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 posted in Midnight Castle on May 1, 15 8:20 AM
This will get very frustrating if not fixed quickly. 2 Issues I have when playing on my Amazon Fire:
1)This morning I played a couple of scenes and then had to leave the game. When I went back into the game all things I did previously were not saved and I had to redo the areas. You need to add a save button so each time you leave you can actually save your progress or fix your auto save program.
2) The game still reboots itself and anything you had just completed is not saved. I was hoping this issue would have been solved in the update.

Another annoying issue but does not impede the games ability. When crafting or spinning the wheel I can easily predict what I will get. Crafting especially, if there is an "X" on either of the side wheels, I will always, always, always get the "X" (Bad randomizer program) and when the Craft costs me $3000 it is very frustrating. If no "X" are in the wheels, I can still predict what will come up, not sure what the point is, since it is so predictable.

Please fix these issues immediately.

Thanks you
 posted in LandGrabbers on Aug 9, 11 4:28 PM
too all those on the fence. I wasn't sure I would like it after the first few levels but then once I realized I really did have to implement more strategy (towers are important) you might say I got landgrabbed and have been enjoying the game ever since. Yes I did get frustrated with the game and still do but that's part of it and you feel rewarded once you conquer the lands. So hang with the game and purchase it as I think I will definitely grow on you.
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Aug 9, 11 3:54 PM
The key is getting your Stone and gold Buildings built ASAP other wise you will always be waiting. But don't forget the food either. You will want all of your men as well. Don't pick axe the gold until you have all the upgrades for the storage. You will still need to figure out the timing and then you will barely finish ahead of time.

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