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 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Jul 7, 10 8:03 AM
I can't wait for it to hit BF. I tried it at SL. It is now half off, but I like to keep my games on BF for when we upgrade the pc all my games are in one place.
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Oct 15, 09 2:17 PM
You just KNOW that Jill is pregnant throughout the game and that Jack is clueless. I just KNEW she would pop the surprise at the end of the game.. Instead you are left hanging..

SO.... That means ANOTHER Cake Mania will be on the way. At least I hope so. I would love an 'unlimited play' like what you can get with Flo's Dinner stuff. You play until you lose so many customers.. etc..

 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Oct 15, 09 2:15 PM
You need to tell Sandalot that. BF didn't make it
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Oct 7, 09 6:11 PM
SO.. IS Jill pregnant??
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Sep 17, 09 2:02 PM
Ugh.. that means we have to wait a LOOOONG time for BF to get it POUT!!

If I had known I would've bought the pre-release for $10
 posted in Peggle Nights on Dec 26, 08 2:40 PM
princesschaos1st wrote:It is the same as the first Peggle, only with new puzzles and some awesome challenges, still waiting for them to come out wiht a version including a level editor to create custom levels. that would really be great!

That is exactly what my 13 year old wants! I too would LOVE an editor.
 posted in Peggle Nights on Dec 26, 08 2:37 PM
id927 wrote:. I myself, find it some kind of compulsion to complete all the screens, ace them all, clear all the peggles, and will not try another game until I am done. Good job with this game.

I am so the same way!
 posted in Peggle Nights on Dec 26, 08 2:35 PM
Thanks for telling us about the free levels! I LOVE this game.
 posted in Paradise Pet Salon on Dec 26, 08 2:31 PM
Does it really ever end?? I've completed all the levels and can't upgrade anymore. Or rather, I've BOUGHT all the levels and each level is fully upgraded..
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