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 posted in 7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour on Oct 29, 12 8:47 AM
Bought it this morning and have been playing ever since - great game! And yes, I do have other things to do - they'll just have to wait!
 posted in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter on Oct 21, 12 8:15 AM
Thanks Nilosh - the icons for CE and SE are usually similar, so this was quite puzzling. Really hard to look at a face with only one eye!!
 posted in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter on Oct 20, 12 4:00 AM
I'm puzzling over the icon for this one - i'm sure she had two eyes in the CE. Is this the cut down SE version?
 posted in Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can on Oct 8, 12 9:41 AM
I contacted customer support, and got a reply saying they are working on an upgrade and it should be available soon... fingers crossed!
 posted in Paris 1925 on Oct 2, 12 12:10 AM
I'm stuck there too - there just doesn't seem to be any way to connect the pipes, the skip button doesn't work and neither does the hint button. Has anyone at all got past this point?
 posted in Lost Inca Prophecy 2: The Hollow Island on Aug 22, 12 1:38 AM
Wonder who thought having a moving screen for a M3 game was a good idea? I'll bet a good few fishies end up feeling seasick after playing a couple of levels. Started playing before breakfast... now not sure I want to eat anything...
 posted in Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice on May 6, 12 2:58 AM
I kind of agree with the other reviewers - the graphics are old-fashioned (but clear! and bright!) and the story doesn't make much sense (do they ever?). But - and it's a very big but - I'm really enjoying this game.

Puzzles are fairly original, not too hard but not too easy either. Hidden objects are not the same old same old boomerangs, fans and crowbars - not too hard to find but not too easy either. The hint system is well thought out.

I know some fishies are very fussy about the quality of graphics, voiceovers, widescreen and the like, but as far as I'm concerned, the test of a good game is playability, and this one has it for me!
 posted in Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum on Apr 28, 12 1:11 AM
Go outside the asylum and look on the ground.....
Phew! I finally managed it! First I restarted my computer and reloaded the game. This time the boards moved quite smoothly. Then I realised I'd been trying the wrong board, although it looked right, and everything fell into place. On with the game!
I'm having this same problem as well. I can see exactly where the boards should go, and I've placed the first three, but the third just won't stay put. I suspect that so much memory has gone into making the water look realistic (it is!) that there's just not enough left to play. Turning off the custom cursor helped a bit, but the board still won't stay in place. Oh well, back to trying!
 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Nov 9, 11 1:03 AM
Ivanbral - good to hear from you, and we always appreciate it when the devs come and contribute to the forums - but please, if you are giving hints could you do it in a private message, or else blank it out and mark it SPOILER. Most of us would like to have a go at solving puzzles for ourselves before getting help!
 posted in Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom on Oct 30, 11 3:22 AM
My 4 year old grandson finished this game on the easy setting within the demo time, but he wanted to play it again so I had to buy it! Trying to persuade him to try the harder version now. He liked printing out the pictures to colour as well. Now I have to find a piece of cardboard to stick the magic wand on to!
 posted in Keepers of Dryandra on Sep 6, 11 1:54 AM
My all-time favourite M3 is Caribbean Hideaway - which I see I purchased in January 2008. Played it right through many times - I'd love to see a sequel.
 posted in The Secrets of Arcelia Island on Aug 27, 11 2:03 AM
Not sure it was a complaint, DLO - wasn't rhorho agreeing that it didn't matter going back to a h.o. scene if you didn't have to look for the same objects again?
Oooh, so tempted.... still downloading, but I know I'm going to love this one! Already filled two punchcards this month, plus one DD, so if I buy this maybe I can find two more games to buy before the end of the month... two great DDs Friday and Saturday please and make me a happy minnow!
Just finished this game - disappointingly short and it finished very suddenly without any real conculsion to the story, just "to be continued". Just about worth 2.99 I suppose but if I'd paid more I'd feel short-changed.

 posted in Snark Busters: All Revved up on May 11, 11 12:05 PM
Thank you HOaddict. I thought it was a glitch in the game, but it wasn't.
 posted in Fruits Inc. on May 11, 11 3:39 AM
From the comments posted so far it sounds as though the game should be called "Fruit Sink".
 posted in Jar of Marbles on May 11, 11 12:20 AM
Ah, thanks very much, WhackyMole - hadn't thought of trying that. Maybe now I can beat my high scores that I got on lower levels before moving up to Difficult. Wish they were kept separately!
 posted in Detective Agency 2: Banker's wife on May 4, 11 1:28 AM that you can turn the light on in the greenhouse, which is unaccountably dark even though it's light outside...
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