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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 18, 17 4:30 PM
I'm back! My monster-gaming-laptop's motherboard only works sporadically, so I've moved back to my ancient-but-working desktop. I have a new ID but my former game on a working PC computer, so please do add me.

664248 is the new ID, and I'm usually Boomchuck Pixy Niki or some derivative thereof.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 17 8:32 AM
I had to start over when my PC decided to stop recognizing when it's plugged in, so I'm on my tablet now. I have a few friends but could definitely use more. I am on most days, but I do take the occasional hiatus when work and life wear me out. I always come back, though!

Please feel free to add me.

A784952. My name is usually some variation of Niki or Boomchuck Pixy.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 21, 16 4:04 PM
Sadly, my beloved beast of a gaming PC has decided it no longer wants to work (thank you motherboard that costs too much to replace), so I have had to start over on Android. While I do appreciate being able to access MC from anywhere with WiFi, I am brokenhearted over a year a half of progress and list of nearly 100 friends.

Please, add me! I don't have much to gift yet, but I will be there soon!

A784592 is my new code.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 20, 15 11:25 AM
I don't remember if I've posted my ID here yet or not, but please feel free to add me:


My current name is Boomchuck Pixy Niki, but I do change it up from time to time. I had one a year or two ago, but I got a new computer, so that ID's (and its achievements) been lost.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 11, 15 7:55 PM
I've been pretty conservative in using them, though I do use them. My biggest frustration, though, just happened 2 minutes ago when I went to lay my water bottle down on my side table, and apparently my laptop mouse was positioned over the pet "wake up with 150 diamonds" link, and when I straightened up, I found that...

I'd woken up a pet for 150 diamonds--a pet for which I didn't even have enough food items to even feed it!

I wish there were some kind of "are you sure you want to spend this many diamonds?" pop-up for buy-outs over, say, 10 diamonds. That would help prevent gut-wrenching mistakes like that. ARGH!
KDlala wrote:
tookat wrote:I love all the explanations that people keep coming up with to explain all this.
It doubles the fun......but then, since starting to play these games, I realized that I needed to stretch my imagination to work around all kinds of implausible things.

Who needs a game world to make sense? I get enough of that dealing with the real world.

Oh, I'm just a real story and character person, personally. Obsessively so when it's a series a really like, if I'm honest. XD While I'm willing to give leeway to implausible story/character things considering the series has changed hands between companies, the plot twist with the twins in this game with no explanation whatsoever just nags at me. That's all But that's probably just me.

It's not just you. I still haven't finished this game yet because it's really getting under my skin. As a writer and an English teacher (okay... not anymore, but I was for almost eight years), storylines and continuity are hugely important to me. It's one of the reasons I'm not as fond of Eipix as some others are--their graphics are nice, and their early games really did break new gaming grounds, but their stories often seem to have something missing as far as explanation or having sudden endings with no actual resolution of how we got to that conclusion. For me, a missing story link can completely ruin a game.
 posted in Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection Collector's Edition on Apr 16, 15 11:16 AM
Mark me down for loving helpers, too, and being annoyed by those who try to claim that "no one" likes them. Plus, it's a good tool for tying the game back with the first Ominous Objects--we may not remember Leia's name from the first game, especially since she was a supporting character and not the main character in the first one, but a cat named "Mr. Jenkins"? Then, yes! I do know I'm dealing with a member from the same family, because that's a memorable combination. Yay for continuity!

And I'm loving some of Leia's quips, especially since I'm a fan of puns and classic movie/literary references (i.e. "The postman hoots twice." Yes, that one cracked me up, I freely admit.). I'm looking forward to finishing this game tonight or tomorrow when I'm finished with my work project.
Playpond games is a subset of the company PixelStorm. Their website hasn't been updated since 2011, so I'm guessing they've gone out of the business of developing new games, though they still likely get proceeds from their older games. Their contact page is located at, if you wanted to ask them directly. I doubt anyone from the company or even BF Games will see your questions here.
Click on Extras in the main menu. It's the middle item in the Extras menu.
 posted in Emerald City Confidential on Feb 7, 15 5:33 AM
I own it, too, and I got a new computer in December. I was really frustrated that I couldn't redownload it, especially since I'm pretty sure I actually paid for it and didn't use a punch-card credit. I used to play it a lot, and I wanted to play it again, since I'd come across a comic online that's set in Oz and noticed some cool parallels that go beyond the 15 books' material.
 posted in Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 8:33 PM
firehorsecos wrote:Am in Olympus, trying to do the pipe puzzle. I have placed the lever and pulled it. The game has opened, and I have the "Info" and "Reset" buttons at the bottom of the screen. But the I cannot get the game pieces to do ANYTHING! And it appears that there is a pipe piece missing - the bottom right hand piece. I cannot do anything else in the game until I complete this game. I have tried completely exiting the game and re-entering, but that did not work. Am I missing something, or do I have a glitch?


I've run into the same problem. For reference, I have a brand new (less than a month old) gaming ASUS computer running Windows 8.1, everything up to date.
 posted in Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel Collector's Edition on Nov 10, 14 12:24 PM
Tora1 wrote:
revelette wrote:I played the Beta test for DP 8 The Little Mermaid and The Purple Tide survey. I am a little worried Blue Tea teamed up with Epic on this one. I love DP and the simple flow of the games and really don't want it to change. I have to confess, DP are the only games I replay over and over again.

I know change isn't easy, but it can be good. As long as they keep the in-game parables, I'm okay with this new treatment. Speaking of parables, here's what I think they'll be about:
1. The Frog Prince and the Mermaid Princess
2. The Sea Goddess
3. The Rival Kingdoms
4. The Purple Tide
5. ???

I played it, too, and unless they've added them since the Beta (which, I might add, just came out a month ago, and it's supposed to release this week), there are no parables, and I really missed the sound effects that are distinctly Blue Tea. I started buying adventure games and joined Big Fish because of Dark Parables: The Curse of Briar Rose, and it's still a favorite of mine. I don't mind small evolutions, but drastic changes that change the overall character from one developer to another is kind of off-putting. I did enjoy cleaned-up animation and the wide-screen setting, but I see more Eipix so far than Blue Tea (including the (to me) annoying sound effect when my mouse goes over a spot where you can move to a different scene every single time), and while I love both developers, I don't want to lose the Blue Tea distinctions.
 posted in Nevertales: Smoke and Mirrors Collector's Edition on Nov 8, 14 4:39 PM
After you've completed the main and bonus games, you can go to the collectibles section in Extras, and it lets you revisit the scenes in which you missed a collectible. Mad Head is good about that. The only achievement I've not been able to make up for missing is the one about fixing Gears in under a minute, but I love love love Nevertales and Mad Head Games in general, so I'll undoubtedly be replaying it again soon.
 posted in Nevertales: Smoke and Mirrors Collector's Edition on Nov 8, 14 4:36 PM
Nothing. You'll only be concerned with the rodent page and the Jabberwocky page when you get it.
 posted in Nevertales: Smoke and Mirrors Collector's Edition on Nov 8, 14 4:34 PM
hippyfishie wrote:
I am so sick of peeps who nitpick about color, presentation video, pet helpers or just complaining in general. The loudest peeps don't speak for EVERYONE. I like color and once in a while pet helpers. No wonder developers don't come on the site anymore. Last one that came on the site to talk to us, someone was rude to him!

I don't even come to the forums anymore except for tech error and solutions. Good players are being driven away in the forums by peeps who don't even demo the game or don't like it for some dumb reason like maybe a character isn't what they want or there is a pet helper. Some of us liked that. Variety is the key.


Thank you for giving us story, color, and the freedom to comment. ...And the loudest seem to get what they want. But they don't speak for everyone!

Thank you. These are my thoughts exactly, minus it being only for tech and support. I don't have a problem with someone mentioning, "Hey, I'm not a fan of cute helpers, so it's not for me, but if you like them, you'll probably enjoy it." The ones who do that, who have that gentle attitude, are fine. It's the ones who come on and say, "No more helpers! Stop with the helpers! (or fantasy stories, or "feminine" colors, etc.)" without acknowledging that it's their own taste that annoy me. Even if you say, "that's just my opinion," but your tone does not, it's hurtful for those of us who enjoy games with those elements... or with childlike stories (I'm 31, and I like both dark and lighthearted stories, depending on my mood--it does not make me "12 years old," or some other variant).

Honestly, I hardly want to come on the forums anymore because of the attitudes of some who complain incessantly about features on certain developers' games. So it's not your type of game? Then wait until next week for a new one that might be. The developers cannot please everyone, so we have developers with different styles. I like that Blue Tea is different from Eipix. I love both equally but for different reasons, and I'd hate to see either lose its personal character for the sake of conformity. Quality (animation, tech specs, etc.), yes. Conformity, no.
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 14 11:53 PM
BroomHildy wrote:
BoomchuckPxyNiki wrote:I've enjoyed the game so far (more than I thought I would, since I wasn't in the mood for something spooky, but when it's my birthday, I must buy something shiny and new for me. The only thing that's bugging me is how dense the detective is. If this dude is supposed to be the best the League of Light can send, and it takes him how long to put together people's before and after identities?! Obviously, I need to apply, because I'd have a job for life. "I can't believe ______ saved _____!" Are you kidding me?!

Well happy birthday to you!

No, this isn't the best game ever, but it's different enough that it's fun. And at risk of offending those who don't like helpers, I really like the little scarecrow!

Thank you! So far, 31 is... rainy. Very rainy. Still, gotta hope it'll be better than 30 was.

The little scarecrow is adorable (I, for one, welcome our little helper overlords... (though I do understand why some find a few of them annoying, but I'm artsy, and I enjoy dressing up little animals and mystical beings--if I could ever finish my graphic design degree (turns out that having a completed degree already makes finding financial aid nearly impossible for adding on another bachelor's degree, and since I only teach part time... *sigh*), I'd be doing dress-up things of some sort as a career)), and for the most part, I really did love the game. I just wanted to reach through the monitor and slap the protagonist upside the head a few times because he kept missing the obvious, and I do mean painfully obvious.

In another note, I'm a little too fond of parentheses, I've noticed...
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 14 11:45 PM
(...continuation) Just recently, I beta-tested a game for Elephant games which depicted, in a disturbingly realistic way) an axe murderer dragging a potential victim around by her hair. It has not been a year (perhaps not even six months) since the local abduction, rape, and murder of 10-year-old Hailey Owens (I live in Springfield, MO), which really shook many of us up because the alert went out so quickly, the monster caught so quickly, that we could not believe it wasn't fast enough to save her. I still am incredibly wigged out about it, and it's a reason I'm seriously considering not buying the game, despite it being in a series I've loved so far.

Plus, I wouldn't mind a warning about games that contain copious images and animations of spiders!

I've been on both the far right (past) and the moderate left (present) on this topic, so I can see both points of view. Please be respectful of one another on these topics, and if you believe their point of view is wrong, give them time to work it out for themselves. Many people do change viewpoints with life experience, but speaking patronizingly or dismissively about someone who disagrees with you based on their personal world views, as well as asking others to abide by your own spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) is disrespectful of others' autonomy and does not exactly open them up to hearing your perspective.
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 14 11:37 PM
FORTUNATUS wrote:In today's world of supposed political correctness I find some of the comments here are quite down-putting and mean (though I don't take personal offense, I do take offense) and, frankly some of the comments are just plain thoughtless and rude considering one of the statements made actually used people's denominations to form an opinion.

I think a little (or actually a LOT) more respect is called for or is being considerate of one another part of the Dark Ages as well?~!

I wouldn't see anyone calling out an ethnic group nor sexual identity as examples for anything so leave people's religious beliefs out of your judgments.... it's not acceptable.

Further, some people here have even broken forum rules in order to belittle others.

I am NOT of the particular denomination mentioned, however, one need NOT be same to see it is clearly not considerate whatsoever and neither are quite a few of the other put downs and some of them coming from peeps who have criticized others for being too harsh!? hmmm.

Agreed. I'm not a fundamentalist (I've been burned by that too much to be there), but I do still believe in an afterlife and paranormal (though not every idea out there, and I don't think everything is demonic) phenomenon, as long as it is fully debunked. In my opinion, Ouija boards are neutral unless used carelessly or with intent to provoke certain types of entities/spirits/elementals, much like almost any other tool for either natural or supernatural use.

My only criticism, and it's a gentle one, is asking for a censoring of the game because it is a "family site." It's really not, given some of the games' more violent depictions, and I wouldn't want to see games not made available for reasons like not wanting to expose children to certain themes. Keeping boards and reviews family friendly--that I I would agree with. I would completely support having a disclaimer on the ones with more adult themes, though, as well as those dealing with more real-world occult items for those who want to avoid exposure to those ideas... (continued...)
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 14 11:27 PM
Megrim27 wrote:Game crashes on completion of Silver Fairy. Win 7 64 bit. Also crashed when I attempted to apply Elixir of Life. On this elixir I had made one error in the recipe process, but was not forced to restart from the beginning. After crash, I redid the recipe from scratch with no errors and was able to apply it just fine.

Mine crashed multiple times at the same spot. I run a Win 8.1 64-bit, everything up to date because I'm nerdy like that. I also had it crash both times (I'm replaying) I got a few game steps past exiting the wind mill. It's also crashed twice in front of the mine, once before the scarecrow, and once after. Once I restart, the game continues normally. I would like to collect that silver fairy, though--I replayed the game for that alone.
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 14 8:55 PM
twinsoniclab wrote:
BoomchuckPxyNiki wrote:If there's one I know is coming out eventually, I'll do a search for it online, which often leads to the beta one here, so I can give my input on it. I've got some beloved developers who are a bit prone to typos, misspellings, and translation errors, and I like to try to help catch those moments, and also to make sure there's less of a risk of a glitchy release. I don't abuse it by playing and not giving feedback--that's kind of an obnoxious thing to do, especially frequently. But as a writer and teacher of writing (critical analysis especially), I like to think I can give some valuable feedback. Others, of course, may disagree.

I am just the opposite, so I guess I'm "obnoxious!" I often play the survey games but never do the survey afterwards since I wasn't sent the invitation to do so. It used to mean something when someone said, "I played the beta," but not anymore. Everyone can find the betas/surveys online, so I figured they would be inundated with responses if extra players answered. Not sure how finding them online, playing, and not doing the survey is obnoxious though... they don't know I played. I actually feel a bit guilty playing them without being asked to!

If the developer sends me an email, you can be sure I give my feedback!

You're right--obnoxious is not the right word. I'm a bit "worded" out from 8 hours of lesson planning and student emails, so my word choices are far harsher right now than they should be. I guess i meant that I felt like I was cheating a bit by getting an early view without giving something back in return. Given that they've never said, after I gave my email address, "Hey, you didn't get an email from US!" I figured that more feedback from a wider audience was appreciated. I definitely wasn't meaning to insult anyone.
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