jigsaw thumbnail and select "Edit" to edit the cut of just that one jigsaw.

If you want to make your jigsaws *really* hard, a great way is to enable rotating pieces on the Options menu. Enabling rotation will make your jigsaw extremely difficult, even for low numbers of pieces. Use your mouse's scroll wheel to rotate pieces.

There are a number of other right-click menus in the main screen, and in the screen where you solve a puzzle. Have fun finding them!

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Nov 19, 12 1:16 PM
RickSchoenborn wrote:I have been playing this for a couple of months now and I love it. In Windows 7 you could make a puzzle from the wallpaper and since 7 has lots of beautiful wallpapers it was great. Yesterday I upgraded to Windows 8 and now when I try to create a puzzle from wallpaper it gets an error saying the wallpaper is the wrong kind of file. Bummer!

This should have been posted under "Post any Jigsaws Galore technical issues".

I'm not seeing a problem with the wallpaper feature under Windows 8 - the supplied wallpapers appear to be jpg files and open correctly on my Windows 8 computer. So I'm guessing you have some third party wallpapers, which are not in .jpg format, or any format that the game recognizes.

The wallpaper images in Windows are in C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper. In the game, press the Create... button and select "Create from picture file" and then "Look in desktop pictures" and then navigate in that screen to that folder. You should be able to select from all your wallpaper images in that screen, but there may be other images in formats that the game does not recognize. If you get stuck you can always get the image on the screen using some other image viewer program, then use the game's capture method instead, bypassing the import process.

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Nov 13, 12 10:25 AM
Hi 2itchy

Please wait for an official reply and if you don't get a successful resolution to this problem you are welcome to PM me.

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Oct 21, 12 2:32 PM
armadillogirl wrote:Is anybody having a problem with the cursor not releasing the placed 'piece'? ... If anybody knows how I can get it to not stick at all, I'd really appreciate knowing what I can do.

This may be the game's "Click to hold" feature. If you click a piece without moving it, you are then holding it, which saves having to hold the left mouse down while dragging.

You can disable this, if you don't like it. Go to the games Options/Preferences menu and find the Mouse page there. Uncheck the option that says "Click to hold".

Without this, you must now hold the left mouse button down while dragging pieces around. However, if you have a middle mouse button or scroll button, you can still use that to hold pieces.

Hope this helps

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Oct 8, 12 3:53 PM
Hi ValerieG

To move the ghost picture, hold the mouse button down for a few seconds on an empty part of it, to pick it up. Then you can move it where you like.

Alternatively, right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) on an empty part of the ghost picture for a menu that includes moving it.

When dropping pieces, or a chunk of pieces, make sure that the mouse cursor is where you want to drop them. If you are dragging or holding a chunk of pieces, and you drop them, if the mouse cursor is still inside the tray, that's where they will end up.

Alternatively, right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) the tray and select "Drop all pieces".

Hope this helps

~ David
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Sep 1, 12 4:25 AM
Hi MinnaFish

Forum policy does not permit direct links, sorry, but it's easy to locate. If you were to take the name of the game as one word, then put a period and then the letters c, o and m, I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting there.
 posted in Jigsaws Galore on Aug 7, 12 4:28 PM
The toolbar button with the "Mona Lisa" icon turns that picture window on and off.

The window is resizable so if it's too big, drag the sides or corners of it to make it smaller. If it doesn't appear at all, it's possible you managed to completely drag it off the screen, although that shouldn't really be possible.

The toolbar button with the magnifying glass icon zooms the completed picture full screen. Press that button to show and hide the zoomed picture. Or you can also press any key to hide it again once it is showing.

Let me know what goes wrong. You might find it quicker to send an e-mail to me as I don't check here every day.

~ David
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