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My highest score is 1,089,680 so far. I think it took like 45 minutes to get that score...

My strategy involved a lot of very fast tapping. You want to try to clear out as many of the "easy" pairs as possible. This means that if you have a cluster of gems with 1 or 2 gems, you should see if moving these to the next cluster (clockwise) will let you clear out some gems. Afterwards, it's really just a matter of scattering the smaller clusters and moving the gems individually (clockwise) into the biggest cluster you have left. You might need to move some gems around the entire board.

Take advantage of imperial magic! Imperial magic is basically what will end up replenishing spent time. If you tap fast enough, you can match nearly the entire board before imperial magic runs out.

The trophies that are unlocked are to the immediate left hand side of the ZEM table.
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